Chapter 53-The Wedding – Part 1

Christian's POV

I am in my old room in front of my dresser mirror getting ready to put on my tie when Elliot walks in. He has his tux pants and shirt on and has his tie with him.

"Hey," Elliot stands next to me and puts his tie around his neck. "I assume it wasn't your idea for us to wear these girly looking light pink waistcoats right?"

"Nope, that is all Mia. But mine is silver, so I'm good." I smirk at him.

"We need to talk about something Christian."

"Really? I hope this isn't a birds and bees lecture, because I pretty much know where to put my dick." Elliot isn't laughing. "What's on your mind?" I finish my tie and straighten it a bit. Yep, perfect. I go with a full Windsor as it is more formal. I note that Elliot has done the same. I look at him and reach over as his collar isn't down all the way in the back.

"I don't want any bullshit from you bro, and you may have thought I have forgotten but I haven't. This whole sabotage shit. Is it safe for you to leave on your jet or out of the country right now?"

"I never said we were leaving the country?"

"Yes you did. You told me your whole honeymoon schedule last night when we were hammered and I am worried about you not having enough security. So where you're going, I don't actually give a flying fuck. But I am concerned that you won't have enough security. So give me a straight answer and don't fucking mess with me Christian. I told you I would knock your ass out before letting you leave today if I didn't feel good about this, and I haven't changed my mind."

The old me would have told Elliot to fuck off. But I know he is concerned about the situation. So, I assure him that I have added security in each location and that while we still suspect sabotage; in fact we are almost certain that is the case, we also feel safe for our trip. "One of the reasons we have kept it under lock and key is we didn't want the risk of anyone knowing our plans. Even Ana doesn't know. I appreciate your concern but we are good to go Elliot." He nods and doesn't look assured but he has no choice at this point.

My phone vibrates and it is a text from Taylor.

Legs is having pictures will be leaving in about thirty for Bellevue. M-i-l- and hubby just left. No problems sir.

Elliot sees my text. "I am completely shocked that you let your guys refer to Ana as Legs. When Kate told me that was her nickname I told her I didn't believe it. What's m-i-l- oh yea mother-in-law. Surprised you haven't renamed her PITA?" I look at him and before I can ask what is a PITA he blurts out. "Pain-in-the-ass!" I start laughing but he has that right and I take a mental note to tell Taylor to give Carla a new call name.

I nod my head. "I know. The first time I heard them call her Legs, I almost started swinging, but I can't always be a dick. You should hear your call name." I smile because I know Elliot will bug me until I tell him.

"I have a name? What is it?"

"Well, keep in mind this was before your record of having a girlfriend longer than two months. Your reputation merited the name, Billy Goat."

"What the hell? What kind of call name is that? I was thinking it should be stallion or super stud. Why is it Billy Goat?"

I start laughing again. "Taylor once said to me that you always seemed hornier than a two-peckered Billy goat so, thus you're Billy Goat." Elliot looks at me.

"Well that's true" He shrugs like the name does fit. "So don't I need the wedding rings?"

"See Elliot you have already earned your keep as the Best Man. I forgot about those." I reach into my satchel and give him both rings.

"Am I supposed to keep them in the boxes?" He asks me and I have no idea. Not like I have done this before. I am putting Gramps pocket watch in my vest pocket and catch Elliot looking at me.

"I'm glad Gramps gave you his pocket watch. I remember you always playing with it when you were a little kid."

"Good, I didn't want to take it if you wanted it. You're older and I don't want you to think I was trying to take something that should have gone to you."

"It's cool. Are those the cufflinks Ana gave you for your wedding present?" He points to my cuffs and I nod. "Okay then let's go get you attached to the old ball and chain." He leaves my room to finish getting dressed and I go downstairs and drop my overnight bag at the front door.

