It Happened One Night

Howdyy! Okayy so I know a lot of you guys want to hear Vivienne's side of events…but I feel like if I let you know what she's thinking it will ruin the whole story here folks! So I will compromise…every so often at the end of the chapter, I will give you a little flashback of Vivienne's that has nothing to do with the events surrounding her and Teddy but will just give you a glimpse into what she's all about. Thanks for you continued support! ~ Ava :D

~ That's Amore - 8:25pm ~

"I've gotta feeling we've been walking around in circles, kiddo."

My eyes narrowed in frustration, I didn't need Vivienne to insinuate what I already knew – I had no idea where the fuck I was going. You've got to give me some credit here; I had never been given free range in my own home let alone the city of Seattle. I was trying to go off of what I remembered from my trip here last spring, but with Taylor going NASCAR on us it was a tad bit difficult to focus on anything specific.

"Why don't you just tell me where you're trying to take me? I probably know how to get there better than you do." Vivienne suggested. She didn't sound annoyed, in fact she seemed to find this all very entertaining.

"Have you the slightest idea of what a surprise entails?" I asked aggravation thick in my voice. Though I could do without her constructive criticism, I wasn't angered by her at all - only by me and my dumbass self.

"Hmm…well where I come from a surprise usually means seeing or experiencing something you haven't before. Which is why I'm a little confused that we've been walking down the same street for ten minutes, am I missing something here, kiddo?" Ha, ha, ha! Very funny, Vivienne!

I stopped walking and closed my eyes tight breathing in and out steadily. Breathe, Grey, breathe. If I wasn't making myself look so goddamned stupid I would've found the humor in her words, but I was too exasperated at the moment to do so. Vivienne had registered my mood by now and grasped my hand in understanding.

"You've gotta cell phone right? Just use the GPS, most phones have that nowadays." She offered, patting my hand softly.

A smile broke across my face; I most certainly had such tools! Why had I forgotten about that? After the spectacle my dad made with our carriers about having the five second tracking device instead of the ten second, I should have committed such James Bond tools to memory.

"Christian, it's not really that big of a deal. Just use this feature while they work on the upgrade. Two days isn't going to affect us much." Mom had said trying to spare the poor tech girl the full wrath of Christian Grey. Phoebe and Sawyer just laughed while Taylor, Mom, and I looked at Dad and prayed for divine intervention.

"Yes. It. Is. What if, God forbid, you or Teddy or Phoebe is lost somewhere? Five seconds can be the difference between getting home and being brought home in a body bag." That's my dad, always looking on the bright side.

"When the hell do any of us ever get to go out anywhere in the first place?" I shouted trying to get old unreasonable to see reason. I thought he was going to die of shock, my mom beamed with pride, and Taylor was having trouble breathing through his laughter.

Now I thanked my lucky stars that good old Pops was as paranoid as he was rich. As I pulled out my phone and tapped the GPS navigator, I saw Vivienne stand up on her tip toes to read over my shoulder. When she realized she had been caught snooping, she quickly flashed me her most dazzling smile.

"Have I piqued your interest, Miss Vivienne?"

She wrinkled her nose in response to my witty question.

"I just wanna make sure you're not planning on taking me some place stupid. It'll save you the embarrassment if you tell me, Teddy." Her emphasis on my name did strange things to my body. She knew exactly what to say to get what she wanted, and she knew how to say it.

"Trust - it's all about trust my dear."

Regret – that was all I felt in that awkward moment when my words still hung in the air between us. Why would she trust me? How could she trust me? I put myself up on this pedestal with every piece of trash that had ever touched her placed below me. I didn't belong on that imaginary throne; I belonged with the filth - in Hell. I did not deserve her precious trust, but I wanted to. I would strive to gain it rightfully so.

Her wide eyes stared straight into mine. A glassy coating took away their striking lime and left her with a smooth pistachio iris. She blinked several times in rapid succession before she finally shut them closed, blocking my gateway to her mind. What was she thinking?

I turned away in shame. I turned away in cowardice. So it shocked me to my core when I felt her arm link itself onto mine, once more. I couldn't have faced her fast enough to satisfy my curiosity. My eyes met straight with hers, their excitement and confusion reflected by her green serenity. Her lips twitched into a sweet smile causing me to helplessly return the action.

