It Happened One Night

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~ We Can Fly! – 8:50pm ~

The weather was beyond frustrating – the temperature felt below freezing, the numbing cold intensified by the strong winds that blew about. Someone next to me muttered something about expected rainfall. That would be my fucking luck!

She had stopped her power walking a few blocks back but I was certain that she would have left me if she could - if I hadn't paid for her precious time. She told me not to pretend it was something other than what it really was and I had grown so cold that I was starting to do just that. Let's get this all out in the fucking open why don't we? She was a prostitute, a whore, a goddamn whore! And I fucking paid for her. That's all it was – all that it would have been if I could have just seen her as what she took herself for. Deep in my heart, I didn't think of her as a whore. She was too beautiful, too kind, and too wondrous to ever be such a nasty thing. A prostitute – yes, but a whore – no and all the evidence to support my claim came from her own sweet mouth. She had gotten "personal". I was more than $700 and an easy lay to her. I was laughter, I was caring, I was feelings, I was listening – everything she had never had before. Everything that I didn't even know existed until she came along.

"Stop," I told her when we reached the end of the city square.

Surprisingly she listened; stopping several paces away from where I stood, she still refrained from turning to face me. I could see she had wrapped her arms around herself and it made me worry that she may get sick or something from being out here too long in that very tiny dress. If I hadn't been in such an urgent mood to say what I needed to say, I probably would have gotten hard just looking at her in that tastefully short dress. You have some serious issues, can't you see she's fucking freezing?! One voice shouted in my head as another commented on how I could warm her up…

"I paid the $700 which means I decide how this night goes," she shook slightly at my harsh tone but I did not even pause to dwell. "I already paid in full; you don't have to be here go wherever you please. I'm deciding to let you decide. You fucking choose." I was really angry and really hurt, but most of all really scared. I gave her two options – to stay or to go, and I was truly terrified that she would choose the latter.

At my words she had spun around to look at me, tears forming in her twinkling green eyes. They made my brain travel elsewhere to the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us the very thing that had annoyed me so much about The Great Gatsby. This Gatsby guy loves the unattainable and yet he still tries to attain it. Would that be me, forever trying to find love in those green eyes but knowing that it was never meant for me? Would I become that pathetic? Somehow I didn't care how pathetic I might grow because I had already decided that I'd do anything to win her love. Even if it meant letting her go back to that apartment she calls home with its pimp and whores and nightly visitors.

"Don't be ridiculous, I have to stay here, I can't just go back," she defended. Oh no, the only way you're staying with me is if you want to.

"You think that fucking asshole gives a shit what you do tonight? He got his, now you can get yours. You can go do whatever the fuck you want. You can be as personal as you want." I sneered. God I was really making it difficult to want to stay with me! But if she really did like me then she wouldn't be put off when I acted like a dick.

"I shouldn't," she breathed as I ceased to do so. It was over, she was leaving.

"But I want to," she whispered suddenly pulling me from my self-pity.

"You're gonna stay?" I asked trying to get the hope out of my voice. Way to be subtle there, Teddy!

She nodded. Nope, that's not good enough, baby!

"Tell me; tell me you wanna stay here with me." Demanding little prick aren't you, Teddy?

"I wanna stay with you. I'm going to stay with you," she clarified. That's my Vivienne!

"Why?" I had her reeled in this far, I wasn't about to let go of the line just yet!

"I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else," she mumbled, her eyes downcast.

I smiled widely and when she noticed this, she frowned.

"Teddy, you don't get it this isn't sup-" But I wasn't about to listen to that bullshit. I stalked over to her and collided my lips with hers, cutting her off.

She was so soft, so sweet, and so thought-stopping! Who am I? Where was I? It didn't seem to matter anymore, I didn't even exist! It was only her, she was my everything. She was kissing me back! I had feared she wouldn't…

It was her choice now, she could have pulled away but she didn't. She desired to kiss me as I desired to kiss her. I tried to spread the heat that had suddenly come over me by wrapping my arms around her. I pulled away instantly!

"You're a fucking ice sculpture! Come on we've gotta get you someplace warm. You hungry?" I wondered if my dad's psychotic nature was thrown into the gene pool because I sure did sound like him. It didn't even bother me at this point since I couldn't afford to be too careless when it came to Vivienne.

"Famished," she clutched her waist in exaggeration.

