Melvin was running through the halls one day at school. Time? 2:33. Late. He was late to his last period class, which was, of course, Math. God, how he hated that class so much. He would've just killed the teacher the first day if it wasn't for his friends. Huh. Friends. Marik, Ryou, Bakura and Akefia counted as friends, right? Maybe best friends. Just as he got to the door, he decided to skip all together. Running out the door to the nearest tree, he climbed up there and took a brief nap.


Bakura was looking back and forth from Ryou to Akefia, asking them (with his eyes, duh!) if they had seen Melvin. They shook their heads. Then he took a piece of paper and wrote a note, sending it backwards onto Marik's desk. He tossed it back as soon as he got it with a reply of 'No.' Bakura was going to kick Melvin's ass as soon as the bell rung. When class was over, he went out to the lawn and went to the nearest tree. Looking up, he saw who he was looking for. He bent down, picked up a rock, and threw it at him. Melvin woke up with shock, and then proceeded to scoot left until he fell out of the tree and onto his back, knocking the breath out of him. Akefia, Ryou and Marik ran over to the scene as soon as they saw Melvin fall.

"What was that for?" Melvin screeched as soon as he got his breath back.

"Kekeke…that's what you get for skipping." Bakura and Melvin were having a stare-down until Akefia broke it.

"Ok. Let's get something to eat, guys. I'm hungry." Akefia was pulling Bakura away from Melvin, as were Ryou and Marik doing the same with Melvin. They headed to McDonalds and ordered Big Macs. They ate until they were full, then they headed home. Marik/Melvin went their own way, and

Ryou/Akefia/Bakura went another way.


Akefia sat next to Bakura, propping his feet up on the table while watching TV. He glanced at his watch. 7:55. Ryou was in the kitchen making stew for dinner. Bakura fell asleep and Akefia was going to make him wake up. Scooting closer, he sat on Bakura's lap and pushed his lips against Bakura's. Bakura's eyes snap open, and then kissed Akefia back, wrapping his arms around his waist. Ryou came into the room to announce that dinner was done, and gasped.

"Come join us, Ryou!" Bakura said. Ryou walked nervously over to them and sat down. Akefia looked at him, and then kissed him with tongue.

"Oh, I don't get any of that?" Bakura huffed.

"Well, there are three of us, and if we are going to have a three-some, then I suggest we do this upstairs." Akefia suggested. Ryou shrugged. And Bakura nodded. They headed upstairs for some fun time. And their dinner was long forgotten.


"Yo, Melvin. Where the hell are you?" Marik yelled. He was looking all around the house and couldn't find Melvin anywhere. He was starting to get pissed off. Suddenly, Melvin appeared behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist, nibbling on his ear.

"Where were you? I was…ngh…looking for you." He moaned when Melvin licked his neck. Melvin stopped abruptly.

"What was that for?" Marik asks, crossing his arms.

"I wanted a hug." Melvin said innocently.

"So you molested me to do it?"

"You wouldn't have let me do it without me doing that…"

"Mmmmmmnnnn…true…true…" Marik scratched his chin.

"Do you want to go to Ryou's house?" Melvin asked.

"And why would I want to do that?"

"So I could give them hugs before I go to bed!" He smiled, and Marik couldn't say no.
"Fine, let's go." They walk out the door and down to Ryou's.


"Wow that…was awesome…" Akefia panted. He looked over at the other two. Ryou was fast asleep, and Bakura was staring at the ceiling. It was silent until they heard a knock on the door. Akefia got up, put some pants on and went to the door.

"Yo, can we come in?" Melvin asked. Akefia nodded and they all went upstairs. Bakura barely got him and Ryou covered before the others came in.

"What are they here for?" Bakura grumbled.

"I wanted to give you all hugs before I went to bed!" Melvin went and gave Ryou a small squeeze then gave Akefia a big hug. He looked at Bakura and headed toward him, stopping when Bakura yelled,

"WH-Why?" Melvin looked hurt.

"Because your weird and I don't know what you're going to do." Bakura crossed his arms and looked away. A tear in his eye, Melvin slid onto the floor, not moving. Marik looked scared.

"Please hug him, Bakura! Whenever he doesn't get a hug he's always like this. Please, just one small hug?"

"Why should I?" Bakura looked pissed off.

"Look, I'll wake Ryou, and me, him, and Akefia will leave, ok?" Bakura let out a big sigh.

"Fine, but don't wake Ryou. He's grumpy when he gets woken up. Just carry him." Akefia went and gathered Ryou in his arms and left with Marik following him. The door closed, and Bakura got up, put on some shorts, and went over to Melvin. He sat in front of Melvin and realized that Marik was right. He wasn't even breathing. Slowly but surely, he put his arms around his neck and softly hugged him. He then felt Melvin move his hands around his waist, stroking his sides.

"Oi, you ok?" Bakura whispered, moving into a sitting position on Melvin's lap. He nodded, and Bakura smiled.

"Bakura?" Melvin silently asked.


"Do you…Do you love me?"