"I trust you, Teddy. Now get us the hell outta here," she giggled and motioned for me to lead the way.

It's strange how a person can become so detached from reality. I continued to walk, to see and hear all that was around me, I could feel her holding onto me, but - God knows - my brain wasn't registering any of it! All I could think of was her words – my prayers, her trust – my aspiration. The doubts I had felt earlier, the doubts I still had in myself – in our situation, ceased for one timeless moment. One I was sure to never forget. I drowned in the euphoria, I did not want to surface.

But one does not always get what one wants, and I was suddenly rushed back into reality, my endless pool of elation far behind me. In its place stood Vivienne, the cause of all this havoc…this beautiful havoc. I wondered if she knew just what sort of magic she weaved in those little hands of hers, those soft hands.

"The Seattle Science Center? This is my surprise? Maybe we should work on your ideas of romance, kid-I mean Teddy." She scoffed as we approached the huge dome-like structure.

"Science can be very sexy," I wiggled my eyebrows. She laughed outrageously, shaking her head from side to side in defeat.

"Ah, so I finally get a laugh outta you." Well a laugh that resulted from my joke and not my stupidity.

"I'm not that easily amused," she mocked my voice.

"Well lucky for you, I'm hilarious."

It was nice to throw around words we had said in the not-so-distant past. It seemed to strengthen whatever bond that was forming between us; a dangerous bond, but one that I welcomed – one that I craved.

I paid for our entry fee without having to wait in some tedious line. I figured this place wouldn't be packing them in since it was past eight on a Saturday. The vendor took one hungry look at Vivienne and then reminded me in a snarky tone that the center closed at nine. You look at her one more time and I'll permanently remove your eyeballs from their sockets.

"You sure made that guy quake, I'm glad. You make me feel safe." She whispered as she rested her head on my shoulder.

"Fucking too many of those pricks, if you ask me." I grumbled thinking of all those eyes that had watched her today. I had unconsciously decided that I was the only one who had the right to look at her and think about her, even though I was thinking just as disgustingly as all those other dicks. But it was me who made her laugh, it was me who made her feel safe, it was me who held her trust, it was me and not them.

"Well you can't kick everyone's ass." She rolled her eyes, irritating me further.

"Who says?"

Replaying my own words in my head I couldn't help but chuckle, just like a crazy person. Vivienne crooked her eyebrow so high I thought it would touch her hairline.

"Everyone always says I have my mom's calm head and rational thinking. My dad's like completely off the grid when it comes to being reasonable. And it's like the more time I spend with you, the more I sound like him. Crazy bastard." I laughed until my words were stripped of their humor. I never wanted to be like my dad.

Like she knew what I was thinking, like she felt my sorrow, Vivienne gave me one of her famous comforting squeezes and then whispered, "I think if you're anything like your dad then he must be a wonderful person."

"Do you know that I wasn't allowed to come here on my first grade field trip because my nutcase of a father was too concerned that it wouldn't be secure enough to keep a proper eye on me?" I seethed at the memory. "Do you know how humiliating it is to tell your friends that you can't go to a fucking museum because it's too dangerous?"

"I know this guy who almost kicked the shit outta every male resident of Seattle because they were looking at me. Damn crackpot didn't even think I'd notice," she smiled widely. "I think you do crazy things when you care about someone, sometimes you just can't think rationally. Everybody gets that way."

So she knew that I "cared" about her. I wasn't sure that I was too happy about that. It's one thing for me to feel a certain way and know that she'd never reciprocate, but it's a whole other thing for her to know I feel that way and not feel it either. Pathetic, that's what I must look like.

Like so often her words had done something strange to me. Mind-fucked. My dad was irrational because he didn't want me to get hurt, because he didn't want my mom to up and leave him, because he didn't want somebody to take advantage of Phoebe. Was she right, did everyone get like this when they cared? I had to know…

"What about you? Have you ever done anything stupid because you cared about someone?"

She seemed to mull over my questions. Lost in thought, her face finally gave everything away. Yes, she had done something stupid and it pained her to think of what. She snapped out of her thoughts as quickly as she entered them. First her guard went up and then the humor crossed her face…she didn't like people to know what she was really thinking. She hid behind a mask of her choosing.

"I was about ready to kick the shit outta those friends of yours. Not to mention some chick named Aubrey." Her nose wrinkled at the thought.

