This is a One Shot of Ana' and Christian's first night of their honeymoon as promised. Please read After the Boathouse Proposal before reading this if you are a new reader! This takes place after Ana and Christian have "inaugurated" the jet on their wedding night as described in Fifty Shades Freed. I will be putting up Chapter Four of Ana and Christina Having a Baby in the next few days. Lilly

Honeymoon Bliss

Christian's POV

Ana is completely out and I have been looking at her for the past hour. She is beautiful, sexy, innocent and mine. I might be truly happier than I have ever been in my life. I never thought this as in marriage, love, a best friend, lover, partner and all that goes with it would be in the cards for me. I reach over and shut the light off in the cabin and roll around restlessly. Usually I fall asleep pretty easily when I fly but I am still pretty pumped up from the wedding and this bed is smaller than our bed at home. I have never slept with anyone in this bed and it served its purpose for me alone. Ana is small enough that she doesn't take much room, but it's not the best bed for fucking. I either need to have someone come in and make this room bigger with a larger bed or probably just upgrade and get a larger jet. Either way, I will be making some changes.

We made love ninety minutes into the flight and it was perfect. Ana was beyond sexy with her corset, stockings, garter and the process of removing those items one at a time was a rush. We fell asleep afterwards for about two hours and then I woke up when we hit some turbulence somewhere over the North Atlantic. I buckled us in even though I have never used the safety belts on the bed before but I was worried about Ana getting hurt. I smile as Ana can sleep through anything, while I can't sleep through this shit and finally l decide I could either get up to read some of the paperwork I brought with me or I can wake Ana and fuck her senseless again. Yep, I decide to find ways to wake her up. I start kissing Ana's neck and work my way down to her perfect succulent tit. She swats me away at first and I laugh as she seems completely out of it.

"Come on baby, I can't sleep. Wake up, fuck me and help me fall back asleep then I will leave you alone until we get to London if you want." I am nuzzling her neck and I have a raging hard on thinking about what I need. I won't make her work for this, I am pretty sure a quick fuck will do it and I will fall back asleep.

"Where are we?" Ana mumbles half asleep and puts her hands through my hair. She is pretty out of it and I start to feel guilty. I should leave her alone. I am in between her legs and still sucking on her breast and just as I am thinking of rolling off of her she wraps those sexy legs around my waist and whispers in my ear in a sleepy sexy voice. "Hi hubby. What's on your mind?" She cuddles into my neck and I pull her hand to my dick.

"I think this should explain what is on my mind baby. I could use a little help sleeping here." I reach down and rub her nub and slide my finger inside of her. I move it slowly in and out. She pushes against me to try to get me off of her. I smile at her attempt to push me off. "Do you want me to get off of you baby so you can get to sleep?" She pushes me again and I can't help but laugh. "There is a little fly trying to push me away Ana. Oh sorry that is you. What do you want?"

"I want you Christian. But I want to get on top of you. So roll over big guy. I am too tired to push you over." Okay, like if she was wide awake she would be able to get me on my back if I didn't want to go, but as it so happens I am good to go on this. So I roll over and bring her with me.

Ana reaches over to find the light switch as it is dark in the cabin and turns it on. I almost roll off the bed and die laughing when as soon as she turns on the light she quickly reaches over to shut the window shade. "What is so funny?" Ana seems perplexed. It takes me several attempts to tell her what has hit me so funny. Shit, when did I turn into Elliot? This is the kind of stuff he finds funny.

"Baby, no one can see us we are 30,000 feet up in the air. Why did you shut the window shade?" She starts laughing too as soon as she realizes where we are.

"I forgot we were in a plane and in the air. Quit laughing at me Grey or you won't be getting that in this!" She points at my dick and then between her thighs and I start laughing again. She is sitting on me, we are in my private jet, we are both naked, my dick is sitting in front of her hard as a rock and I must be tired because I can't stop laughing that she shut the window shade so no one would see us.

