Chachi96 Thanks for the first review, I forgot to upload this chapter xD. Sorry for the short chapter, I'll make this one longer. The dragon is plain white, just as any other albino animal.

I swear, the wizards are out to get me. I've seen three of them in the past week, and I am almost dying of hunger. I haven't been able to hunt for a few days. All I can do is sit in my cave hungrily and hope for some mice to come up to me and ask,"Can you eat me? Please?", but I doubt that will happen. I have to do something, but the humans could capture me at any moment. I finally muster up all of my courage to climb out of my cave, and what I see is magnificent yet scary.

A huge landmass has formed in the sky, and the bottom of it has a large spike of thick rock. If it were to fall, it would easily pierce through my body. It casts a large shadow over the area, and the grass under it is dying. I wonder if that's where they took Mommy and Daddy. The memory brings a small tear, just a droplet, to my eye. I use my arm to wipe it off. "There it is! This'll make us rich!" I hear a line of gibberish, I don't know human. The only word that shoots through my head is "RUN".

I use my rear legs to hop like a frog, towards the general direction of the cave. I sprint forward as fast as I can, pushing through the tall grass. The thump of my feet is the only thing I hear, and the treacherous humans seem to be nearing me. I see the large creatures change direction and give up, and I lie flat on the ground, letting the grass surround me. I pant heavily, regaining my strength slowly. I can't take any more chances, or I'll surely be captured and abused by those wizards.

The only way I've eaten food and stayed alive is by chomping on grass. It has a coarse texture and a very bland taste, but it's the best I can get without being held in captivity. The only thing I do to pass the time is try to breathe fire. I've managed to get a small ember before, but I'm far from burning someone. I need to do something, but I don't want to take any risks. My mind is buzzing and I'm really confused, and it's hard to think straight. So much action has been caused these days, and I have no one to guide me. I regretfully decide walk outside and try to catch a mouse, which might be risky. If I don't take risks though, I might not survive.

I glance anxiously to my left as I reach my leg forward. I swiftfully jerk my head the other direction, as I start to trot forward. I roll into the grass, so I will be harder to see. I am white though, which makes me easy to see at the same time. Just as I remember, I stay quiet and try to pick up the movements of the mice. Pitter, pitter, I hear from under the ground a bit to my right. A see a small hole under a tree, and I slowly creep over there. A see a blur of brown fur sprint away from me, and I jump over to block its path. It swerves to the side, and I pounce sideways on it. "What the-" I hear gibberish from a human, and I quickly push off my back legs.

The tall creature is chasing me, and quickly gaining. I follow the path back to my shelter. I turn and see the evil face of another "monster" glaring down at me. I run through the open space between its legs and I sprint past my cave. It's too late to turn back, so I turn around the large rock my hole is located in. The man stops and starts panting, but I keep my pace. I'm not taking any chances. I run straight without faltering for a few minutes, then I stop to rest under a large tree. There's no water in sight, so I just chew on the tall grass for moisture. I pant a bit then curl up in a ball. The exciting chase left me exhilarated, so I decide to rest for a few minutes. I enjoy the shade and the warmth of my body.

Thump, Thump! I jolt awake and turn to see too burly men with large "things". I have never seen anything like them, but they have a slim black body that extends half a foot long, and a handle just big enough to fit the human's hands. One of them moves their index finger back, and a tube-like projectile is shot straight at me. I roll out of the way, only to be hit with a tube. I experience almost no pain, and I start to run. My feet start to move clumsily until I trip over a small rock. My eyes are forced shut as a deadly sleep falls upon me.