I couldn't stop laughing. Yes, she had to be making that up. It was just a front to distract me, or her, from what she truly felt.

"Now we've got only twenty minutes of science time, so let's make it count!" I smiled, wearing my mask – my front.

I clasped my hand over her eyes and she squealed in protest. It did nothing to deter me – I already had her trust. Occasionally she would rattle off some comment on how this was considered a "violation of personal space" and she could "have me arrested for assault and kidnapping".

"All in the name of science" was my only comeback.

The opening to our exhibit stood right before me, but I still held her for a moment longer. Would she think this was corny? It is corny, jackass. Is this how you plan on getting what's up that dress? Maybe she should teach you a thing or two on the art of seduction…she would know...

Fucking subconscious was definitely pissing me off. I don't know when my own insecurities started to attack everyone else, but I sure as hell would put an end to that now!

"Okay, we're here." I whispered in her ear, my lips so close to her soft skin.

"Here, where?" Her voice was husky creating some recently familiar stirrings in my stomach.

I released the hand that blocked her vision and lightly guided her into the dark room with illuminated displays. I couldn't contain my jubilation as I cried out, "The moon!"

Vivienne entered a dream-like state as she slowly walked further into the chilled room. We were the only ones in there. The white of her dress glowed neon blue along with my pearly white sneakers. I studied her as a nerd would the contents of the room, as a lion would a zebra, as my dad would my mom…

Her back to me, she touched the moon rock through the appropriate hole in the casing. The stroking of her finger on the rough surface did disturbing things to my…uh…you get the picture...

To shake off those thoughts I focused on her hair – it was so long, and I would have bet all of my inheritance that it was as soft as silk. Suddenly, my eyes were now trained on her face. A single tear strolled down her pink cheek. I didn't want to wipe it away; it was a sign of her emotions, her unguarded emotions.

"You listened to me. You-you asked me where I wanted to go, and I-I said…I said…" More tears flowed down her face now, I wanted to collect every single one and worship each at her feet.

"Nobody ever listens – nobody ever cares enough to listen…why do you? Why?"

When I was a little kid I used to watch old movies because my dad said they were better than any of the shit Hollywood produced today – which I had to agree with. Every other week I got to pick the movie, and every week in between was Phoebe's turn. She always picked the typical film noir movies and I usually dreaded when it was her week. One night she picked out this movie Giant because James Dean was in it and James Dean "can teach you a thing or two about how to be cool" at least, that's what Phoebe said. Anyways, I always remember the one scene where Jett (Dean's character) is drilling the oil. There's nothing at first and he grows more and more frustrated, until there's this build up of tension. The well just sort of rattles for a moment and then explodes!

That's how I felt standing there before her, all of my words bubbled on the brink of release and I was about to set them free. I was about to tell her every gentle thought, every beautiful look, every sweet emotion that accompanied her. But just as soon as I was ready to release the golden truth – she stopped me.

"No – no don't tell me! It's enough, it's enough that you care." The tears hadn't stopped and I wasn't too sure if they were of happiness or remorse – perhaps they were a little of both.

Maybe I should have told her despite her demands not to, but I had already made a promise to myself that it would all be her choice. If she wanted to know then I'd tell her, but she didn't so I wouldn't.

She ran into my arms and kissed me sweetly on the cheek – it wasn't the grand lovers' embrace I had envisioned but I'd take any affection she'd give me. We explored every artifact. She made me walk like I was on the moon saying we had to be "realistic". She didn't care how ridiculous we looked so neither did I.

"You're Neil Armstrong and I'm the second guy to walk on the moon." She pointed at the photo of the Apollo 11 crew and laughed.

"Why do you wanna to be him? Nobody remembers him..." I tried to mimic her eyebrow arch which made her laugh harder.

"Because if we really were on the moon you wouldn't let me off the spacecraft until you made sure it was safe." She rolled her eyes and I had to agree with her on that one – when it comes to her I can be just as paranoid as my father.

Even though we had seen all that could be seen, Vivienne remained on the moon, on our moon. She still couldn't get over the tiny lunar rock; her focus always seemed to return back to it. She was so captivating when she was lost in her own thoughts, too captivating. She drew me in and I would never fight her pull. Before I could even hope to stop myself from being a massive dick, I was standing behind her and enveloping her delicate body in my anxious arms.

