It Happened One Night

This is gonna be a teeny-tiny short chapter :D

It's in THIRD PERSON! Enjoy loves ~ Ava

~ Nobody's Business ~

For two months she had been the most sought after piece of ass in Rodney's litter of girls. That was not something to be taken lightly. Anyone who knows the streets knows the infamous pimp only employs the most desirable girls. In hushed whispers the crowds of horny men would gossip about the green-eyed siren. " Seventeen," they would exclaim in astonishment, "she's seventeen." In a year's time she'd be fully legal, though the men weren't sure if that was good or bad news. Something about her being underage made her all the more exciting. Seventeen meant she would be held down –she wouldn't be in control –she would be at their mercy. Once she turned eighteen it would all change and she wouldn't be the helpless little screw she was – how disappointing.

It had been weeks since he had last seen her – tasted her delicious flesh, but the memory still stuck with him wherever he went. When he was at the university listening to the ceaseless drones of professor after professor, he would think of her. Funny, he didn't even know her name….it was not important. He'd just ask for the one with the green eyes and his demands would be met. He was certain that she had thought about him too. He could still hear her moans of painful pleasure, feel her body trembling in excitement under his own, and see the tiny tears of passion that had rolled from her sparkling eyes, they tasted like the finest wine under his harsh tongue. She was worth the full four hundred that's for damn sure.

The cold November air bothered him to no end. He found himself wishing once more that he'd chosen FSU, at least it was warm in Florida. The only bus that he could take to get back home from his late shift at the restaurant never showed up on time, which meant that he was forced to wait in the frigid street. Every night he had to stand at the god-awful corner and listen to the annoying chattering of the old cronies who were still up past eleven. Not one hot chick ever showed up, he wasn't that lucky and God wasn't that kind.

Suddenly, the most beautiful sound hit him like a tidal wave. The prettiest laughter he had ever heard was coming from…from her. His green-eyed goddess was across the street! Was it not a mere hour ago that he decided to take her again for sanity's sake? Perhaps God was kind after all. He ought to go to church more often…

She was smiling and laughing as she endured a merciless tickling at the hands of-of a boy? He was about her age and certainly one whose looks attracted many. This was odd. He couldn't possibly be her boyfriend, Rodney was not one to share his girls. Yet, they looked so carefree like any high school couple. She looked happy and the boy looked head-over-heels in love with her. Who could blame him?

He kept trying to make eye contact with her from where he stood and, finally, he did. She froze immediately, surely she was remembering all that happened between them in those two heavenly hours. Perhaps she was thinking of ditching the punk to dash across the street and into the arms of which she rightfully belonged. He certainly hoped so!

She did no such thing. He could see her lips moving quickly and then the boy whisked her away. The anger was building and building at the sight of his gorgeous plaything leaving him, probably to go fuck this amateur. No, he would not allow that to happen. He wanted her for himself, though he knew Rodney would never give her to him. Unless…unless he got in Rodney's good graces and he was allowed to be her regular costumer. Rodney did that for his friends.

He pulled out his cell phone as he slowly trailed behind the couple and dialed up the pimp. It took several rings before he finally answered in his deep, gruff voice,

"What?" The angry, powerful pimp answered.

"It's Dausset," he replied. Rodney would know him instantly; he was a frequent-flyer of sorts, though Rodney never gave any rewards for such loyalty.

"Oh yeah, ya ol' son-of-a-bitch! Whataya want?" He could sense the famous cheshire-cat grin and knew instantly that he would get what he wanted.

He proceeded to tell all that he had seen and it clearly made Rodney angry. Beyond angry, he was furious!

"Ya stay with 'em till I get there! Ya here?" he shouted and hung up before he could get a response.

He nodded despite no one being there to see it; it was merely an ingrained reaction to a forceful order. Staring out at the two would-be lovers engaged in an obviously intense conversation, a sick feeling formed in the pit of his stomach. Sitting in alleys was certainly not a safe thing to do. Shaking away that thought, he focused on his beautiful angel and smiled greedily, he would have her and he would have her soon.

Teehee! I think I'm really funny just leaving you hanging here! This was actually kind of disturbing to write! Like ugh! I need to bathe! LOL I know it may be a little confusing…if it's too confusing please tell me so that I can take it down and write a better one! But I figured making this guy nameless would just add to his freakiness….I don't know when I'll update next but I will try and get it done as soon as possible. Ciao Bellas!