"Okay Mrs. Grey I am sorry. Jump on and go for a quick ride and then I will let you sleep again. Please baby, I won't laugh again, but if you see superman flying by will you wave to him for me?" With that I start laughing again. Fuck I don't know why this hits me so funny. Ana starts to roll off of me, probably slightly irritated but I grab her and bring her back. I reach down and touch her to make sure she can take me and as always she is ready, so I grab her hips and lift her slamming her down on my dick. "Okay, now you can be bossy. Do what you want to me baby, I am all yours."

Ana looks at me for a few seconds and then smiles and reaches down and kisses me. "I am spoiling you Christian Grey. Don't think you can wake me up in the middle of the night for the rest of our lives and expect that we will have sex! But, because you are so charming I will suffer through this just for you." She leans down smiling and licks my lips. "Ready?"

"Always." She pulls my hands up over my head and uses them to lift herself up and down. Oh yes, this works. I let go of her hands and grab her perfect little ass and lift her repeatedly, spreading her ass cheeks a little bit making sure she gets all of me. I fucking love it when she grabs her tits, pulls on them and leans back. Just watching her fuck me is enough to get me off, and then add that to how amazing and tight she feels. We hit a pocket of pretty strong turbulence and she stops and looks at me. "It's okay, just a bump in the road baby, please don't stop." I wouldn't fucking care if we were dropping out of the sky right now. I couldn't think of a better way to go. She is so fucking hot and moist right now I just want her to ride me all the way to London. I am holding back and she is working me. I know I told her this would be quick but I am enjoying this so much that I am holding back and keeping control. I use to prolong orgasms with my subs and fuck them senseless. But I can't do that to Ana. First of all she turns me on too much, and secondly, I don't want to wear her out. Her pleasure is more important to me than my own. That concept alone should convince anyone how in love I am with this woman. I can see she is getting pretty tired so I flip her over and get off the bed.

"Get on your knees Ana. Bring that sweet ass to the end of the bed. She scoots down and I grab her hips and slam into her and let loose on her fucking her hard. Really hard. I can hear my hips and balls slapping up against her and this is pure raw fucking. I reach down and rub her clit. I haven't revved her up much as usual and this was supposed to be about getting me to sleep, but since she is wide awake now, I would be pissed if I couldn't make her come. She is moaning into the mattress and I am probably more primal than I have ever been with her, but fuck this is hot. I am aware that we are flying 30,000 feet in the air and I am squeezing my wives fantastic ass while I fuck her from behind hard and fast. I use some of her juice to slam my pinkie in her ass while I continue to fuck her and that is all it takes. I feel her clutching my dick, quiver and then she cries out. That is my cue as I slam into her several more times and then I become paralyzed as I reach my climax falling on top of her. Oh that was just what I needed. "Thank you baby."

"Mr. and Mrs. Grey, the Captain has informed me that we are two hours out of London." Natalia's voice comes over the intercom in our bedroom on the GEH jet. I look at my watch and it is still set for Pacific Time and I note it is 8:30am. If we were in Seattle this would officially be the longest I have ever slept in my life. On the other hand, sleeping beauty next to me is sound asleep. So it is 4:30pm in London. We should arrive to the hotel by 7:30, and be able to order a decent dinner. Taylor has arranged for additional security to pick us up.

"Ana, baby, we should get up, shower and dress." I kiss her back and shoulders and she slowly rolls over. She opens the shade and it is light out.

"What time is it?" She is so cute. I can't wait to get her into the hotel room and fuck until neither of us can move. There will be no interruptions and no place to go as we have nothing on our schedule until Sunday. Tomorrow, Saturday will be spent in bed, the bath, the floor, wherever, but we aren't leaving the room. Plus I promised Taylor some time to catch up. The wedding was killer for him and the entire security team.

"Its 4:30 in London we should land by 6:30 pm. I am going to take a shower and then you can get in, unless you want to join me?" I sit up and see we have clothes all over the cabin. Ana's wedding dress is the only thing that is not on the floor. Her stockings corset, panties, my suit, socks, shirt, boxers all across the room. And we were rather tame compared to usual. I stand up and reach into my bag for my shaving kit. I need some coffee. I pick up the phone and ask Natalia for a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, bag out and a glass of cranberry juice. I guess we have slept through breakfast and lunch but I ask her if she has anything for us to eat. I am starving.

