"Do you…maybe…Do you love me?" Melvin asked in his silent whisper.

"Love you?!" Bakura's eyes widen.

"Yes…" Melvin felt like he was going to be rejected any moment.

"Yes, I do silly. Didn't you know that?" Bakura laughed, stroking his hair. Melvin looked at him and then leaned forward. Their lips touch and after a while of doing that it starts to get out of hand.


"Do you know what they're doing?" Akefia asked.

"I do want to go to bed. And if I think of what they might be doing, then I'm sleeping down here." Marik shrugged. To answer Akefia's question, a loud thud was heard from upstairs.

"There's your answer." Marik said, looking at Ryou. God, he was even prettier while sleeping. And with only a blanket to cover him, because he had no clothes on.

"I should go get Melvin. It's time for us to go home." Marik went upstairs and opened the door, only to find Melvin in some weird position with Bakura on top.

"What the shit? Melvin, it's time to go home." He dragged Melvin off the bed and made him change.
"Well, we're leaving! Bye!" With a wave, they left.

"Now can I go to bed?" Akefia asked, picking up Ryou, who stirred and raped his arm across his neck.
"I guess so." Bakura walked back upstairs.

"How can Ryou sleep through all this?" Akefia wondered aloud.

"He takes after me, I guess." Bakura chuckled, snuggling closer to Akefia and the same with him and Ryou. Soon they were both asleep.


"Gosh, what a pain…" Melvin said, rubbing his back.

"Hey, you wouldn't get off the bed so I had too!" Marik huffed, crossing his arms.

"Not you…Bakura. He practically threw me onto the bed!" Melvin cursed. Marik shrugged and hugged his arms for warmth. Melvin noticed this and wrapped his arms around him. Soon enough, they were at their house. When they got inside, they went to the couch and covered themselves in blankets. Soon after, Marik fell asleep in Melvin's arms. He smiled.


When Ryou woke, light blinded him. He looked around and saw Bakura sleeping next to him. But where was Akefia? He got changed and went downstairs. As soon as he walked into the kitchen, a plate of food was shoved in his face. He fell on his butt.

"Why'd you do that?" Ryou asked tiredly, rubbing his eyes.

"I want you to try it! It's my first dish!" Akefia announced proudly.

"Ok…." Ryou sat on a chair and ate some of it. Akefia watched, looking at Ryou's face. Suddenly, Ryou's face turned bright and jumped up.

"It's really good!" He exclaimed, hugging Akefia tightly.

"Yay!" He hugged him back, both not noticing Bakura standing there.

"I don't get any of that?" Bakura asked numbly, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh! Kura, try some of this! Kefia made this!" Ryou handed him the plate.

"Why should I, Ry?" He ate some anyways.

"This is…good! Tasty. Have you anymore?" A lot more was piled onto the plate.

"I guess that's his breakfast." Ryou said.

"Oi today is Saturday. What do you want to do today?" Akefia asked.

"Hang out wif Mafik and Malir." Bakura said, stumbling over the words because he had food in his mouth.

"We should go to a theme park! Roller coasters sound fun!" Ryou exclaimed, hopping up and down.

"That sounds like fun! Imma call them now!" Akefia walks off to find the phone, leaving a stuffed Bakura and a hyper Ryou together alone.
"I hope you're that enthusiastic about other things." Mumbled Bakura, looking at the floor.
"What was that, Kura?" Ryou asked.

"Mmn? Oh nothing." Akefia came back.

"They said yes! They are meeting us at the park, so let's go!" They head off to the park, stopping once or twice to look at things in store windows. Soon enough, they see the Egyptians in the distance, waving. They caught up with them and Marik said,
"Alright! Let's go to the theme park!"