Himori's P.O.V

"Ahh, Fushimi-san, stop" I pleaded as I pushed him off me. We both breathed heavily and was inching close to me again. I closed my eyes until I felt something drop on me. I opened my eyes and see Fushimi-san unconscious on top of me. I sighed and lifted him up to his room, I hope it was his room and took off his shoes, coat and vest. He sat up when I came back from the bathroom, "Hi~Mo~Ri~!" he smiled sadistically at me, I was taken back by his new persona. "Y-yes, Fushimi-san," he stood up and walked towards me. I didn't know, It was like I was glued on the spot, I couldn't move. He caressed my cheek and kissed me on the lips, again. But this time, he had an intention of finishing what he started. He slowly stripped me of my clothes... And all I did was moan...

Next morning,

Saruhiko's P.O.V

I woke up feeling tired than usual, what did I do last night, all I remember was, I was overnight-ing at the office... got some take-out with Akiyama... went home, drank some liquor... began making out... I don't remember anything anymore...

Eh? That's strange... I feel something moving in my bed... Come to think of it, I feel cold... I opened the covers, I'm naked... I slowly peaked on the person next to me. Akiyama!

I bolted out of the room and into liutenant, I maintained my composture, "Liutenant, how did you get in here," I replied boredly. Awashima-san eyed me from my head down. "Fushimi-kun, you're about 30 minutes late, and Akiyama-kun as well, do you have any idea where he is?" she asked, before I could answer, "Saruhiko... where are you?" Himori came from my room only wearing my bed sheets... "Liutenant?" he shouted. "Akiyama-kun, why are you here... naked?" She asked, wide-eyed, and looked at me for answers, "I... I don't think I can explain..." I replied nonchalantly... She glanced at Himori, "Fushimi-kun, Akiyama-kun, report at the base exactly an hour from now, you will tell me what happened then." She said strictly and left. "Saruhiko... Um..." he started once the doors closed. "No, you don't need to say anything, go and use the bathroom first, I'll cook some breakfast first." I told him and went to my kitchen. I saw him nod at me and I heard the bathroom door click.

What the hell happened last night?

Scepter 4 Base,

"It's a surprise you're both late, you're one of the most early ones here," Reisi smiled, seemed amused. I clicked my tongue while Himori just kept on apologizing. I could feel Awashima-san's constant gaze at me... What's her deal? Oh well.

After work, I noticed that Himori has been avoiding me all day since we came from my place. Well, not that I care...

Misaki's P.O.V

I've been walking all over Shizume and I still haven't found anything interesting! Where the fuck is all the stupid fights! And I can't believe it but I'll even fight that stupid monkey for entertainment... Speaking of which, his birthday's coming up next week... Not that I care... Hey... isn't that the guy that approached me the other day... He's looking at weapons... knives to be exact. Eh, might as well ask him why... "Oi! Guy from the Blues!" I shouted, he looked at me, "What are you doing there?" I asked, He looked like he wanted to answer but at the same time he didn't, "Oi! I'm asking you a question!" I shouted again, "I'm buying Saruhiko a gift, it's his birthday next week, but maybe you don't care about that..." he trailed off. I wanted to tell him that I knew... But I bit back my tongue, the least thing I want is to tell someone I remember a traitor's birthday. "Eh? Well, whatever. See ya around~" I said as I waved him off.

As soon as I turned around I heard that stupid monkey's voice, I though he was going to taunt me to fight him... but... the word that came out from his mouth wasn't my name. It was "Himori,". I didn't know why, but it seems weird not to hear my name coming out of his mouth... Why the fuck am I thinking like a teenage girl?

Saruhiko's P.O.V

I saw Himori at a random shop, there was something weird about him... I wonder what it is... He seems different...

End Chapter