Our Special Guest Reviewer: Sparkvine! The creator of the "Dragon Games" has given me constructive criticism! Yay! (I recommend reading (her?his?) book if you like mine.)

I blink my eyes as I wake up from a deep sleep. It feels like a normal day until I remember the terrifying events from yesterday. It sends a wave of fear over my small body, and I start to tremble. I breathe a bit to calm down and recalculate what happened yesterday.

"Daddy, can we go to the springs today?" I asked him. "You've been alive for six months, so I guess so." My dad replied, and I was excited to go. There were animals and other dragons there, and it was different from our damp and dark cave. I headed off with my mom and dad, and we walked through the tall grass. After a trip that seemed much like an hour, there was a clearing. A plateau loomed over a pool of water, heated from the magma inside the earth's core. My parents once told me a tale that fire dragons were created from it.

At the springs, there were many dragons. A fog dragon was floating above the spring, absorbing the warm air. A swamp dragon was playing with a seaweed dragon as they played a game of chase. A leaf and a water dragon were intently watching their kids so that they wouldn't get into any danger. An earth dragon was basking in the warm sunlight. I was always amiable so I went to chatter with some of the other dragons. I first went to the earth dragon. "Hey! You're an earth dragon, right?" I said to him, and he stared at me awkwardly. "What are you? I've never seen a creature quite like you before." he said.

I was explaining my type to him when footsteps from a wizard were heard. A human with a long shaggy white beard and a blue robe entered the area. My parents told me to run back to the cave, and I didn't need to hear it twice. I ran as fast as my small legs would carry me. I reached the shelter, and tried to see my parents. I saw a large metal "house" with interlocking black poles. My mom and dad were shoved into one of the weird objects along with the others. I didn't know what was going on until I remembered a quote from my dad: "We are rare, and people want us. Those people usually aren't the kindest, so I'd stay away from them. You don't usually find an albino dragon quite that often," I remember from the back of my head. I fell asleep hoping I could keep my mind off of it.

You could probably say I'm not in the best situation. Stripped from my parent, left to fend for my own. I can either search for them, seek shelter from another, or live solitary. I walk in the tall grass near the cave to try and hunt for mice. "You're too young to breathe fire, so pounce on your prey and bite it in the neck," my mom would always tell me. I sit and listen for any movement or vibrations on the soil. After I feel small footsteps a few inches down a hole, I reach my claws down it. I feel a ball of soft fur and I swipe a brown mouse out of its hole. I give a quick bite to the neck, just like my parents told me. Maybe living alone won't be so hard after all.