While Ana is in the shower I sit down across from Taylor who is reading a book. I am glad he is relaxing. It is evidently unseasonably chilly in London so I have dressed accordingly in jeans and a grey V next cashmere sweater with a white t-shirt underneath. "Sleep okay Jason?" He looks like he has showered and shaved and looks ready to start the day.

"Not really. But I am counting on you being tied up so to speak for the next twenty four hours in your honeymoon suite and I plan to sleep like a baby." He smirks at me.

"Well I am sure we can accommodate your need to get caught up on your rest."

"I would appreciate that." Taylor stands up when Ana comes out.

"Good morning Mrs. Grey." I stand up as well and give her a kiss and pull her close to me.

"Natalia has some fruit, yogurt and muffins? You need to eat," I tell her. She is dressed in a short sleeveless lavender linen dress with those espadrille shoes she likes in white with a lavender ribbon wrapped around her ankles. Her legs are fucking amazing. "Is that your official going away dress?" She blushes and nods. "I like it. Do you have a sweater? It is a bit chilly in London but is supposed to be better over the next few days." I take her hand and we sit across from Taylor.

I see Ana reading some magazine article called, "How Well Do You Know Your Spouse."

"What is that baby?" I have a feeling it is one of those stupid female articles or survey that causes females and males to end up arguing. I get up and eat two more muffins and to stay in control from rubbing my hand up and down Ana's leg I massage her neck and shoulders and give her an occasional kiss on her neck. Ana giggles and looks at me before leaning over to kiss my lips again. Taylor rolls his eyes. It must me uncomfortable to be with a couple on their honeymoon.

She is glued to this stupid magazine. I haven't actually looked at it, but just the cover alone makes me laugh. "Who writes this shit? I mean do people really sit around and write this mundane shit and make money." I am talking more to myself but I am curious. I pull the magazine from Ana's hand and look at the cover and read it out loud. "What to Wear When You Have Period Bloat; How Many Erections Does Your Man Have a Day; Recipes to Impress the Mother-in-Law; My Husband Likes to Wear My Panties; and Ana's choice; How Well Do You Know Your Spouse." I start laughing and Taylor is chuckling too. "Okay did some female write the erection story? Pretty sure that is not scientific and please tell me who gives a fuck that some dude likes to wear his wife's panties. I am sure he was not happy she sent that story in. Do women really like to read this shit?"

"Actually, I know its mindless Christian, but sometimes it's fun to read and I like looking at the fashions. So, Christian, can you answer any of the following?" Ana giggles again. "What is my shoes size?" She turns around and looks at me convinced I don't know the answer, and she is right.

Fuck. Taylor has bought her clothes and I have called Caroline Acton several times for things I wanted Ana to have, but Caroline knew this information without my giving it to her. Fuck I don't know this shit. I pull her foot up, pull the laces from her shoe, slip it off and look at her foot, caressing it and tickling it with my thumb. She has perfect feet. Not to wide, not too long, her toes are cute and she has this sexy little arch in her foot. But I still have no idea what shoe size she wears. I look up at Taylor and he mouths the word "6.5" while Ana's nose is still in the book.

"Oh ye of little faith, you wear a 6.5 shoe." I am rubbing her arm and she looks up at me.

"Lucky guess Grey. Okay what size dress do I wear?" God I hate this shit. Again I try to figure it out on my own with what I know. My mom is a size 6 and shorter than Ana. Mia is a size 8 and at least two to three inches taller than Ana but Ana definitely looks smaller and easily weighs twenty pounds less. That's my rationale for figuring this out. I have no idea. I see Taylor holding up four fingers and then shrug and hold up two fingers as in sometimes a size two. I guess it is pretty bad that my security knows what size my wife is and I don't.

"Size four?" I say this questioning. She raises an eyebrow and tells me she will give me credit for my answer although lately she is a size two. That's too thin. I am going to put some meat on her bones while we are away and make her eat. "How much do you weigh Ana?" She gets all offended and tells me that a woman never reveals her weight. "Tell me." She rolls her eyes at me. I look at Taylor and he flips a single digit, pauses does it again and then two digits. 112. That's too thin and how the fuck does he know that?