Evelyn, the wedding coordinator has taken over the house. It is full of wait staff, the caterer, bakery, musicians out back setting up, and a band in the reception area. It is quite obvious we have an event happening here shortly. The florist are here doing the last minute touches and I see a box with bouquets sitting on the dining room table. I see two that look alike with white and pink roses and cranberry pink hydrangeas and several smaller bouquets with a piece of paper pinned to them; Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Trevelyan, Miss Wilks and Dr. Grey. Carla has a corsage while my mom, grandmother and Maggie all have small bouquets. Figures. I then see a separate box and see what must be Ana's bouquet. It is beautiful and I smile thinking of her carrying this arrangement. It is not overly big which I like as Ana is so petite. I would hate to see her covered up with a huge arrangement. I am not sure what all the flowers are but they are nice.

"Beautiful isn't it," I look down at my mom.

"Wow, mom you look amazing." I put my hand out and she puts her hand in mine and I spin her around. She laughs. "You are really what they call a classic beauty Mom. It's no wonder Dad can't still keep his eyes off of you." I am being sincere as my mom is a beautiful woman. She blushes and reaches over to hug me and I hear her sniffling.

"Mom, are you okay?" I look down at her.

"I am happy that's all. I never thought you would be so happy and to find such a wonderful, beautiful girl to marry just makes me so happy. You look so handsome. Well you always do, but you do look nice." And then my mom starts crying again and I bring her under my arm and hug her. I hope she gets through this day okay.

"Mom, if you're crying now how will you handle the mother of the groom dance. I have picked out a pretty special song but I hope you won't start bawling your eyes out." I try to tease her. "Your make-up is getting kind of messed up." I look down at her and smile.

"Oh shit, I mean shoot. Let me fix it. Ana's bouquet is just gorgeous. I love the white peonies, white roses and hydrangeas. Oh look a few lilies of the valley. This is just perfect and just the right size for your bride. Tell the photographer I will be right down. I need a touch up." My mom quickly runs upstairs and I call Taylor.

"How's it going up there Taylor?" I look out the window and there must be one hundred cameramen and reporters out there. I hope Taylor can get away. I see Sam out there talking to the media as well.

"It's pretty crazy sir. I am expecting the car; oh here it is, with your grandparents. Back the fuck up right now or you will be escorted off the property. Let the car through." I am watching Taylor and Southerton push the press back and the car carrying my grandparents comes down the driveway. I didn't want them taking the bus here so Taylor sent Thompson to go and get them. "Sorry sir, it's hectic. Sam is handling the media. I will send one of the extra's down in a minute to pick up your bag."

"Taylor, remember I want you to be here for the ceremony. Leave Southerton out front, he can handle things pretty well. What time does the no-fly zone start?" We have arranged through almost an act of congress to keep our home out of the flight zone for all air traffic. This will keep the TV helicopters out of the way for awhile.

"It is only good from 4:30 until 6:00 after that we will be dealing with them during the reception. But at least your ceremony will have some dignity. Sir, I need to run over to the church and make sure we are all set with the buses. I am leaving Southerton and Thompson to handle things here for a few minutes. I want to get back before Miss Steele arrives."

We hang up and I walk to the front door to help my grandmother up the front steps. As soon as I open the door the media is yelling and going crazy. I laugh thinking about Elliot telling them this is our circumcision ceremony. My grandmother looks great in the long gown that my mom picked out for her. I give her a hug and kiss and she hugs me tight. Riley follows behind them and my grandfather reaches his hand out and gives me a firm handshake. He is wearing his tux with a bow tie. He refused to wear the pink waistcoat.

"I need all the Grey's. All the Grey's please and the grandparents." Evelyn is shouting from room to room. Elliot comes marching down the steps and behind him is Mia . I can see she can barely get down the stairs in her dress and high heels so I wait for her to reach the last step and take her hand. She smiles at me and tells me how handsome I am and of course I tell her she looks gorgeous which she does. Mia is a stunning looking girl. It's her inability to stop talking that has probably chased every guy away. Elliot holds out his hands and has my wedding band on his finger, which looks like it has been shoved on and Ana's ring is on the very tip of his pinky finger ready to fall off. Man she has tiny fingers.

"Is that a good idea?" I feel like he is bound to lose them.

"That is what Mia told me to do, I don't feel good about this either. Hey wedding lady, can you come here a minute." I smile. Elliot never remembers names. It's a good thing he is in construction where he doesn't need to practice social graces. "So, what am I suppose to do with these rings?" She reaches over to Elliot's jacket and opens it up and points to his inside pocket. "You mean with your IQ bro you couldn't figure that out." We both laugh at how obvious that was.

