Ana's POV

The early light of dawn crept through my bedroom windows, my eyes opening slowly to the assault. I felt like I hadn't slept in days and my side was killing me to breathe. I struggled out of bed, realizing I was in my bra and panties I had worn the night before. Details of the night before were a bit fuzzy, that was for sure. I stripped out of my underwear, glancing at the other side of my bed, seeing it still made the way I had left it the morning before. That would explain why I woke up alone, but wouldn't explain why I was still partially dressed. I shook my head, tossing the underwear in the hamper I passed walking into the bathroom to take a shower.

The hot water stings my side; I call out in pain, bracing myself against the shower wall. Memories of last night flood through my mind, the fight at McGinty's, the Russian stabbing me in my vest, the Irishman named Murphy making sure I got home, and helping me into bed. I remembered his kiss on my lips, his voice soft bidding me farewell in Gaelic before I heard the door close behind him. I wash up quickly, thinking I would head over to McGinty's after work today. It would be by chance if I ran into Murphy again, but I wanted to see him, to thank him for last night.

Today I was slated to volunteer my time at the Catholic hospital ER in South Boston. This was the hospital people went to who really couldn't afford to pay a bill, but still needed medical care. Which would be why I volunteered there, I have a certain quota of volunteer hours I have to meet to keep my licensure every year. Twelve hours today and I would be done with my quota.

Three hours into my shift, the nurse hands me a file for room 10. I hadn't even opened it yet to read it for triage, I figured I would just walk in there, do my job and document it after. I look up from opening the door and see Connor and Murphy sitting there on the gurney. Connor had blood dripping from both wrists, as Murphy applied pressure. The look on my face must have been classic, as Murphy's eyes softened at the sight of me.

Connor spoke first "Ana! Never thought in all me days I'd be seein' you again!" I tossed the file onto the cabinet, rushing over to grab supplies as I donned a pair of gloves. "Jesus Connor, what happened? Murphy are you alright?" I took Connor's wrists in my hands, dabbing them with iodine and gauze. "Aye Ana, I'm alright. It's Conn here that needs your help. The Russians from last night came and tried to beat on us. Conn here gave 'em an ass whippin' they won't forget." I cleaned and wrapped Connor's wrists carefully, suturing where I needed to. "Be mindful of those Connor, don't rip them out. If you do, come see me at home, I'll put them back in." Connor nodded as I covered the sutures with fresh gauze before I cleaned and covered the wound on his knee.

The door opened and my Uncle stepped through, "Hello A-a- Ana. Hello Boys."

"Thanks for coming Doc." Murphy mumbled to my uncle. "Jesus Christ! What the fuck happened? Are-Are you b-b-boys alright?" Connor nodded, "We're alright thanks to Ana here." "An FBI agent came by the bar and he left me his c-c-ca, he left me his c-c-, oh he fuckin' gave me this. Fuck Ass! What are you gonna do?"

I glanced over at Connor as I threw dirty supplies away in the bin, and bagged up the instruments for sterilization. "We oughta turn ourselves in; tell him it was self defense." Doc nodded his head "Yeah yeah yeah that's what he said." Murphy spoke up looking around at the faces in the room, "How the fuck's he know that? We haven't spoken to anyone?" I leaned against the cabinet, documenting in the chart, as my uncle began to stutter "D-D-Don't know. He d-d-didn't say." "Listen Doc we need ya to do us a favor." "A-A-Anything." "Just hold onto this for us, we're gonna come back for it when we get out." Connor handed over a lime green shopping bag that looked rather full. Murphy tapped Doc on the shoulder, "Right. Fuck! Ass!" with his usual curse my uncle disappeared out of the hospital with a lime green shopping bag in his hand. I wrote the address to my house on a slip of paper, holding it in my hand.

Connor stood up testing his weight on his wounded knee, "Thank ye Ana. I'm forever in your debt." He placed a brotherly kiss on my forehead, as he walked towards the exam room door. Murphy sided up to me, taking my face in his hands as he had done last night. "Go raibh maith agat as aire a thabhairt dom agus mo dheartháir. I \ mbainfidh buíoch gach lá dom."(1) Tears misted my eyes as I nodded. "I'll see you soon I promise. Be safe Ana." Murphy kissed me tenderly, his fingers playing with the pony tail of my hair.

"Jesus Christ Murph, let the lass get back to work before her knees give out ye bastard!" Connor chided Murphy from the door, as my arms came around Murphy's neck, pulling him into a hug."Fuck ye Conn, I'm thankin' her properly for takin' care o' us." Murphy grinned flipping his brother the finger. "I'll find you at McGinty's tonight." I breathed against Murphy's lips as he nodded, "It's a date love." I handed Murphy the slip of paper with my address on it, which he tucked away into the pocket of his ratty gray robe.