"You're a whopping 112 pounds aren't you Ana? I think you should gain eight pounds, you're too thin. You say you're 5'4' but that's bullshit. I say your 5'3' at best."

"I am 5'4 and how did you know my weight?" She looks up at Taylor. "Hey you were cheating with Jason!" Taylor and I start laughing.

"I only guessed on the weight Miss Steele, I mean Mrs. Grey." Taylor tries to get out of this stupid game too.

"Okay Ana what size shoe do I wear, how much do I weigh, how tall am I and all that other shit?" I ask her. Lets' see how good she is at this meaningless dumb ass game.

"Your shoe size is 11.5, you have a 32-inch waist and your pant inseam is 35. You're a large in shirts, a 44L jacket and 161/2 neck size with a 34/35 length sleeve. You weigh between 183 and 185 never more, never less, you are 6 '2' and your favorite fruit is mango, your favorite veggie is broccoli, favorite cookie, oatmeal chocolate chip raisin, which you can't resist, your favorite candy bar is a Milky Way bar which you like partially frozen, your favorite wine is a Chassagne Montrachet, your favorite beer is a wine from the Bahamas called Kalik which is hard to find and you like to put potato chips on your peanut butter sandwiches. Anything else you want to know about yourself." I look down at her and smirk. How did she know all of that since I am pretty sure we have not discussed half this shit. Taylor gets up to use the restroom and I think give us some privacy.

I whisper in her ear. "What's my favorite position for fucking?" I love it when she blushes. She doesn't say anything for a few minutes. I might have stumped her on this one probably because I like them all. I keep smiling at her and raise my eyebrows. "You're answer Mrs. Grey."

"How do I know you won't change your response?" I roll my eyes at her and take a piece of paper and pen out of my satchel and write down my response. She blushes and looks around to see where Natalia is sitting and if Taylor is on his way back. I tell her to relax and she grabs the paper from me, tears off a piece and writes her response down.

I lean in and whisper in her ear again holding her chin so she can clearly hear me."We will be doing this in less than two hours." I take her piece of paper and see that she has written down "doggy." I smile and laugh because her face is beet red. I hand her my paper and her eyes get big. "Really?" I nod and give her that look. I tell her to turn over the piece of paper and she laughs. I wrote on one side stand and slam and on the other side all other positions possible. She whispers in my ear asking me how come I like that position best.

"I will show you soon. I like missionary best for making love, but for fucking, ohh baby stand and slam with your back against the wall, nowhere for you to go, your sexy legs wrapped around my waist, me slamming your hot pussy on my dick; it doesn't get much better than that." Shit I have just given myself a major hard on talking about this. I think I will show her what I mean since we still have about forty five minutes before we land.

"Are we done playing this game Ana?" I take the magazine from her hand, stand up and take her hand and pull her up. I don't even ask her I just lead her to the bedroom, shut the door and instantly I am all over her. I kiss her bottom lip, "Give me your tongue baby I want inside that glorious mouth". She runs her hands through my hair and I lean down kissing her neck, sucking on her earlobe and running my hands down her dress. I rub my hands across her breast but I am not in the mood for a lot of foreplay and I can tell by the way she is breathing she wants this hard and fast as well. I lift up her dress and I am beyond ecstatic that she is wearing her crotch less panties. She whispers in my ear when she sees my reaction. "I wanted to be prepared just in case."

"Oh, I am one happy man right now. This will be hard, fast and quick baby. Let me show you a little stand and slam." I remove my dick from my pants and lift Ana up by her ass. "Wrap those legs around me baby." I turn us around so she is up against the door, lift her a little higher and then slam into her. "Hold on baby." I start slamming into her and anyone on the other side of the door, which is Taylor and Natalia have got to know what the hell we are doing as the banging is rhythmatic. "Do you like this baby?" I reach around her with both arms and push her down on me over and over again and she is screaming out.

