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Chapter 1: Don't Sneak Up on Me!


As prey animals, rabbits are alert creatures that are easily startled.


The Warren was unusually peaceful; the temperate breeze rolled lazily over the lush dips, hills, and cliffs of the valley, gently bending the unkempt grass with the wind and the clear ponds that freckled the face of the Warren were still and quiet. Underneath a vibrant magenta canopy of cherry blossoms laid a content heap of slate gray fur. Bunnymund dozed silently, savoring the rare calm of simple detachment. This alone time was once very frequent for the Pooka; it was the dead-zone between Easter seasons. The other Guardians had year-round work—Sandy and Tooth had nightly work, which was on more of a twenty-four hour schedule considering time zones, and North regulated toy manufacturing while keeping tabs on children's behavior immediately beginning on the 26th—but Bunnymund was lucky, once Easter was over, he was let free to relax until crunch-time the couple weeks leading up to the next Egg Hunt.

But then Jack Frost joined the Guardians.

No, Bunnymund didn't hate Jack, but the winter sprite's favorite pastime seemed to be pestering the living hell out of him every opportunity he got. The Pooka had found his free time being violently kicked from his reach by the three-hundred-year-old teenager on a regular basis by means of merciless cold fronts and bizarre snow-storms in isolated areas of the Warren. Though bothersome, Jack's pranks had recently softened to more harmless mischief rather than destructive mayhem; however, because of past Jack-related catastrophes and, perhaps more culpably, buried primal instincts, Bunnymund stayed highly aware even during midday naps. He kept his sensitive ears erect and alert, letting them twitch every which way, picking up the slightest crack of a twig or rustle of leaves. Unfortunately, the occasional gust of spring wind wouldn't count as a sign that something was amiss.

Regrettably, Jack knew that Bunnymund wouldn't expect an aerial greeting and it didn't help that the newer Guardian was very adept at sneaking around, so when a slightly cooler breeze passed by, the Pooka barely flinched.

"What's up cottontail?" The amused voice caught Bunnymund off guard and caused him to jerk awake, jolting up into a sitting position and darting his eyes around nervously, his breathing erratic. He eased back on his elbows when he met entertained bondi blue eyes.

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd show up, Jackie boy." Bunnymund teased once he'd gotten his nerves under control. Jack situated himself on the downy grass in front of the Pooka with his legs crossed and grinned, happily accepting the fond nickname.

"Has anyone ever told you how much fun it is to scare you?" Jack chuckled, setting his staff across his lap.

"Heh. Watch it, Ice Block, ya sneak up on me like that again and ya just might scare me stiff." Leaning forward, Bunnymund ruffled Jack's already mussed up snow-white hair, receiving a jokingly defiant, but still understanding scoff.


Bonus Fact:

Rabbits can be scared to death… literally.

But not Bunnymund.

Because he's a BAMF.

Slay was here. :P

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