I watched Connor and Murphy stumble out of the emergency room, finding myself hoping that I would see them tonight at the bar. If not, the first place I would be checking would be the police department.

I couldn't get Murphy out of my head, nor could I get the odd wounds on Connor's wrists out of my mind. What had the Russians done to the boys? Furthermore what had the boys done to the Russians? After what I'd seen at the bar last night anything was possible. I wasn't afraid of the boys that was certain, I felt safe when they were around, safer than I had felt in a long time.

I grabbed some drive through dinner and headed over to McGinty's to eat my dinner with a beer. I stepped into the bar, finding it empty save Doc and I. I parked my ass in a stool at the bar as my uncle pulled me a pint. "It's good to see you Ana. How was work?" I smiled at my elderly uncle, "It was good. Still holding onto that bag for the boys?" "O'course I am. I a-a-always keep me word." "Good. I thought the wounds Connor had were odd. I wonder what the Russians did to them? I'm glad they're okay though." I took a bite of my burger as Doc smiled at me, "I seen the way Murphy looks at you. Even the way Connor looks at you, it's obvious something's g-g-going on. Ana dear, you deserve to be happy. Those boys, w-w-whichever you choose, will make you happy. Fuck Ass!"

I chuckle as I finish my burger, digging into the fries. "You know Doc, you have a point. I like the boys well enough, Connor is a sweetheart alright. But Murphy made sure I got home alright last night. The way Murphy acts around me, it's something else. He treats me like we have this old fashioned love, like we have known each other our entire lives. Even last night I was completely comfortable with the way they interacted with me. Even today at the hospital they treated me with respect and care. I was hoping they would be here tonight. But it looks like it's just you and me for now." "Well that's a-a-alright with me if ya go courtin' Murphy. You'd probably have your folks blessing as well, datin' a fine Irish lad like that." Doc smiled at me as I came around the bar to help him serve drinks, suddenly people started showing up. I gave him a quick hug, "Thanks Uncle it means a lot to me to hear you say that."

Time flew past me as I filled drinks, waited tables and gathered up tips. Whenever I came to work at McGinty's I only worked for the tips I made. I refused to let my uncle pay me for working. I helped Doc close down the bar at 1130, as he was finishing up cleaning the bar I put $200 of my tips into the cash drawer. Doc could use it more than I could, and he would never know it came from me. I bid him farewell and walked out to my jeep, a bit saddened that the MacManus brothers didn't show up.

I pulled up outside my house, seeing a dark haired figure sitting under my porch light. I shut off the jeep and lock the doors as usual, slowly walking up to the porch. When I'm about six feet off the porch down the walk, the figure stands up and I get a clear look at his face. Murphy nearly skips over to me, taking my face in his hands, scorching my lips with his own. My mind reeled as my fingers grasped into his pea coat, my breath stolen from me. I felt my knees going weak as I fought for breath. Murphy broke the kiss, resting his forehead against mine.

"I'm sorry for not makin' it to the pub love. The press is following Connor and me around like super heroes. We're staying at the police station tonight. I snuck out 'cause I wanted to see ye. I had to see ye." His blue eyes burned as he looked at me, holding my gaze with his own. "I'm not mad at you Murphy. I'm glad you're here. Do you want to come inside?" Murphy kissed me chastely on the forehead. "Mmmh, I'd like that love."

Murphy follows me into the house, taking his boots off at the door as I slip out of my own. I walk back to my bedroom, stripping out of my uniform and into shorts and a soft tee-shirt, before returning to the living room. Murphy sat on my sofa, thumbing through a photo album of mine from the trip to London I had taken with my friends the year before I left Ireland.

Murphy follows me into the kitchen, pulling out a stool at the bar. I watch him unload his pockets, a lighter, a pack of smokes, some loose cash, and the slip of paper with my address on it. "Are you hungry Murphy? I've got some leftovers if you are." Murphy's eyes followed me to the fridge, "Aye Ana, I could eat a bit." I warmed up a plate of stew, cutting off some bread before setting it in front of him. "Thank ye Ana. It's been awhile since I ate a home cooked meal." I smile, setting a can of Guinness in front of him as I sit down beside him. "It's not a romantic dinner at fancy restaurant, but it's something to eat nonetheless."

"Ana, love, I'm not a man for fancy dinners out. I prefer a meal cooked at home. It's more intimate and means so much more. Thank ye." We chit chat over dinner, I find out that Murphy is fluent in over five languages, and I share with Murphy memories of Ireland and my plan to somehow go home. "Aye, I've wanted to go home for awhile now, my Ma is still there. Connor and I miss her greatly. I don't know what happened to our Da, Ma thinks he is still over here."

