Darling Adolf
Author: DebC
E-mail: debchilson@yahoo.com
Rating: PG
Keywords: drabble, futurefic, darkfic, challengefic
Series: none
Spoilers: possibly Hourglass, though not so clearly
Disclaimers: None of them are mine.
Summary: Lex ponders the course of his life

Author's Notes: This is for the Ray Bradbury Title Challenge. I don't know why, but this title just jumped out at me. Challenge located here: http://www.debchan.com/livia/smallville/bradbury.html

"Darling Adolf"

Adolph Hitler's greatest ambition wasn't world domination. It was art. He wanted to become a famous painter. Most people don't know that about him. All anyone ever remembers is what he *did* do--launch a destructive world war and authorize genocide. He became the most hated man in history simply because the art instructors at the school he attended as a young man deemed his creations to be dull, lifeless, and without depth or feeling.

Sometimes, I really sympathize with poor, old Adolph. Sometimes, I even go so far as to wonder what the world would have been like had his teachers actually encouraged him to improve, rather than treating him like a talentless hack.

The same way I also wonder what my own life would have been like had my father shown me even the smallest modicum of love and affection, rather than rearing me to be his worst nightmare. It's a thought that's haunted me every year on this night: the anniversary of the night I placed one phone call and awoke to discover my father assassinated in his own bed.

I've done worse things since then. I am, in fact, every bit the monster Jonathan Kent warned his innocent-as-hell son about all those years ago. Not that anyone will ever know what I've done. Thanks to my father's careful grooming, I know how to cover up a scandal. Others have taken the fall for my crimes, and those who've threatened to talk have all committed suicide, having felt so guilty over what they'd done.

Yeah... I'm that good.

I must be, as tomorrow, I'm taking the Oath of Office for the presidency of the United States of America. However, tonight, I'm still plain, old Lex Luthor, and before I ascend to such a great height, I have to pause and thank those who paved the way for me.

Thanks, Dad. Thank you, Adolph. The greatest lessen I learned from you both was not to fail. I am forever in your debt.