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Falling into reality

This. Is. Not. Happening. !

Those words repeated in my head like a kid raping the repeat button on a
really good YouTube video. No this is nothing compared to good. I need help...
'no really.. I thought I was having a blast get help idiot' My conscience shot at
me .
"Help, someone-" I shrieked but got cut off by him stomping on my ankle
"Ahhwwch-" tears flowing down my cheek my voice crumbling.

"SHUT UP." An evil smile bled onto my attackers face making me shake with fear.
"The next word that comes out of your mouth you'll regret."
The disgusting stench of his breath mixed with alcohol made me light-headed. He
took out a knife for my reaction and I just froze in fear, another tear
dripping off my face. 'You idiot you know karate' shut up conscience I haven't
done it in forever.

He pulled me closer while being stupid I started squirming. He took his knife
and cut my palm. Tears dampening my face and I held back a scream.
"I'm sorry does this hurt, if you stop I wont cut you."
He pulled me closer stroking my cheek..this pervert..creeper..
He jerked me and held on tighter so there is no space left and moved all my
blonde hair to the side, now kissing my hand stroking my arm and the
other tugging on my shirt slowly putting his cold hand on my stomach. Seeing
headlights behind him getting closer...closer...closer I squirmed and pulled
back. The mystery man drawn his knife cutting me deeper in the palm and then
we've gotten separated. Falling onto the dirt road dust and gravel everywhere
hearing muffled shouts the streetlights turned black. While feeling pain over
and over as a punishment I'm now slipping into nothing-ness.

I feel light shaking but my eyes ignore my request to wake up. Am I dead? 'No
you idiot' Fear took over me as I realize who am I with. My eyes snap open and I
sit up,my hand shooting pain up my arm. "Don't hurt me!" I scream 'real smooth'

"No, shh I wont hurt you... Um we..-my mom and I were coming back from dinner
and seen you were in trouble. You passed out and are you okay?"
Trying to calm down I looked at the guy in front of me. I studied his features.
Shaggy brown hair, amazing dark brown eyes, he looks my age and nervous.
'he's cute.' Stop it.
I tried sitting up more but my arm gave out from the pain.I'm waiting for a fall
but all I feel is his warm strong arms wrap around me and pull me up. He smiled
"Sorry your wrist its...stitched so is your palm my ma said not to put pressure
on it"
"Thanks... I'm K-"
"Kim Crawford I-a checked your I.D.." He said while blushing."I'm Jack..Jack
Brewer." I smiled "umm..sorry." He said while letting go gently.
"My ma will be back soon she went to the store."
This is a good way I like talking to him'.you liiike him' my
conscience roared. "If you want I'll leave ya alone.." No no no no. Jack sat up
and before I knew it I grabbed his hand with my good one "No..please I like your
company." Slight tingles ran through me and I ignored it. He chuckled and
pulled me up to my feet. My eyes traveled down to the ground. "MY F-Foot I-IS IT
BROKEN?" I stuttered in complete shock. My foot was in a cast and I barley noticed
I was in boy pajamas.
"Yea that sick creep done some twisted things to you mind if I ask what
happened?" I was pulled out of shock he was full of concern,well why not tell
"I just moved here from Tennessee my dad died in a crash so my mom didn't want to
stay in our old house. We finally came to Seaford and my mom and I got into a
******** flashback*********
Kim+Clover Crawford in car.

Kim: mom you haven't said anything in three whole hours is something wrong?

Clover's facial expression didn't change still blank and blunt not even daring
taking her eyes off the road.

Kim: Did I do something wrong...

Kim starred at her mother for a reaction...nothing. Clover's phone blasted out
{ moon and the stars shine in the sky, nothing like the smile you always
returned, breathed your sole loved your heart we'll never be apart} she pulled
the car over to a stop and let a tear roll down her cheek not letting the
ring tone finish.

"Hello...yes this is she...
(Tears started streaming down her face.) My daughter... No it can't its
true..." The call ended leaving me confused wishing I heard the other end.

Kim: mom?

Clover: I should have known.. I mean yea you always loved him more.

Kim: What's going on, what are you talking about?

Clover: Police just called, your father was planning on leaving me but I guess
you already knew that his last text he ever gotten was from you 'don't worry I
will always love you' you wanted to leave with him!

Kim: how could I possibly know that and by the way I didn't ! And how could you
think I could live without you.

Clover: don't give me that bull

Kim: mom don't you dare finish,you don't believe me your daughter? Your just going
to pretend like I don't matter.

Clover: maybe you didn't maybe you did but when I said last text he ever got...yea
he was reading your texts while driving let that soak in.

Clovers sadness changed into anger. She thought the married couple were in love
well love doesn't exist to her anymore. Why have a daughter who killed her
husband and ruined their relationship by giving her all the time and attention
instead of him?

Clover: hurts doesn't it... I nor you need love and I don't need you. Next exit
you will get out of my car.

Kim looked at her in disbelief but did as she was told. Sun was setting and she
got dropped of at a gas station when a drunk grabbed her by the waist and took
her down a dirt road.
******End flashback********
I told jack every single detail not caring that I just met him. I felt safe with
him and I could trust him. I let the tears out on his white tee-shirt as he held
me tight.
"That's terrible and it's not your fault..." He whispered as he ran his fingers
through my hair soothingly. Once he did that I slowly stopped crying and smiled.

"Thanks jack." I whispered into his neck.
Maybe I do like he's just a friend.