"Don't," she breathed sharply. "Don't make this more than what it really is. You don't have to pretend. I-I shouldn't've gotten so personal," she walked out of my embrace nearly shattering my heart. "I shouldn't've been so stupid."

"I'm not pretending anything." It was all I could say, but I knew whatever was growing between us had died. She wouldn't see this as anything more than business, her kind of business. No, no not hers! That fucking pimp's, his business!

"Then you're brainless," I knew that already. "It'd be better if you were pretending," she hissed.

"I like you, I like you a lot." I might as well tell her now.

"Like somebody else, somebody from your world - some little prude who can go to your daddy's functions or read books with your mommy, or talk fashion with your little sister." Shit! She fucking knew! She knew who I was and it killed me, just fucking killed me.

"How'd you know about my family?" I asked as I tried to fight the urge to hurl that fucking rock at the wall.

"I've seen them in the magazines, surprisingly I can read." She thundered, her anger flashing through her lovely eyes creating streaks of yellow in her flawless green pools.

Before I could do anything else, she was walking out the door. Just as a lost puppy, I followed my only promise of home. She didn't want me for who I was, she didn't want me at all. She didn't want me because of what she was.

I was practically steeping on her heels I was so close behind her. I was just too afraid that she would run off. It was so cold and without the warmth of my body I knew she was going to freeze. Turn around. Please, please, please just look at me.

Why was it so dark? I looked up towards the sky and found my answer. The moon – the moon was gone.

They're fighting again, he's threatening to leave again, she's crying again, and it's my entire fault again. She always gets along with them at first and then, usually after six months, the fights start brewing. They've never been violent, she's not that stupid, but they certainly are hurtful.

My mom is the only person who can make my day brighter, she smiles and the sun comes out. It's always been just the two of us. That's my fault too because if I didn't exist, if that condom didn't break, my biological father would've stuck around. I know she loved him a lot because sometimes she just talks and talks about him like he's some sort of dream that she's desperately trying to remember. She doesn't blame me for it, though she should, and sometimes I forget that it's not normal to be without a dad. Mom, G-ma and Pops is all I will ever really need.

"Always love yourself first, worry about everyone else later." That was about as philosophical as my mother ever got, but it was a philosophy that had always stuck with me.

I was about three when she started dating again. She never brought strange men home or neglected me for some random dude. It was usually nothing more than a Friday night out every month or so with someone she had met through someone else.

She wouldn't introduce me to any of them unless they were serious. I guess she didn't want me to think that having a new strange man coming in and out of your house every other week was respectable behavior. Some of those guys were really nice, but they usually just threw me a bone to impress my mom. Some of those guys were real assholes who tried to get my mom to leave me home alone when I was six so he could give her a bone. Those guys were usually dumped before you could finish the sentence "go fuck yourself".

She was currently dating Richard III some asshole that worked in marketing at some nice firm and brought home an equally nice pay. I call him Richard III because he was the third Richard that she had dated. There was rich Richard who made a killer living as an executive of Ferrari. I always wished that she kept with him long enough to see my sixteenth birthday because I figured she could get me a car out of him. Then there was dick Richard who was just that – a dick. And now she was with this guy.

They were fighting over what she always fights about with her men; something along the lines of they want her to leave me to myself for a certain amount of time so they can be alone. Richard III over here wanted to take her on a vacation to the Bahamas. I really wouldn't have a problem with being sent to my grandparents for one week but my mom seems to think I would.

"There's not one single person in this entire world who could mean more to me than you do." She once whispered in my ear as I wept over the idea that her previously failed relationship was a failure because of me. As touching as her words had been, they did nothing to change my mind.

Seventeen and still a burden to the one person who I have cared the most for in my entire life, I had to let her alone. I packed my bag and grabbed enough cash to get me across state lines, my eyes set on Seattle. I could do something there, maybe I could waitress. High school and college would have to be on the back burner for now, though I couldn't think of a time when I would pick them back up again…

But I couldn't continue to hear her cry and know it was me who was the cause - me who was an absolute nobody that meant nothing to anybody. It seemed all I was able to do was cause pain. I wouldn't hurt anybody else anymore.

It was the middle of the night when I left, the air was so cold. Everything was so dark …why? I looked up towards the sky and frowned, the moon was nowhere in sight.

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