"I'll take you anywhere. What are you in the mood for?" I tried to think of all my mom's favorite restaurants, though we would have been in danger of running into one of my dad's fellow executives if we went to any of them, but I really didn't give a shit at this point.

"I know just the place! Come on, kiddo we don't wanna miss the bus!"She exclaimed, pulling me back down to central Seattle.

I groaned in exasperation, "I thought we already established that I'm not a bus kinda guy."

"How could I forget? Let me go grab the limo for you, Your Highness," she bowed her head, her voice thick with sarcasm. When I crooked my eyebrow in response she nudged me playfully with her arm and giggled. I could feel my eyes growing wider as I was graced with the most beautiful melody in the world.

Her attitude was just too infectious and I couldn't help but join in on the banter. I wrapped my large arms around her in a tight hold, her back to my front. She tried to struggle out of my hold, whining my name, her sweet ass occasionally bumped into my crotch area, waking my toy soldier up to salute.

"Are you trying to attack me, crazy woman?" I mocked as I tightened my grip which only made her laugh and thrash around more. "That's it! You're a serious hazard," and she was. Everyone who met her was in danger of falling in love with her, and I had already taken the plunge.

I spun her around quickly, making her dizzy I think, before I slung her over my right shoulder and continued to walk towards the bus stop. The pedestrians all stopped to look at us; I impulsively turned to make sure Vivienne's ass wasn't completely exposed. Bad idea, bad idea! My brain shouted as my cock grabbed his binoculars to enjoy the show. Thankfully she was covered, not that it made her any less scrumptious. Her squeals only made me more horny thinking about all the ways I could make her squeal. Yeah, you and your virgin sexpertise, my subconscious snickered.

When I finally came to the stop, nobody was there which suited me just fine. I didn't need anybody else trying to get a piece of what was now inches away from my face. Abruptly pulling me from my twisted train of thoughts were Vivienne's frigid hands gliding up my back under my sweater. I contorted my body several ways trying to escape her icy touch which jostled her along with me.

"Fuck, baby! Quit it!" I yelped as her hands reached higher, clearly enjoying my response. I prayed a silent prayer up to God that she wouldn't dwell on the pet name I called her when my brain wasn't working properly. When the fuck was it working when she was around?

"We need exact change for the bus, here." She removed her hands from my body (which both pleased and saddened me greatly) and pulled out two fives from her jacket.

"I'll pay you back," I promised feeling like such a scrub.

"Nonsense," she reached for my back again, her hands warmer this time. My body made them warm; it was my heat on her hands.

When this godforsaken bus finally appeared and I hopped on, I swore the bus driver thought we escaped from some mental institution. A few teens were riding tonight, probably coming home from the movies or something. All the juvenile punks were staring at my little beauty. I tensed automatically. I made a little show of how much she was mine when I slid her body provocatively down the front of mine and then crashed my lips with hers, wrestling with her expert tongue for only a short moment before we sat down. A few other riders were still jumping on board. Noticing Vivienne panting made my dick stir, it really was never this responsive to anything but then again, this girl was pretty exotic and it was probably just a little shocked.

"Nutcase," she whispered in my ear as she pulled gently on the lobe with her teeth. Fuck!

I shrugged in response, I obviously couldn't deny it. She made me fucking crazy, she'd make anyone crazy if they spent enough time with her. As if to back her statement, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and stroked her hair between my fingers, casually twisting a little piece into a tight curl before letting it fall back to a pin straight lock among the rest. I was right; it was like the finest silk. Like a baby's hair…

The vibrating in my back pocket woke me from my Vivienne-induced daze. Who the fuck was bothering me now? The caller ID read "Phoebe" and the picture of her from last Christmas sliding down the ski slopes flashed on the screen. Of course it would be her; she always knew when the worse times to bother me were.

"Whataya want you little parasite?" I answered with a huff.

Parasite she was indeed, she sucked the life out of everyone, especially her security guard, Brady. Poor man must be on the brink of a stroke by now. I liked Brady – the crazy Irishman. If there was a rainbow and he was driving the car we'd be speeding towards it to find the pot of gold. My mom absolutely adored him which, of course, made my dad keep him at arm's length.

Whoever was crazy enough to marry Phoebe would certainly gain my utmost respect, I sure as hell wouldn't want to live with her, especially "in sickness". She was the second worst patient to take care of, the first being my dad. Flu season, otherwise known as kill-yourself-to-spare-you-the-aggravation season, was marked by the chiming of two bells ringing constantly around the house from the King and Princess of Annoying. Yeah, Phoebe was the carbon copy of my dad. I at least had some of my mom's level head to balance out the crazy.