"Okay everyone listen up. This is Chaz and he is taking your family photos until Mr. Rodriquez arrives with the bride and her group." That rubs me the wrong way and I see Elliot look at me. He knows what I am thinking. "We are running late so let's get started. We are taking some photos outside, so let's do that first before your guest arrive, then we will come back here for more inside photos.

Forty five minutes later, every combination of picture has been taken. I am looking forward to getting the print of me with my grandparents and one with my dad, Elliot and I out by the dock laughing at something Elliot said. Everyone said it was going to be a great picture. When the photographer took one of just my dad and me it was kind of awkward for a second. It was so quiet I could hear the water swishing against the pier. I looked over at my dad as the photographer told us to get closer and he was full out crying.

"This god damn wedding has turned me into a pussy Christian." I smile. I know he is embarrassed so I don't say anything.

The family picture should me priceless. Right before Chaz started taking the shot I reached behind me and nailed Elliot in the back of the thigh in the same spot he got me earlier only I dropped him. I figured I needed to give my dad a chance to give his lecture one more time and he didn't let us down, which made me and Elliot start laughing pretty hard. Yep, those family pictures will have a story to go with them.

Taylor's POV

I am on my way over to the church where I have a crew meeting guests, screening and taking cell phones. The cell phones are placed in plastic bags with the owners names on them and we are collecting them. I can't keep someone from not turning them over but they are made to understand that if they take the phones out at the wedding they will be taken away from them. Even relatives will sell their soul to the devil for the right amount of money.

My cell phone vibrates. It is a text from Sawyer.

On our way with Legs, Papa Bear and the goats squeeze. No problems. Should arrive in 20 minutes.

I pull up and note that the first two buses are fully loaded and just waiting for my okay to leave. There are still guest showing up and boarding the third bus. We have one of the wedding coordinators staff here with us checking names off the wedding list. I park and quickly get out finding out how many guests we are waiting on. She tells me twelve more guests. This is going to cut it close even though it is only a three minute ride back to the house. I decide to send the first two buses and have the third bus wait five more minutes. After that I will have to have my guys wait on them. I talk to each bus driver and tell them to follow me. I note that everyone is dressed to the nines. It is a black tie wedding and I just realized I haven't changed yet. I don't have time to be a guest today but the boss is insisting and Gail will be disappointed. Christ I am starting to sweat. But at least everything is going smoothly. I jump back in the SUV and lead the buses to Bellevue. I decide to call Gail real quick.

"Hey baby, can you get my tux out. I have about two minutes to change. I need to be outside when Ana gets here. After you lay out my suit, why don't you go on and save me a seat." Gail is the best. She keeps me organized. This wedding has been a fucking nightmare from a logistics stand point. The press is relentless and I keep looking for whoever sabotaged Charlie Tango to pop out any minute. Then I have that Lincoln twat to worry about. I have hope she shows up so I can pop her one. I would never, ever and have never ever hit a lady. But she is no lady. She is a fucking she-devil and just looking at her makes me sick to my stomach. I wouldn't actually hit her, unless she was attacking someone, but I would love to pull her by her arms, cuff her to a mosquito infested tree and walk away until she pissed her pants.

I get back right before the bus and have Southerton run down to the house to let the wedding planner know the guest are arriving. My security detail, now up to twenty-five guys in the front and another fifteen in the back are all in place and I make a mental note of where everyone is standing. Before the guests depart the buses I have Sam get on each with instructions. I am not the right guy to deliver this "behave yourself" message. I would simply say, don't fucking talk to the media and remember no pictures or your ass is out of here. So, yes, we get Sam to deliver the message. I follow him onto the first bus.

"Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the wedding of Ana and Christian. We know many of you are lifelong family friends and some of you are relatives. The Grey and Steele family asks your understanding and cooperation today to keep this wonderful and special occasion private, memorable and everything that Ana and Christian deserve for their wedding day." There are murmurs and people shaking their heads. See, I would have told them to get off the bus and do as they are fucking told. "So a few procedures before we get off the bus. First: the buses will be out here and departing at 10:30pm, 10:45 and 11:00 pm for the church parking lot. Do not leave anything on the buses. Second: Your phones will be returned to you when you get on the bus to leave. This is bus 1 which leaves at 10:30, so you will need to return to this bus. Third: As you can see there is media here from all over the world right outside. Please do not respond to their questions. We will walk you down the driveway to the side of the house and to the back yard where the wedding will take place. There is one approved magazine reporter and photographer tonight. The reporter is from People and they will be covering the wedding, but they have been given a proscribed list of people they can interview and it is no one that is on this bus. So please do not seek out the reporter. We want to be sure that the pictures and article that are written reflect what really happens here tonight. So again, we appreciate your cooperation. Finally, please do not enter the Grey home. Everything you need, restrooms etc., are out back and there will be no need to enter the interior." Sam nods at me and I give the signal that the first guests are unloading. Security stands in formation blocking them from going to close to the media and Evelyn's crew lead the guest down the drive. Thank fuck, we are underway.

I quickly change and get outside for the arrival of the third bus. We get everyone down the drive without any problems although the media is going crazy. I no sooner get them situated and then Mrs. Adams and her husband pull in. The media have figured out that only immediate the family members are arriving by secured transport.

"Come on Jason. Tell us who it is?" The media yell out to me and act like we are buddies. I ignore them and get my men in place again.

"M-I-L guys keep it tight she likes to chat." I talk into my wireless. We motion for Wilson and Ryan to pull all the way down the driveway to let them out. I know Mr. Grey doesn't want Mrs. Adams having close proximity to the pap's. She likes the attention. I walk down the drive way to assist.

I open the door and reach in for Mrs. Adams hand. "Mrs. Adams." She gets out of the car. She actually looks good. Now if she can keep her mouth shut without hurting Ana's feelings all night that will be great. I send Ryan and Wilson back up the driveway and escort Mr. and Mrs. Adams in the house. I leave them for Evelyn to deal with. I see the boss and he is pacing around the family room. He looks up and me and nods. I smirk back at him. "Everything is good sir. No problems. You hanging in there?" He smiles at me.

"Don't be so smug Taylor; just say it. You never thought this day would happen did you?" I laugh.

'No, and three months ago, you never saw it coming either, did you?" We both nod and smile. I go back outside and up the drive. The media are almost orgasmic as they see me tighten up the security down the driveway. They know what is next. Sawyer notifies me that they have turned down Candlebury Drive.

The Rolls Royce pulls up to the house and the media are fully aware of who is inside. I am on high alert as are the security team. I motion for the driver to pull down the driveway right into the garage. This is great. Those sorry fucks are not going to even get to see her dress. Although the windows are not tinted on the RR, and they are snapping away like an army of snapping turtles they can't see Ana that well. I run down the driveway and into the garage laughing. I fucking got them as they can't see a thing from the garage.

Sawyer is out first and shakes my hand. He is in a tux. Reynolds who is not invited to the wedding looks dapper in his suit, and will take over for me if I ever make it inside before the wedding begins. He opens the door for Mr. Steele who comes around and shakes my hand.

"Taylor. Thank you for getting this done so seamlessly. Your two guys here are top notch." I nod. I bend down and look into the car and see Miss Kavanagh and Miss Steele holding hands. I look at Ana and she catches my eyes and her beautiful blue eyes water up. God she is breathtaking. I am so happy that the boss is marrying this girl I could do a jig, but I just wink at her and say, "Perfection." I tell the driver to keep the car running while I check with Evelyn to see if Ana can come in the house yet. I am not supposed to let Ana in until Mr. Grey and the family are in place. I am given the all clear, to let Ana out of the car and I help Miss Kavanagh out first. She is quite the flirt as she air kisses me. Whatever. I walk around to the other side of the car and see that Sawyer is already there. He has started to become very protective of Ana and I hope the boss understands it is mostly professional but there is something about her. Maybe it is her vulnerability or perhaps just the feminine beauty she emotes, but something about her has all of my guys wanting to protect her. I step back as she is Sawyer's direct line of responsibility. He bends over into the car and then pops his head back out calling for Miss Kavanagh. I have to laugh when I hear him chatting with the ladies.

