Chapter 1: Part 1

June 19, 2011- The day after Christian's birthday and engagement

Christian's POV:

I am so wound up I can't sleep. It's 3:00 am and Ana and I are spending the night at my parent's house after the birthday party and the amazing "official" proposal that I had set up for Ana. It was a great night and I am laying here in my old bedroom next to Ana just smiling. I can't believe how fucking happy I am. I never thought I would ever settle down and get married, yet alone someone that I am madly in love with. I can't even think about life without Ana even though she has only been part of my life for two months.

It was midnight when we decided to return back into the house from the boathouse. After Ana said yes and we completely immersed ourselves in each other with the most intense and passionate sex I have ever had we decided that we wanted to get married as soon as possible keeping it simple. We went back to the house hoping everyone was asleep but the whole family was waiting for us with these stupid fucking grins on their faces.

"Oh my god, oh my god, did Christian give you a ring?" Mia was screaming before we even came in the back door. She grabbed Ana's arm, pulling her into the kitchen with Kate right behind her. My Mom was beaming and they were all looking at her finger like they had never seen a ring before. Ana was giggling and I have to say I was really proud and excited as the women all stood around grabbing at Ana's dainty little hand. I had to laugh when Mia who is several inches taller than my petite Ana, and much bigger boned couldn't get the ring past her knuckle. She saw me smirk and hit me in the arm. Kate, Ana and Mia went into the family room to look at wedding dresses in some magazines that Mia said she picked up recently. Why the fuck she just happened to have a book about wedding dresses is beyond me and I am amused that there are actually magazines with nothing but wedding shit. I have a feeling this wedding crap is going to be nightmare. I want to get Ana and take her to Las Vegas so we can just do away with all this planning shit, but she smiles at me in that sweet way, so I let it go.

"Mom, can we stay here tonight? I have had a lot to drink and I told security to leave several hours ago," I said sort of embarrassed. I never over indulge but the earlier conversation with my Mom about my relationship with Elena has certainly put me on edge. Before my Mom can respond Elliott jumps in and says he and Kate want to stay as well. Kate is wasted and Elliott is not far behind. My Dad is in the kitchen with us fixing himself another scotch, so I guess this party isn't over.

"Of course, let me just go upstairs and make sure the guest rooms are ready for the girls." I look at Elliott and he looks at me and we both try to hide our laughs. I can tell from my Mom's face that she is serious and I take this moment to get a little revenge on my big brother.

"Mom, you know Ana has moved in with me right? And now that we are officially engaged, I think it is okay if she just stays with me in my old bedroom. I can perfectly appreciate that since Kate and Elliott are just dating, that it would be more appropriate for Kate to stay in the guest room next to your room. Can I help you get that room ready for Kate?" Elliott's face is priceless. He starts to say something before my Mom jumps in.

"You're right Christian. You're a grown man with a fiancé. I am sorry, of course Ana should stay with you, Let me get the guest room ready for Kate." My mom leaves to go up the back stairway and Elliott just looks at me.

"You fucking prick, what was that shit?" Elliot is pissed. I can't help but grin.

"Hey big bro, did you think I forgot that you sent Mom over when Ana and I first got together? I believe you told her you were worried about me being sick or some shit like that, knowing full well that I had Ana with me, and she would come running and catch me in the act. She nearly fucking walked in on us in the middle of," I stopped suddenly remembering my Dad was standing in the kitchen with us drinking his scotch. I look over at my Dad and he has this grin on his face clearly enjoying the banter between me and Elliott.

"Dad, come on, tell Mom this is ridiculous. I am going on 31 years old," Elliott pleads to my Dad.

"It's one night Elliott. If it makes your Mom more comfortable to have Kate in the guest room, then let it go." Dad says with a grin still on his face. "And if you want to sneak in there later, I will have your Mom busy so she won't hear a thing," he smirks at us and raises his eyebrow. Oh no the fuck he didn't just say that. Elliott and I look at each other and we both go pale. Elliott holds his hands in the air like he has heard enough. We are both running our hands through our hair and I start humming not knowing what else to do- but certainly not wanting to think of my parents having sex for fucks sake. My Mom comes back downstairs.

"Elliott, I managed to prepare the room darling. Kate can borrow a night shirt from Mia. I am exhausted. Carrick, are you ready for bed dear." My dad looks at us and winks.

"You bet Grace." He follows her up the stairs and I grimace as we see him put his hand on my Mom's ass as they head up the stairs. We both head over for the bottle of scotch.