"Where are you? You left without security? Are you nuts?!" she whisper-shouted into the phone. I rolled my eyes, she wouldn't blow my cover I had enough dirt on her to fill a landmine.

"Who's that?" Vivienne asked her eyes wide with curiosity.

"Who's that?" Phoebe hissed through the phone.

"My sister," I mouthed to Vivienne. "My date," I informed Phoebe.

"You, you have a date? Since when do you have a date?" Phoebe really knew how to make a guy feel good about himself.

If Vivienne knew all the right things to say then Phoebe knew all the wrong. My heart started to beat a little quicker, maybe she would blow my cover and not even mean to do it!

"You better not say anything to Mom and Dad; they think I'm hardcore studying and wouldn't dream of disturbing me." I growled into the phone.

"Let me talk to her and I'll think about it." She really should go into politics; she's such a great negotiator, mainly because you never want to deny her. I rolled my eyes and shook my head from side to side, but eventually complied, handing a very surprised Vivienne the phone.

"Hello?" she asked in that sweet voice of hers.

"Vivienne," she stated then silence. "Seventeen…well yes I'm quite the cougar" she winked at me.

So she was only seventeen? Wow only a year older than me…and still illegal, especially for her line of work.

Vivienne's laugh pulled me from those disturbing thoughts, replacing them with rainbows and sunshine, yeah, mushy, I know.

"I've been trying to figure that out all night…Me, too! Okay I'll give you back to him, thanks Pheebs, I appreciate it." Vivienne handed the phone to a now very shocked me. Phoebe doesn't even let me call her "Pheebs" since that incident with the silly string two summers ago…

"Alright so she's clearly got some brain damage if she's going out with you. I won't say anything to Heckle and Jekyll, but if you get caught I had no idea. Comprendes?" she gets one "A" in Spanish and she suddenly thinks she's an expert.

"Yeah, yeah, just call me if they get suspicious. Goodbye, you little twit." I hung up before she could make anymore snarky remarks.

"You really are such a kind and loving sibling, Teddy." Vivienne shook her head.

"If you lived with her, you'd be annoyed, too, trust me." I thought back to when she would steal my toys when were just tiny tots and I would always get mad and threaten to tell Daddy, cause Daddy was a lot scarier than Mommy. Of course I was only trying to frighten her into giving me my toys back; I wasn't really the tattle-tale type. Phoebe would get so angry that she'd bite deep teeth marks into her arm and then make herself cry before running to Daddy saying that I was the one who bit her. I spent a lot of my childhood standing in the corner. Then one day Taylor showed my parents a security video of the real Phoebe, I don't think my dad ever apologized so much in his entire life than when he begged me for my forgiveness.

No matter how much of a pain she was, I still loved her. She was a little prissy bitch when she wanted to be, but that didn't mean she wouldn't fight my dad to allow her on a dirt bike. She used to roll around in the mud a lot when she was younger and laugh when she made little brown track marks on the white carpet. I taught her how to ride a "big girl" bike when she was six because I was tired of the kids making fun of her training wheels. I cried to my mom when the girls in her kindergarten class said they didn't want to play with her because they didn't like her clothes. The next day she came home with a note from the teacher saying that during play time she punched one of those bitches in the face, just like I taught her. Sometimes I even forgot she was a girl she was so much fun to be around.

It finally hit me that she was almost a woman about three years ago. My best friend, Austin, invited me to swim in his indoor pool every other weekend in the winter because it was too cold to go to the beach. Every once in a while we decided to ask Phoebe to join us because she was a really good swimmer and could play pool games like an Olympian. One day I knocked on her bedroom door, asking if she wanted to come along. She threw the door open, punched me in the gut, screamed that I was a jerk, and then slammed the door in my face. When I ran downstairs complaining to my mom that my sister was a total bitch, she told me about what had happened at school that Friday. Phoebe's strict Catholic school only let them wear their normal clothes on special occasions. That Friday happened to be such a day and Phoebe was so excited to wear her new white denim jeans that she had spent the entire night before bleaching them to perfection. Mom said she had to go pick Phoebe up at school and the new pants had to be thrown away – they were drenched in her blood. She had gotten her period. Mom said that she was so mortified that she cried the entire way home.

