Hold Your Breath by LaPlacesDemon (Olivia)

Pairings: E. Aster Bunnymund/Jack Frost

Warnings: Mentions of Claustrophobia

Sometimes, Jack feels suffocated. He's a friend of the cold, a child of winter, so staying too long in any warm, enclosed place makes his throat clench up something awful and his cheeks flush bright blue. He has to excuse himself every few hours when he's in the Warren or in Tooth's Palace or even in Santoff Claussen to stand someplace cold and let himself catch his breath. The other guardians are used to it by now- "Need some alone time, mate?" Aster will call sometimes, just to be a dick. Jack will casually flip him off before letting himself be blown off into the wind through the nearest open door (because, hey, he's the guardian of good, clean fun, but making rude gestures is fun too.)

That's why it surprises Jack when he's completely comfortable being practically smothered by Bunny after sex. Bunny will sleepily envelop him until Jack can barely see ceiling through the thick white-grey-blue fur, and the air will lie warm and stagnant around the bundled-up pair. He's chalked it up to being tired, to being unused to post-coital snuggles, but he can't seem to shake the weird sensation he feels after waking up from a post-sex nap, tucked under Aster.

"Oh Jack," Tooth gushes when Jack tries to explain the feeling to her, "Oh yes, don't forget those molars, those're important- oh Jack, it's because you love him." She smiles widely, then shoos off the cloud of fairies around her and Jack who are peering expectantly at him (and his teeth are not that great, honestly!)

"Hm, guess so," Jack says, and leaves it at that.

(Later, after Pitch's latest scheme ends with a depowered Bunny, Jack will curl his boyfriend up in his own arms and maybe realize that strange feeling is safeness.)

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