"Oh my god Christian, this is good, harder, harder." I cover her mouth with mine, forcing my tongue in her mouth because she is screaming about as loud as I have ever heard her. Even I am blushing. Christ she is hot. We hit some turbulence and I can tell we are starting our descent. Shit, I need to get this to a happy finish for both of us. I tell Ana to put her one leg down and keep the other around my waist. This gives me a better angle to fuck her and reach over and rub her clit. Within the first second she is quivering and shaking and we both find our release as Taylor's voice comes over the speaker. "Um sir, you need to be seated. Separately. We are twenty minutes out." We are still standing with my dick inside of Ana breathing rapidly but Taylor's comment "Separately" makes me smile. Christ, talk about right down to the wire.

"I think you liked that Mrs. Grey." I pull out making us both wince and then pull her dress down. "You should probably clean up real fast then come out and get seated baby. She looks down. "What's the matter?"

"I am so embarrassed. Do you think they knew what we were doing?" I can't help it I have to smile yet again.

"Baby, I would guess air traffic control heard you. Yes, but who cares? You're my wife. This is my jet, they are my employees and it's our honeymoon. So what." Although, I plan to ask Taylor why he made the announcement and not Natalia.

I kiss her softly. God I am so in love with her. I quickly wash up and take the magazine back out with me. Ana looks at me funny. "I want to read how many times I will get a hard- on today." Ana rolls her eyes at me and I exit the bedroom cabin.

I take a seat and Taylor looks up at me, grins and shakes his head. I shrug my shoulders. What does he expect? I lean forward. "Why did you make that announcement just now and not Natalia?"

He leans over and tells me softly. "She was too embarrassed. Jesus, you couldn't hear it because you were in there but, we were getting a slam by slam narrative Sir and I guess she was nervous about interrupting you. Sorry sir, but they are expecting this landing to be a bit rough. Is Mrs. Grey coming out soon?" I nod but get up to tell her to hurry up.

Ana comes out and sits down next to me bright red. I buckle her seatbelt and give her a chaste kiss. "Stop Ana. It's fine. We just got married. Everyone knows what people do on a honeymoon. You don't need to be embarrassed. We will just try to be quieter next time." I give her another kiss and wink at her. She looks up and Taylor is pretending to be reading but I know he isn't because his fucking book is upside down. I appreciate his effort to look preoccupied none the less.

We are coming in for our landing and Ana is holding my hand so tight I have to ask her to let up. She apparently is afraid of take-offs and landings.

"I am so excited. I have never even been in another country." Ana's excitement is adorable and I reach over and kiss her neck.

We land and Taylor instantly turns on his phone and listens to his message. He smiles as he listens and then he laughs. After a minute he takes out his pen and notepad out and writes something down. I guess I should turn my phone on but decide to wait until we get to the hotel. If there is anything urgent Taylor will have been contacted as well. He looks up and sees that we are both looking at him as we are taxing into a private hangar.

"Everything okay Taylor." I need to make sure.

"Yes, Sawyer left me a message that was rather humorous. Evidently your friend Amanda has a German Sheppard that doesn't like it when anyone else shares her bed."

Ana's eyes get really big. "Oh, no, Benz didn't bite Sawyer did he. He is a really protective dog. But oh my gosh that means they hooked up last night. What else did he say?"

Taylor starts laughing. "Only that he ended up with eight stitches in the ankle." I can't help but laugh too.

"Well let's hope that the dog bit him after he got laid and not before." I comment and Ana elbows me.

"You are so cold Christian. I hope Sawyer is okay. There isn't anything funny about this. I will have to get the scoop from Amanda."

"Well he won't have much to do over the next few weeks, tell him to take her back to Escala so he can try again without the dog attacking him." Taylor and I start laughing again. How does Ana not think that is funny as hell? Must be a guy thing. .

We arrive to Brown's Hotel located in Mayfair in the heart of London and Ana is like a child looking out the windows, asking questions and giggling. She has kissed me at least five times in the car she is so excited.

Once we are in the lobby, we are ushered to our room as our local security has already checked in for us and run clearance on our room and floor. We are taken straight to the Hellenic Royal Suite. We get into our room and I inform Taylor he is dismissed for the night.

When I shut the door Ana is looking out the window her arms are crossed and she has removed her shoes. I walk over to her and put my arms around pulling her back to my front. "Hungry?"