I just remember thinking that I would never take Phoebe to Austin's house again. I didn't want him to see her in a bathing suit. I didn't want any of my friends to look at her. She wasn't a little girl anymore. The inevitable would eventually happen – she would meet a boy, one she liked enough to kiss. Only kissing wouldn't be good enough, so she'd let him feel her up while she felt him down. She would've liked the way it felt so they would put their mouths where their hands had been. Until the day would come that she would have sex and she would like a lot, and she would do it again. Maybe she'd only do it with that boy or she'd find another one, and maybe another after him, and so on and so forth.

It killed me; it just fucking killed me to think about it because if a guy could fuck her then a guy could leave her. If he could leave her, then he could hurt her. I ran into my dad's office because I felt that only he would truly get what I was feeling. That was one of the few times I ever told my dad my deepest, most personal thoughts. I remember looking up at him when I finished my rant and thinking that he looked like he was about to cry. He closed his eyes and whispered,

"Get used to feeling worried, Teddy, because it never goes away…"

"Earth to Teddy! We're here, kiddo let's go!" Vivienne exclaimed as she grabbed my hand and towed me off that sticking bus.

"Here where?" I threw her words back at her. I loved doing that!

"The most delicious eating establishment Seattle has to offer," she grinned as she gestured to a neon-lighted restaurant with the name "Doo-Wop Diner" written in pink fluorescent lights.

"It looks like a fifties-themed diner." I said skeptically.

"Hey this place comes complete with a jukebox and waitresses in poodle skirts and roller skates!" she exclaimed as if this made all the world of a difference.

I decided to not be such a shit since this place really seemed to make her giddy. I would appreciate anything that made her happy. Besides she knew I could afford the best of the best and she didn't want that. Isn't that what I had always dreamed of, a girl who didn't give a shit about the finery I could offer? The place was alive with teenagers laughing, music playing, and a few cute old couples chatting. It smelled like good old-fashioned fried food. It was the kind of place my dad would have his own health inspector check out, the very thought made me warm up to this joint even more. A brunette chick with little streaks of blonde in her hair smiled warmly at Vivienne.

"I haven't seen you around here since we changed from black to pink skirts." The hostess giggled.

"Well a lot has changed in two weeks," Vivienne quipped. Her arm weaving through mine as she asked for her usual table. A fleeting jealous thought crossed my mind, how many other guys had she brought here? Was this place her "usual" pre-fuck stop? Get a grip, you irrational asshole.

"I'm guessing you want your usual, too?" our hostess said with a smile.

"We both will," Vivienne giggled when she saw my shocked expression. "You're a Doo-Wop virgin so we have to make sure you get the full experience," she winked.

Well she's not totally off now is she? My subconscious laughed while my dick sprung up, fully alert. If she was included in the "full experience" package, then I would certainly not be leaving here a virgin…

"You're the expert," I shrugged, my dick still throbbing from my wayward thoughts.

The hostess left after taking us to our small booth to sit. My heart clenched with the idea of having to let go of my hold on her, but I quickly shook away that thought. Vivienne removed her jacket finally allowing me to inspect her upper half without the extra layer of fabric to obstruct my view. I was not disappointed. She had perky, little breasts that just stared right out at you. Through the dress I could see the outline of her bra which made my brain picture her, first, in only the lacy material and then, second, in nothing at all. The outfit didn't hug at her curves like it was meant to, probably because she was so thin. She probably had not eaten a decent meal in a long while and it would do her body good to gain some ten pounds. She wasn't taking care of herself properly, it bothered me so because she deserved to be taken care of. If there was one thing that I was certain of it was that she was a good person, even if she hadn't made some good choices. Maybe she needed somebody to help her realize just how amazing she was. Maybe I could be that somebody. I sure as hell wanted to be.

"Do I have something on my face?" she asked as she fidgeted in her seat. She was obviously uncomfortable. Way to go, jerk-off!

"No. Why?"

"You're staring at me…" she mumbled as she tried to look anywhere but at me.

"I find you extremely captivating," she seemed completely shocked but I wasn't finished yet, she needed to hear it all. "The way you look, the way you sound – I could listen to your voice all day – the things you say, it all just fascinates me. I know what makes a girl pretty, but I didn't know there was so much more than looks when it came to beauty - until I met you."

