Misaki's P.O.V

It was just a normal day in Homra when a boy from the blues entered Kusanagi-san's bar and asked to talk to me. At first, I thought it was the stupid monkey, but it was a boy with dark green hair, he looked kind of… angry, frustrated… it was like he had enough with something. I stepped outside as he continued shooting daggers at him. "You don't deserve him." He said with superiority among me. "What?" I spat rudely, I don't know what or who he was talking about but all I knew is he's being superior to me, and I didn't like that. "Stop making him suffer." he spoke once again; "Man, seriously I have no idea who you're talking about, and maybe you're mistaking me for someone else." I said kinda annoyed. "Don't play dumb with me! Who else would love you?" he shouted, I stiffened at his words, but they were bitterly true. I had no true family, the only family I had was Homra, and they loved me right? "I have Homra to love me dumbass!" I quickly shouted back, rather defensively, "Fine, if you're being naïve about this then I won't tell you," he said and left, leaving me to think about his words.

Scepter 4,

Himori's P.O.V

I just spoke to Homra's vanguard about a certain third-in-command… I, I didn't want him to suffer anymore… Every time I see Fushimi-san he's obsessing about the Misaki and I know that man will never reciprocate his feelings; but what does he do? He continues showering him with love without wanting anything in return. I first realized this when we were out drinking; He got a little tipsy and ended up at my apartment, He continued blabbering about this guy he was in love with; his best friend… he was talking about how happy they were before and how they were each other's world… but then everything went downhill when they met the Red King, Suoh Mikoto. He stole away Misaki from him and I can't help but feel angry and grateful for him. I should be angry, he caused Fushimi-san sadness and hurt… but I feel grateful, because if it wasn't for him… Fushimi-san wouldn't be here… And I wouldn't be feeling this way…

Saruhiko's P.O.V

I was staring idly at the paperwork in front of me, I continued working on them, but my mind was thinking about someone so close but still so far. I remembered when we were still in middle school, and my mind began to wander to our past.

"Saru, let's go to school, Hurry up!" he would wake me up every day, since we have the same dormitory room. I opened my eyes to see hazel eyes staring at me; I couldn't help but smile. "Don't doze away again, I already took a bath, hurry up so we can eat breakfast together!" he ordered, but it was more of an arrogant request. I complied and got out of bed. I remembered eating breakfast with him; he would try to make me eat vegetables and I would try to make him drink milk; of course, we would both fail and laugh at our actions; we would go to school together, buy groceries and go out like a normal couple; yet all he saw me as was a best friend.

I was shocked out of my reverie by Awashima-san, "Fushimi, are you dozing off?" she asked, 'Great I was gonna get scolded' I thought as I clicked my tongue, before resuming my work I felt someone looking at me, I glanced behind a little so I could see, it was Akiyama; I wonder if he needed anything. Oh well, he could approach me if he needed to.

Himori's P.O.V

Fushimi-san had a troubled look on his face, oh no, Awashima-san was approaching, he'd get scolded again, when he was working again he glanced my way, I didn't know I was staring that long, I looked away but so him shrug and he sighed before going back to work. "Is there something wrong, Akiyama-kun?" I heard lieutenant ask me, I nodded and stayed silently. She eyed me for a while but said nothing and left.

Seri's P.O.V

Both Saruhiko and Himori seem like they have problems. Should I pry or not, Saruhiko's problem may have something to do with a certain chestnut-haired vanguard of HOMRA. I should pay someone a visit later on that.

Himori's P.O.V

It was time to go home and I glanced at Fushimi-san, he was still working. "Aren't you going home?" I asked silently, he looked at me and said, "I still have to finish this up,", "Can I wait for you?" I asked hoping I didn't sound too weird. Fushimi looked a little shocked but it returned to the calm exterior I was used to. "Sure Akiyama-kun," he answered, I blushed but quickly hid it. He continued to work so I said I would buy dinner, he didn't want any but I insisted and bought some Chinese take-out. We ate in silence, and he said he was ready to go home, we took his car home, because we lived in the same apartment complex anyway. And he insisted on me coming in his. What I didn't expect was us drinking liquor that night; neither did I think we would be making out on the floor hours later.

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