"Actually I am starving." She turns around and gives me a kiss. Then I remember I didn't carrying her into the room so I pick her up and open the door, walk back out, startling our security, making Ana giggle. I am holding the double door with my foot as I don't have the key on me and I tell him to hold the door. I run to the end of the hall carrying Ana making her giggle louder and then turn around and come back down, walk through the door and slam it behind me.

"Now baby, where were we? Ah yes, dinner." I look at the room service menu call our personally assigned concierge and order something I think we will both enjoy. We don't need any wine as there are several bottles waiting for us as wedding gifts from various people. The hotel has sent us some chilled Bollinger, and I read a card from Elliot and Kate. Enjoy your honeymoon, We love you Elliot and Kate. He must have arranged for Andrea to send this. There are several bottles of Chassange Montrachet from the Flynn's. I did tell him in my last session we were staying here so he must have pre-arranged this. Ana is practically skipping through the suite. She notices the large flower arrangement and takes the card out. I am trying to remember what I wrote on each of the cards that I have arranged for floral deliveries. She smiles and comes over to me and pulls my head down kissing me softly.

"No, I' m the luckiest person in the world. I love you so much Christian." Oh yes. I wrote, "Thank you for making me the luckiest man in the world. Day 2 of being married to my more- I love you baby! CG XO

Our dinner arrives and of course Ana had little bites of everything but I ate like a man on a mission. We went over twelve hours without eating. I don't do well without food.

I call room service to pick up the dishes while I stand behind Ana who is looking at some brochures on local tourist attractions that the concierge left us for review. I nibble on her neck and unbutton her dress which has about ten little buttons in the back. "Baby, I am really ready to take a bath and start playing. How does that sound?"

Ana's POV

I am so excited I can't wait to get out and sight see and go to the places I have only read about. I am stuffed we hate so much and Christian hate like a horse. He scowled at me when I left half of my plate but I couldn't eat anymore. Now he wants to take a bath and I feel like I just want to take a walk and see something, anything.

"Can we change and take a walk?" I look at my watch and I haven't changed it from Pacific Time. Christian walks over to his satchel and takes something out.

"Well, we can walk, but I gave Taylor the night off and I don't know how I feel about only having one security guy with us. But if you can wait, we will walk tomorrow. I promise. I have your wedding present I would like to give it to you if you're okay with that." He gives me his shy smile and I am once again caught off guard.

"Christian you gave me the beautiful necklace, earrings, this honeymoon, my rings, you are crazy. You didn't need to get me a gift." I kiss his cheek.

"Yes I did, and I will be buying you a lot more on this trip so don't give me any grief about it. Anyway, open it." He hands me the now recognized Cartier box and inside I find an amazing Platinum Omega watch. I take it out of the box. "Turn it over." I read the inscription and can't help but get teary eyed.


You Are My More

My Love, My Life


"For someone who doesn't do hearts and flowers, you're sure getting good at it. Christian I love it and I love the inscription. Thank you." He places it on my wrist and it is loose like a bracelet.

"We need to find a Cartier store here and have it made smaller. I hope you like it." Christian always worries about what he picks out for me, when I love everything he selects. I reach up and kiss him licking his lip. He smiles at me and I bite my lip making him groan. He takes my watch off of my wrist and then kisses my wrist and walks me backwards towards the bathroom. My dress starts falling off and it is completely off by the time we enter the marbled decadent sitting area.

"Oh Mrs. Grey. I like, I like very much." He stops and looks at me with that sexy I have plans for you look in his eye. I am wearing one of my Agent Provocateurpanties with the strings on each side and lavender matching bra. I changed in the plane after our escapade. I remove both while he watches me.

He walks over and turns on the water and pours the complimentary bath salts in the water. They smell heavenly. I suddenly like the idea of jumping in the bath as my muscles are sore. I watch Christian undress and stare at his sculpted body.

"Like what you see baby?" he smiles at me.

