It Happened One Night

Teen-aged Teddy Grey is fed up with the superficial girls at his high school and even more so with the assholes he calls his "friends". One night he decides he's gonna show them all up. It's the night he meets the girl of his dreams. Too bad she also comes with a price tag. It's only one night, but it'll last a life time.

Disclaimer: I obviously do not own Fifty Shades of Grey. The characters, plot, and references pertaining to the trilogy are property of one E.L. James. Some characters are of my imagination and are not based on actual events.

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Saturday November 18th 2027, 7:08pm

The mean streets of Seattle were crawling with those indie-rock/hippy guys, strange girls with nose rings, and homeless beggars rattling their change cups. What the fuck was I doing there? I didn't belong there that's for damn sure. My father would have had a heart attack if he saw me parading around with $1,000 dollars in my back pocket, two platinum credit cards, and a sign on my forehead that said "easy fucking target". My mom probably would've laughed.

It was 7:10 when this all started, when I first saw her, but the real beginning of this story was about two weeks prior. The announcement of our yearly winter dance had every girl trying to suck my dick to get a chance at being my date. I was sick of their bullshit. I finally decided I was not going to go to some stupid dance with some stupid girl to impress my stupid friends. That was until Liam Blake commented on how no girl really wanted to go out with me – they just wanted to date my money. It hurt me, really fucking bad. It's always been the one thing I've been most insecure about.

I'm pretty confident enough to say that I'm good-looking. I've got really blue eyes, kind of long copper hair, and a killer tan – though God knows where I inherited that! I'm also pretty jacked (go big or go home, as I like to say). I got good teethe and clear skin, too. I know girls are attracted to my looks - the ones who've never heard of me before, mainly. But the girls at school only care about all the nice shit they think they could get if they dated me.

I figured that I should just go somewhere where nobody knew who I was, find a cute girl, and ask to borrow her for an hour. I wouldn't take her to that dance, but I'd walk by all my "friends", make out with her a bit, and then walk on by like nothing happened. Plain and simple right? Ha. Ha. Ha. WRONG! Step one would be to ditch security, which would definitely not be easy.

My dad's a real hard-ass when it comes to being monitored at all times of the day. He probably records me while I sleep just to make sure I don't have a spaz-attack or some stupid shit like that. The saying "what could possibly go wrong?" has a whole new meaning when it comes to Christian Grey. The first time I noticed security was when Phoebe, Mom, Dad, and I went to the aquarium. I was about seven at the time, and Phoebe was too engrossed with the fucking "Nemo fish" that we literally sat by that tank for a half an hour. I just wanted to see the sharks, so I wandered off - well if you call "wandering" taking ten steps away from the family unit. Uncle Taylor, as I then referred to him, swooped me up and my dad gave me this insanely long speech about all the dangers of "wandering off". The rest of the day both "Uncle" Taylor and "Uncle" Sawyer were glued to my side. I never saw the sharks that day.

Ever since then I was always being shadowed by the Men in Black, as I now refer to them. My "personal security agent" (Dad's term for him) otherwise known as my "friend who looks out for you" (Mom's term), Saunders isn't nearly as bad as Taylor and Sawyer. He's really lenient about letting me go places with my friends, last week he didn't even sit in the theater with us when we saw the Final Destination 23,000. Even so, it still pisses me off having to go everywhere with him, and no matter how chill he is, he'd never let me walk around South Seattle.

I'm not going to go into detail about my escape because if someone finds this I can never use that brilliant plan ever again. I'll just leave you with the fact that I escaped without anyone knowing. I would now like to personally thank the Bourne Trilogy for their constant inspiration for new getaway plans!

The next part of my plan would be much more difficult, finding a girl. I figured the residents of South Seattle probably did not read much on the Grey family, so I took a cab to the more run-down part of the city.

7:08, I'm walking in a slight drizzle trying to find a girl amongst the strangest of characters. 7:09 I realize what a dumbass I am. What kind of guy would go pick up some random chick off the street, make out with her, and then send her home? I real prick – that's who. It was too late to turn back, I had to do this.

Across the street the sounds of heels clacking on the cement attracted my attention. There were two girls casually walking around, sharing a cigarette and laughing at the drunk-yard stumbling through the crosswalk. The one girl was kind of cute, tall blonde, you know the type, but she was a little too old for me. The other girl was short and very slender, with a cute little ass and small – but still noticeable – tits. (Yeah I know, Teddy get your mind outta the gutter, but, hey, a guy can look, right?) She had long, wavy, deep-red hair that was obviously dyed, but still looked gorgeous against her pale, flawless, skin. I couldn't see the color of her eyes, but that didn't matter, she was fucking perfect!

As luck would have it, she turned into a drycleaners and her friend stayed outside to finish the foul-smelling light stick. Now was my chance! Flagging Blondie down, I was met with a sly smile, one I didn't entirely trust.

"What can I do for you darling?" She purred with ease, I had a feeling it was a question she had asked often.