"Okay, not quite sure what to do with all this fabric here when she gets out. Can you help me here Kate?" He is frozen.

A few seconds later with help from her friend, Ana gets out of the car and stands up. If I thought she was perfection and breathtaking before, I am stunned now seeing her full form. She has rendered me speechless. She takes Sawyer's arm and stops when she passes me. We look at each other. We have been through a lot in the short time we have known each other and I think she knows that I better than anyone else, knows how the love between her and the boss developed. I was there every step of the way, except when he had her locked down for private moments. She reaches out and pulls me towards her and whispers, "Thank you for everything Jason." She kisses me on the cheek and I wink at her. I really can't speak. She is that beautiful and I am that fucking overwhelmed. Thank fuck for Ana.

Grace's POV

The guests are all seated. Christian and Elliot are to be the first to exit and walk out the French doors side by side down the aisle. Before they leave, Christian turns around and looks at Carrick and me. He shakes his dad's hand and they look at each other. "Thanks Dad for everything, the wedding and you know, for putting up with me." Then my sweet boy turns to me and pulls me in his arms and whispers in my ear, "I love you mom, more than you'll ever know. I am really happy. I love her more than words can describe and I am going to be okay with Ana by my side." He kisses me on my cheek and looks at me. I have waited twenty four years for my son to tell me he was okay. I can only reach up and touch his face.

"Go on, marry that beautiful girl and have the lifetime of happiness I have always prayed you would have. I love you too Christian."

I watch my tall, strong sons walk side by side down the aisle. They reach the makeshift altar and they both shake hands with Reverend Walsh. They are so handsome, both so different, yet so alike. I watch as Elliot leans in and says something to Christian making him smile. I couldn't be happier with how close they have become. Sometimes they are trouble with a capital T together, but I would take that any day over the years of exile Christian self imposed himself on his own family.

Evelyn tells my dad and mom it is time for them to walk down the aisle and I watch wondering if both of them will be around for Elliot or Mia's wedding. They both seem to be aging so quickly. Dad takes his arm and holds it out for my mom and it is the cutest thing as he kisses her forehead and they walk down the aisle to What a Wonderful World which is my dad's favorite song. Christian and Mia went out of their way to make sure the quartet played this song for their entrance. They reach the front row and Christian steps forward to kiss his grandmother and shakes his grandfather's hand. I see a few people in the crowd following along in the program where it list Grandparents of the Groom, Theodore and Adelaide Trevelyan. I can't help think how lucky I have been to have my parents love so unconditionally my adopted children as much as their biological grandchildren. I am pretty sure they have all forgotten that matter, but I am grateful none the less.

Next to everyone's chagrin Riley and Amigo walk down the aisle wearing dogging bowties. It is the cutest thing and everyone chuckles. They walk side by side and don't miss a beat as though we rehearsed it. Riley lies down next to my dad and Amigo lies down behind Elliot. I am sure some people will think this is tasteless, but Christian approved it, so I am good with it too.

I turn around when I hear some movement behind me and behind my gorgeous daughter Mia I see Kate who looks stunning. She comes up to Carrick and I and give us each a hug. Carla is behind us as well but we have already said our hello's.

"Grace, walk around the corner and go see Ana. You will want to see her so that you are not a crying wreck in a few minutes. She is beyond beautiful." Kate tells me this and I look at Evelyn seeking permission. She tells me to hurry because Carrick and I are next when the song ends. I quickly walk away from the French doors and out into the hallway where I see Ray's back talking to Ana. He moves and I stop where I am standing. In front of me is Christian's new angel and she is everything a mother could want for her son. I know my hands are up to my mouth and I stare catching Ana's eyes. She smiles at me and blows me a kiss as Evelyn has come to tell me I need to go and is pulling at my arm. I can't move, she is such a vision of beauty and my emotions are overwhelming. I simply look at this gorgeous, wonderful girl and mouth the only words I can think to say to her. Thank you.