"God yes Christian." I walk over to him and run my hand around his pecs. They are so sexy and he is so cut. I take my finger and touch each of his muscles that make a perfect six-pack and work my way down to the V in his abdomen. I look up and see that Christian is watching me in the mirror and his eyes are smoldering. I walk behind him and look at his strong back muscles and use my two fingers and run my fingers down his back and stop at the crack of his butt. He crabs my hand. Interesting that he loves to play with my ass but he doesn't like me to play with his. He pulls me around front where he now has a full erection.

"You want to play or have a bath Mrs. Grey?" His stare is penetrating.

"Can we do both?" I ask him taking my finger and gently running it up and down the veins on his large cock. I look at him and smile and then shimmy down kneeling on the bathroom rug. I lick the tip of his dick and taste the moisture and then run my tongue up and down the length and hear him suck in his breath before putting my hand at the end of his shaft. I cup his balls with my other hand and then I lunge on his penis taking him in as far as I can. I smile inwardly knowing that he loves my ability to take all of him.

"Oh Jesus baby, you have no idea how good you are at this." I keep sucking on him and treat him to a sucking, licking rotation and I continue to take him as deep as I possibly can. I bring my tongue and mouth back and expose his dick to the air before taking him all in again. He holds my head and then murmurs, "Fuck my mouth baby, make me come." Christian is holding my head and he is thrusting in my mouth relentlessly. I look up at him and oh my god he is perfect. I love the way his strong legs meet under his balls and I cup them in my hand. He has narrow hips and he is just so strong and muscular. As I see his body moving it turns me on even more and I take him in my mouth with passion humming against him. His dick is so engorged and when I look up I see that his head is back, his eyes closed and he is completely in the moment. "Baby I am going to come. Oh fuck yes." I feel him stop and he squeezes my head with his hands so hard it almost hurts and he then freezes and explodes in my mouth and I decide to back up and let him finish coming on my naked chest. After a few moments he looks down at me and rubs my lip with his thumb. "You are a naughty girl, Ana. What am I going to do with you?"

"Fuck me?" He grins and before I know what has happened he picks me up and carries me from the bathroom to the bed. He walks back into the bathroom and turns off the water in the tub and then comes back onto the bed lays down on his back and pulls me on top of him. "Sit on my face Ana. I am still hungry baby and I am going to make a meal out of you."

"Christian I," I hesitate. I feel shy about this and so forward. He reaches over and literally pulls me on top of him.

"Don't hesitate baby, I love the way you taste and I want to pleasure you until you can't take it another minute. Fuck my face Ana." Before I know what has hit me, Christian has lifted me and I am sitting on his face. He is licking, sucking and gobbling me up forcing his tongue into my opening. He is relentless, passionate and holding my hips down and moving me back and forth.

"Christian, pleaseā€¦" His fingers enter me and his tongue is now softly sucking my nub and he sucks the juices out of me as I come gloriously in his mouth.

"That's right Ana, come for me, keep coming. You don't need to stop." And with that he dives back into me and just when I thought I had nothing left I feel myself start to climax again and I feel like I am so far over the edge, that I am screaming yet again. I try to pull away from Christian because I don't think I can take anymore and this is the longest orgasm I have ever had and it won't stop. Christian won't let me move."You're not done yet Ana, you're not going anywhere." I try to push his hands away but he is too strong and I feel him smiling against me as he takes his nose and I think his chin and rubs it over and over again against my folds and I am now whimpering.

"Oh my god, no more Christian, please." But he manages to get one more out of me and finally after my third orgasm, I fall forward and he lets me go as I fall to my side.

"Hi. How was that?" Bastard is grinning at me. I can't move. I feel like I am going to pass out. "Come on baby, let's have a bath." I hear myself moan. I am exhausted so he picks me up and carries me into the bathroom. Have I even walked a hundred steps today? Christian places me in the tub and the water is still quite warm. It feels heavenly. He walks away and comes back a few seconds later with a glass of cranberry juice for me and then climbs into the tub behind me.

We lay into the tub for a long time. At one point we drained some of the water and refilled it with more warm water. Christian made me drink my cranberry juice while he massaged my shoulders. It was so relaxing. We talked again about the wedding and all the great moments. He whispered repeatedly how much he loved me and finally when we were both getting prune like skin we dried off and headed to the bedroom.