"That girl you were walking with, I was wondering if you could, well, hook me up." I didn't sound as confident as her, but then again why not go for shy and cute?

Blondie laughed haughtily and mocked, "Go home, baby you're mommy wouldn't want you running around here." I was getting a little ticked off at the Catwoman wanna-be.

"Is there something wrong with me? I think she'd like me to take her out." I countered using my dad's authoritative voice. She seemed taken aback by it, good.

"Nothing's wrong with you that's just the problem. Listen if you wanna get her, you gotta ask him." She said pointing to a building across the street.

"Why, does her dad not like her going out with random guys?" I asked totally serious. It didn't pose much of a dilemma; I'm a pretty good negotiator. I've won six out of eight debates in my public speaking class…

"Her daddy? Ha! You could call him that! Listen you don't wanna fool around with us, you be a good boy and go run home to mommy now." She sneered, but I could hear a hint of a pleading in her voice…odd.

I was too filled with pride to just go home with my tail between my legs; I would talk to this guy and get his permission to take his daughter out on the town. If this girl was anything like the others I've dealt with, she'd be more than happy to accompany me.

I quickly jogged across the busy road and up to the apartment complex's door. I knocked a few times and then prepared myself to act like the perfect gentleman. When the door opened, a large black dude was standing in the entryway. I felt myself instantly shrink. I had taken kickboxing lessons all my life, but some people – especially the ones from the inner-city – were just too intimidating. Maybe his skin color had something to do with what Barbie said about "You could call him that!" maybe the girl was adopted.

"Hello Sir. That blonde girl over there," I gestured to a now shocked-looking Blondie, "told me that I could ask you about taking your daughter out. I-" I was cut off instantly by his booming laughter.

"Boy you think that bitch is my daughter? God, kid what planet you from? You look like one of those pricks you see on Desperate Housewives or some shit like that. You're more than able to...uh…take her out. As long as you got the money." Now I really felt like a dumbass! She didn't look like a hooker, but it all made sense! So this guy - more like beast! – was her pimp! God, I really made myself look like a fool! I prayed for the ground to swallow me up, but it never did.

I should've left then, and forgotten all about this chick, but I didn't want to. I wanted to flaunt her around for an hour and kiss her full lips and make my friends jealous as fuck. And fuck, if there was one thing I did have it was money! Though I don't know where the hell my brain went.

"Alright then, Sir, I've got a new plan. I've got $700 here; I'll pay a hundred an hour. She'll be back here at two and no later than that. Will that be enough for you?" I asked using my Rico Suave voice; it gets my mom into letting me do whatever I want.

Apparently it worked for this guy, too. He smiled this wide smile and his eyes glowed so bright that they almost looked gold.

"Tell you what, man; I'll give her to you for seventy-five an hour. No one comes around here after three, anyways. Bring her here in the morning, and don't think you can pull that shit on me again, she usually brings in a shitload more." He growled the last sentence. I would've thought a Saturday night would mean big money for him and his, uh, business. Why he would give her away so cheap made no sense to me, but, hell, I sure as fuck didn't care! My plan was working better than I had thought!

"You've got yourself a deal!" I smiled and slammed the seven bennies into his large hand. He looked shocked by my payment, but was quickly counting out the crisp bills. My dad would really be carving my headstone if he could see me now.

The pimp waved Blondie and my new "date" over, and they quickly came running, both girls looked fairly shocked. The three hurried inside the apartment without so much as a glance towards me. I decided to wait at the end of the stoop, and tried not to hightail it the fuck outta that place. I was starting to feel guilty for what I had done, but it was too late now. Besides, it wasn't like I was actually gonna screw this girl – I didn't want to take advantage of the situation – I was just taking her out. I probably would give her the best night she had had in a long time. Yeah, I would be the hero to the poor fair maiden tonight. Only difference was, when the night was over it would end in never seeing one another ever again, not a happily ever after.

The door opened again, and she came strolling down the stairs, not in a provocative way like you would expect, but with a little bounce in her reminded me of Aunt Mia when she got that Michael Kors bag for Christmas. She wasn't dressed like trash either – she wore this white (how ironic) tank-dress, with a thin black coat over it, and black high heels. It looked like something from Forever 21, not Hookers R Us. Her makeup was simple, light eyeliner and blush-pink lipstick. Her cheeks weren't painted red, she wasn't covered in tattoos, she looked normal. Her hair was worn down which made me happy, I liked her hair. I idly wondered how old she was. Maybe eighteen or nineteen, she definitely wasn't twenty. Dating an older woman, huh Teddy? Score!

Suddenly, her walking came to an abrupt halt and she turned to face me, stopping my heart.

"Gee, you really are young! That's okay, kid. I'd rather you be young than really old! Don't worry, we're gonna have fun tonight." She smiled, her voice as melodious as an angel's. Why was she a prostitute anyways? If she went to my school, every guy would be plying for her. She slung her arm through mine and continued to walk/skip towards the bus stop; a soft, reassuring grin coated her sweet, mocking mouth.

Green…her eyes were green.