I gave her a few seconds to process all that I had just revealed. When she finally looked up at me she smiled her heart-stopping smile. She grabbed my hand and laced her fingers through mine, the soft touches made breathing impossible. We were in our own little world for those precious minutes; I couldn't bear to think of when I would have to let her go.

The waiters came and ripped us from our intimate moment, setting about our large plates of – what the Hell did she order? A huge burger coated in grease and melted cheese sat in the middle of a sea of french-fries and onion rings.

"I call it the Blood-Clotting Platter," she smirked. She released my hand from her clasp and began to dig in. The sadness I felt at her release only lasted for an instant before it was replaced with utter joy.

I don't understand why girls are so afraid to eat anything that doesn't have zero fat, calories, or sugars in front of guys. When Vivienne feasted it made her all the more adorable. Occasionally she would bite into her burger and hum in appreciation as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. I wanted to make her behave like that! Maybe I could…in your dreams.

I was surprised by how amazing the cheap food actually was. It was better than five-star lobster, when I told Vivienne that she laughed and shook her head. Everything about what we were doing felt so normal. Nothing in my life was ever normal. How could it be when you were backed by more money than the Fort Knox Depository? Hell, how could it be normal with Christian-control-freak-Grey as your father? It couldn't be, it wasn't, and it never would be. No matter how amazing she was, Vivienne wasn't normal, either. Our situation was definitely not normal! Perhaps normalcy was overrated because if I had to trade in Vivienne for the chance at a normal life, I wouldn't. If I had to trade in my mom, or Phoebe, or – fuck me – even my dad, I wouldn't. Fuck being normal, I just wanted to be happy. Vivienne made me happy, happier than I had ever been. Strange how she could make me feel all these emotions and we hardly knew each other, I wanted to know her – everything about her.

"Tell me a secret, something no one else knows." I demanded in a whisper. My question dragged her into the crevices of her brain as she thoughtlessly swirled a fry in the dollop of ketchup. She was so gorgeous, so mouthwateringly gorgeous, when she was contemplating something. Hell, she was gorgeous all the time! But even more so when I could see the wheels turning and I wondered what on Earth she could be thinking.

"When I was little I used to sleep with my bedroom window open because I wanted Peter Pan to fly in there. It would always be opened, when it snowed or rained or was unbearably hot. I'd get so upset when I'd stay at my grandparents' house because I was afraid he wouldn't be able to find me. When I was nine I realized he was just a character in a story and I cried because he'd never take me to Neverland," she looked around us and then lowered her voice to a soft whisper. "I'm still waiting for him to come and take me away from all this shit."

Take me away…

It all became so clear to me that she hated what she did. Though I didn't know why she felt she had to do it, I knew she'd do anything to get out of this fucking city. I could take her away from it all. I could make her happy, as happy as she made me. At the end of our night I wouldn't return her to that fucking pimp, she would never see that place again, of that I would be certain. I would lock her in my closet for the rest of her fucking life if it kept her out of his greedy clutches.

"Are you really only seventeen?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, but please, please, don't say anything. Someone saw me and they must've called the police or something 'cause they raided the entire apartment looking for me. I wasn't there, though. This is the first…umm…night I've spent with anyone in about a week." She told me a lot more than I expected her to, it made me feel like she really did trust me. The words she had spoken still angered me, she's underage for fuck sakes and that piece of shit is selling her out to strange men to do God knows what -

"You make me feel seventeen. It's very refreshing," she smiled and reached for my hand once more. Every angry thought disappeared; she always made me feel so light and airy. Her touch was like being on cloud nine.

"I was thinking about something – something I'd like to do tonight. If, of course, you're up to it…" she looked nervous all of a sudden. The feeling that swept through me was like watching a kitten being frightened by a large dog.

"Anything, we can do anything you want," I breathed.

"That dance, the ones your friends were talking about, well why don't we go?" she looked so embarrassed. I chuckled softly, all that worry over nothing, baby.

"You wanna go to some lame high school dance?" I scoffed.

"I wanna go to some lame high school dance with you," she clarified. That was all I fucking needed! My heart couldn't take the onslaught of warm fuzzies that she had created.

Yes, I would take her to the dance and I would get her to trust me completely. And then, I would take her away from all the pain in her life. I'd take her to the edge of the world if that's what it took to make her safe and loved, because she most certainly was loved. I would just have to work on the safe.

Wait…wait...hold on there, Teddy! Did you just hint that you love her?

Yeah, yeah I guess I did…because I do.