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"You did not!" Loren laughed, almost choking on her food she was eating.

Eddie chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah, I did. She got so mad, that she threw a bucket of water at me."

Loren laughed even harder, almost falling.

Currently, Loren and Eddie were on Eddie's living room floor, eating noodles while Eddie told a story about how he stole one of his friends, from the past, bra's and flung it in their neighbor's pool.

"Oh…..my….god…." Loren laughed. Eddie smiled, happy that Loren was having a good time.

"Yeah, It was a crazy weekend." Eddie said, steering his noodles.

"I bet." Loren giggled.

"So, Ms. Tate, do you have any confession stories to tell?" Eddie asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

Loren smiled and shrugged, "I don't really have one. I was always those goody-two-shoes kind of kids."

Eddie smiled and leaned closer.

"Seems like it. You're so innocent. That's one of the things I find cute in you."

Loren blushed and looked down, but Eddie picked her head up and stared at her for a good minute until he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Loren smiled and kissed back; wrapping her arms around his neck, while Eddie's hands went to her waist.

They stayed like that for a while, until finally, Loren pulled away.

"I never would have thought that I'd be sitting right here, next to you." Loren said in bliss.

Eddie smiled, but then remembered he still had another thing to do.

"Oh, hey Lo?"

Loren looked up and smiled "Yeah?"

Eddie moved their noodles aside and scooted closer to Loren, taking her hands in his.

"I never really got to properly ask you this but….Loren Tate, will you be my girlfriend?"

Loren smiled and leaned in, kissing Eddie sweetly on the lips.

"I will," She whispered against his lips.

Eddie smiled and brought her closer. In their position, you could say they were cuddling.

They were laying in the middle of the room, on the floor; Loren's head on Eddie's chest, Eddie's arms around her waist and just…..quietness invading the room.

Eddie was thinking…..thinking about Loren…Chloe and just…..contrasting them….

Chloe was a Blonde. Loren was a Brunette. Chloe was an adult. Loren was a teenager. Loren had a heart. Chloe had a chest with an endless hole in it. Chloe was a liar. Loren was truthful. Chloe isn't…Chloe. Loren's her true self.

Loren was an original. Chloe was a copy of a dream girl.

Eddie didn't want that. Sure, she may be perfect, but she wasn't his perfect.

Loren's not perfect but she's Eddies perfect.


Eddie looked down and smiled softly at Loren, "Yeah?"

"Whatcha thinkin about in that head of yours?" She teased.

Eddie smiled, "You."

Loren blushed and buried her head in Eddie's chest, causing him to chuckled and kiss the top of her head.

"You cheese ball…" He heard Loren muffle out.

Eddie full on out grinned and closed his eyes in bliss.

"You love it." He stated.

Loren lifted her head and gave him a quick kiss.

"What makes you think that Mr. Duran?"

Eddie gave her a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Oh, I just know….Tate."

Loren grinned and stood up.

"What if I don't?" She tossed back.

Eddie stood up as well and took a step closer to Loren, making her take a step back.

Eddie hummed, "Then…I'll just have to do it more often."

"What if I don't listen?" Loren pressed on.

Eddie smiled and backed her up in a corner.

"Oh, I know you'll listen." He whispered, causing her to shiver. He smiled to himself.

"H-how would you k-know that?" She stuttered.

"Well," He whispered, "I can be very…persuasive…"

Loren closed her eyes and kissed his cheek.

"Looks like it won't happen today, because I have to get home!" She said, gently pushing Eddie away from her and walked away to receive her bag.

Eddie groaned and turned around, facing his girlfriend.

"Can't you stay for just a little longer?" He begged, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her closer.

Loren giggled and gave him a kiss.

"Afraid not lover boy.." She teased.

"I wish I can have you around all day. You're practically my sun.." Eddie whispered.

Loren looked at him, her eyes filled with love.

"I've never had anyone talk to me like that.." She whispered.

Eddie smiled and gave her a long and meaningful kiss.

"That's because no one has the guts to say the truth." He replied, breaking the kiss.

Loren smiled and gave him a quick kiss.

"Okay," Loren giggled, pulling away, "I have to go."

Eddie nodded and let her walk to the door.

"I'll call you!" He called as she walked out the door.


And with that, Eddie was in his penthouse, alone.

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