Soul is a weapon without a meister.

There are plenty to choose from.

Though, none are right.

He abandons the mixer,

What's the point?

Why should things be any different here?

Maka is a meister without a weapon.

She finds him alone.

He is twisted,

He is dark.

She is friendly,

She is light.

He plays his soul on the piano,

Expecting her to run.


She offers him her hand.


It's a simple word.

A word that carries a heavy vow.

She promises to make him a death scythe even better than her father.

He promises to protect her with his life.

Even if she's a nagging little tiny tits,

With a chop to rival Shinigami's.

They are partners.

She is guarded

And she is jaded.

Even with him.

And it bothers him.

He wonders,

If she hates all men so much,

Why did she pick,


Even though they were just fighting,

It's not something he has to think about,

To throw his body over hers.

His words come out a growl,

"I won't let you touch my meister."

As soon as he does he knows,

He will never regret,


He knows she regrets it though,

When the demon sword slices through his skin.

They don't talk about it.

But her screams,

They haunt his nightmares.

He is torn.

He can protect her body,

But what has he done to her soul?

Before the big test he curses himself.

He knows how hard she works,

To become stronger.

And somehow he can't manage to study,

To be stronger,

In a simple exam.

So he improvises.

She was not meant to be mad at him.

When she appears,

His heart drops to his feet.

He won't believe it at first,

But it is her.

The music plays and they dance.

He leads and she stomps on his foot.

An agreement is made,

A promise to be kept.

It scares him seeing her like this,

But he is determined to support her.

He calls to her through the madness,

Feels her brush by his soul.

Reaches for her hand,

Uses all of his strength to,

Pull her back.

And vows never again.

When he was in hospital she barely left.

When she is in hospital he only leaves when forced.

It seems new enemies always land them here.

He knows she hates being helpless,

And needing him for everything.

He shoves the spoon in her mouth anyways.

What she doesn't realise,

He is just as useless without her.

The more evil they fight,

The faster resonance comes,

The greater her speed,

And the more impressive his forms.

Their crowning glory though,

Is the black blood dress manifested.

Perfect resonance,

Complete trust.

Being partners isn't always easy.

They have always bickered,

And even fought.

But he has never given up on her,

Or her on him,

Until this damn book.

He won't accept it

And she is thankful for that.

The future is uncertain,

But what is not,

Is them.

She doesn't need to ask,

He doesn't need to answer,

But he wants to say it,

And he does.

"I will follow you wherever you go."