We are perched up against some pillows and I have selected one of my new sexy sleeping gowns for this evening. I am impressed as Gail packed an inventory of the clothes she packed for me and which of the three suitcases I can find each item. The gown is a stretchy white lace fabric and it is demure, sexy and see through. "Oh baby, you have just guaranteed you will be getting more of me tonight." He kisses me softly before pulling back the covers and getting into bed. Since he is naked, I know he is serious and we won't be going straight to sleep. He plumps my pillow and motions for me to come next to him. He pulls out his laptop and I lean against his arm while he waits for it to turn on.

I watch as Christian Googles; Christian Grey Marriage. Instantly hundreds of options come up in the search and we start looking at different sites which all carry the same photo of us kissing on the front porch of his parent's house after the ceremony.

Christian Grey Marries in Private Ceremony

Christian Grey, Seattle's billionaire bachelor broke millions of hearts earlier this evening when he wed Anastasia Steele in a private ceremony at the home of his parents. The wedding was attended by over a hundred close family and friends.

The wedding which was heavily secured from media and onlookers took place at 4:30 in the afternoon and was performed by Grey's longtime church pastor, Reverend Gordon Walsh.

The couple came out to the porch shortly after the ceremony to wave to the media and confirm their marriage. The bride was exquisite in a gown designed by Dana Kavenagh.

Kavenagh's daughter, Kate served as maid of honor while Grey's older brother, Elliot was the best man. No other details were available regarding plans for the couples honeymoon. The new Mrs. Grey is now reportedly worth over five billion dollars as it is believed she did not sign a pre-nup.

I must have sighed as Christian pulls my chin up to look at him. "Forget that shit Ana. We gave them a press release and they always write what they want to write." I am bothered by the comments regarding the pre-nup. "Lay on your stomach Ana, I will give you a massage." I look at him and again sigh. Will I ever get used to the negative comments?

"Okay, but just a massage, I am exhausted Grey and I certainly can't take another orgasm."

"We'll see Mrs. Grey. Just lay down." I lie on the bed and move the pillow so that I am flat. Christian straddles me and starts by rubbing my shoulders. My hair is in a loose bun and off my neck so he can rub my shoulders and neck easily. Oh this feels fantastic. He works his way down my back slowly and I giggle as I feel his balls rubbing against my legs. "Something funny?"

"Yes, your balls are hilarious actually. In fact, guy's balls and there penis's are funny." I start giggling again as Christian works the lotion into my lower back and on my ass.

"Well not sure that you are a good judge on that since you have only seen my package but I have a news flash for you Mrs. Grey. While I love everything about you, I wouldn't say a women's pussy is any less funny to look at."

"Are you complaining?"

"Not at all, I just told you I love everything about you, just saying." I feel his erection. Oh my god. Already? I think the magazine didn't include Christian when they wrote the story about how often men get erections.

"Christian, is that what I think it is?" I am still on my stomach. He is massaging the backs of my thighs and working his way down to my calves which are a bit sore from being in four inch heels for nine hours yesterday.

"Yes, Mrs. Grey. It is what you think it is." Christian turns me over and he is smiling. He reaches down and kisses me sweetly and murmurs against my lips. "I am now going to make slow, sweet love to my wife. Is that okay with you baby." Oh my. He has that sexy look on his face. His eyes are intense and he is massaging my arms slowly with lotion and whispering in my ear. He traces his finger down my rib cage, circles it around my breast and then makes a straight line down my chest to my navel across my hip bones. Finally he takes his hands and gently spreads my legs with his leg and very slowly enters me. The seduction by my husband has insured a warm and inviting entrance and we both gasp when he enters me.

"I love you so much Christian." I wrap my legs around his waist and he grabs my one legs and hitches it up higher slowly moving inside of me.

"I love you baby and I just want to be lost inside of you as much as I can for the rest of the night. Just be as deeply inside of you as possible." Christian has his hand on my neck and chin and reaches down and kisses me with everything he has while he continues to make love to me.

I am Mrs. Christian Grey. My husband is gorgeous. I am in London, a place I have only dreamt of and read about. My body is being cherished right now. I am so in love. Please never let this end.