I stood washing dishes while Murphy finished his pint, watching me, as loaded the plates into the strainer to dry for the night. Murphy comes around behind me deftly plucking the dishes out of the strainer and drying them with the towel in his hand.

"Ma taught us to be gentlemen, it's the least I can do fer ye making me dinner." I almost began to protest when his eyes met mine, the look sent shivers down my spine.

He put the dishes away exactly where they went, his memory leading him to each cabinet in order. I was impressed as I sat on the countertop watching him move comfortably around my kitchen. Murphy put the last glass away; being his own that held his Guinness not that long ago. He came to stand in front of me at the countertop, his icy eyes searching my own, I felt like he was looking through my soul, my life, snapshot by snapshot. I could have stood naked in front of him and felt the same as the way he looked at me.

Murphy planted a hand on each side of me on the countertop, effectively pinning me with his own body. "Ana, I've never felt like this about any o' the other girls I've been around. There's something about ye, something I can't describe or put to thoughts. I feel like I've known ye most o' me life. I had to come see ye tonight."

Thoughts swirled in my head, I felt like I was drunk, with Murphy being so very close to me. I wrapped my legs around his waist playfully, licking my lips wickedly. "Mmmh Murphy, I really appreciate you making sure I got home the other night, and making yourself at home in my kitchen. I didn't expect to see you tonight." Murphy ran his hands along my thighs, his touch sending tiny electric shocks along my skin. I could almost feel the hum along my skin, I wanted Murphy to touch me everywhere, and I wanted to be his alone.

"What matters darlin', is that we are here together, in this moment, and nothing outside it should matter." I swallowed hard nodding as Murphy leaned in, his lips warm on my earlobe, tracing a line down my neck, stopping in the hollow of my throat as my hands twined in his hair. I felt my breath leaving me in a rush as his scent filled my senses. He smelled of clean ocean, of strength, completely masculine. I was putty in his hands on the kitchen counter.

Murphy caught my earlobe between his teeth gently pulling as he growled from down deep. I groaned into his shoulder, my fingers digging into his back through his tee-shirt. I felt my body tremble under him, Murphy chuckled, grinning against my cheek. "Tá sé 's grá ceart go leor, bhuaigh mé ' t Gortaítear tú. Geallaim duit go."(2) His voice was heavy with desire, his accent thick as if he had never left home. I was sure the desire was evident for me as I clung to him. Murphy's lips joined with my own, as his breath became mine, breathing life into me. He kissed me as if I was the most important thing in his life, as if he wouldn't see me again for a long time. My heart raced in my chest, I could feel the blood coursing through me as my hormones got the best of me.

Murphy pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, his eyes closed as he breathed slowly, fighting for control of himself. "Ana, love, as much as I would love to stay the night and love ye all night till morning, I can't. It's nothing to do with you, I promise you that. You're beautiful, sensual, everything I want and desire. But I promised Connor I wouldn't be gone long, and I know he's going to give me shit. I don't want the cops bustin' down your door hunting me down either. I hope ye understand."

I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him gently on the lips. "I understand. When you're ready, when you have time, I'll be waiting for you. Can I ask you one thing?" I grin as I whisper against his lips.

"Aye, what's that my princess?" It seems as if Murphy found a pet name for me already. "Take me to bed like you did last night." "Aye my lady, I can do that fer ye." Murphy swung me up into his arms easily, just as he had the night before. He reached down, turning the blankets down before laying me into bed. I snuggle down into the bed, lying on my side. Murphy brushed a strand of hair from my face, "I'm sorry Ana. I am." I lay my fingers against his lips, "No apologies Irishman. There's always time later. Besides, what good Catholic boy would you be bedding me on the second night of knowing me?" He chuckled at my attempt of a joke, "You're right lass. It wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to take advantage of ye." Murphy kissed my forehead, "Goodnight my princess. I'll see you soon. Be safe." My eyes slowly closed as I heard the familiar click of the front door locking behind Murphy as he left.

My dreams were not nearly as clean as our encounter in the kitchen had been. In my dreams, my body was dewy with sweat under Murphy, shivering with the orgasms wracking through me, wrapped into his strong arms. I woke up panting and drenched in sweat, every part of me throbbing for his touch. Because of how we were raised, it would be awhile before my dreams became reality. But the moment would be bittersweet nonetheless.


(1) Murphy to Ana-"Thank you for taking care of me and my brother. I'll appreciate it all me days."

(2)Murphy to Ana-"It's alright love, I won't hurt you. I promise you that."

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