The company was gathered on the Carrock, having returned there after a long night's sleep in its shelter. Thorin refused to continue the quest till he and Bilbo were properly wed, and he wanted to marry there, so the dwarves had scaled the great rock once more. Balin stood up on the peak with the couple, the rest of the company looking on from lower down. Kili stood at the front, giggling, but an elbow jab from his brother and a dirty look from Balin soon quieted him. The elder turned, laughing towards Bilbo and Thorin.

"Now before we begin I want to make sure you both understand what's going on here." Thorin smiled easily, and the company laughed with him.

"I'll remember this one Balin." Thorin chuckled. The old dwarf looked at him quizzically.

"I wasn't talking to you." Balin said jokingly, turning to Bilbo. "You are aware that you'll have to spend the rest of your life with him, right? Really, as insufferable as he is now, it can only get worse." Thorin coughed loudly, and gave Balin an exasperated look, and the dwarf stopped, pulling something out of his pocket. The bead's silver finish glinted in the sunlight as Balin placed it in Bilbo's hand. The Halfling turned the bead, marveling at the tiny dwarvish runes carved in the sides. He ran a thumb over a jewel set in the center, and Thorin's hand wrapped around his.

"The first jewel I ever mined. Dwarves keep them for life, usually in secret, but I wanted it to be a part of this." Their hands slipped away from each other, and Bilbo threaded his hands into Thorin's hair. The Halfling looked at Balin.

"I know what I'm doing." The halfling said. "I'm going on an adventure." The old dwarf smiled.

"Proceed." Bilbo began to braid, taking more care than last time to ensure that the pattern was perfect as Thorin sang.

Two as on twisted together

Lives entangled till the end

Fair or foul we both shall weather

Any storm that fate may send

Years wear ever on

Dawn then dusk then dawn

Love will last till life has passed

Say forever with this song

As the song came to a close, Bilbo wove the bead into the end of the braid, and ran his hands through Thorin's hair one more time. Looking up at Thorin, something surged through his blood, and he rose up on his tiptoes to plant a kiss on the dwarf's cheek, lingering there a while. Slowly, Bilbo kissed his way to Thorin's mouth, gently pressing their lips together. Well, it was gentle, but apparently Thorin had other ideas. Large hands grabbed Bilbo's hips, lifting the hobbit off the ground as Thorin kissed him, and what started out as a tiny press of lips turned into more. Bilbo could feel the dwarf's beard, rough on his cheek as a tongue traced his lower lip. The hobbit wrapped his legs around Thorin, tilting his head and- oh that was not a belt buckle! Bilbo remembered all at once that there were others present, and he pulled away from Thorin, sliding down to the ground awkwardly. He looked around for the other dwarves, but the Carrock was empty save him and Thorin. Hands grabbed at Bilbo's shoulders, turning him around to face his husband. The dwarf's jacket was spread out on the ground behind them, and Thorin gestured towards it uncertainly, walking out towards the edge of the Carrock.

"In tradition the couple usually..." Thorin glanced at the jacket. "Consummate the marriage."

Bilbo's eyes widened in understanding, and he nodded, stepping back into Thorin's personal space.

"It's not like I wasn't expecting this. Well, maybe not here, but I knew… no, I hoped we would-"

Bilbo's words were cut off by Thorin's mouth pressed against his, and he sank into the kiss, whimpering a little as the dwarf bit his lower lip. Bilbo closed his eyes to take in the sensation,, but Thorin pulled away at the noise. Bilbo couldn't stand the separation, and he threw himself back into the kiss, jumping up to wrap his legs around Thorin's waist as the dwarf's mouth made a path down the hobbit's neck. Thorin stopped to nip lightly at Bilbo's collarbone where it disappeared into a shirt, growling softly when the hobbit's clothing stopped him. He put Bilbo down, calloused palms brushing skin as Thorin tugged the offending garment off. The dwarf's shirt soon followed Bilbo's, and he picked the hobbit up again. The dwarf laid Bilbo down on his jacket, hovering over the little body under him. Thorin slowed himself, they had time, he dared not rush this. Leaning down, the dwarf continued his exploration of Bilbo's chest and shoulders, scattering kisses and love bites across the pale expanse of skin, each one earning a shudder and a moan from the hobbit. Bilbo's hands grasped at Thorin's shoulders, nails leaving tiny marks where he held the dwarf. Lips made their way back up to Bilbo's mouth, softer this time than before, and the hobbit pushed into it, moving his hands to tug at Thorin's hair. They pulled apart, and the dwarf looked at him, surprised.

"I can handle this, Thorin," Bilbo breathed, "you don't have to hold back."

You don't have to hold back. Thorin didn't have time to wonder if the hobbit knew what he was getting into, he was too far gone. He bit down at the juncture of Bilbo's shoulder, swiping his tongue over the mark he left there before yanking the hobbit's smallclothes off in one swift motion. Thorin pulled the rest of his clothing off, falling back towards Bilbo and into another kiss. The sound Bilbo made as the dwarf took his mouth was perfect, needy and beautiful. Bilbo raised his hips, searching for friction, and Thorin complied, grinding downward into the hobbit and swallowing his moans with a kiss. The dwarf reached a hand up and pushed two fingers past Bilbo's lips. Thorin continued pushing his hips down into the hobbit, pulling little mewling noises out of Bilbo's throat as he sucked. Satisfied, he took his hand away, and Bilbo leaned up for a kiss. The hobbit tensed as Thorin's fingers pushed into him, squeezing his eyes shut against the unfamiliar feeling, until the dwarf's fingertips brushed something inside him. Bilbo arched his back, pressing down against the sensation as his hands tangled in Thorin's jacket. He had no control over the sounds he was making now, and he lost himself in the onslaught of Thorin's hands and lips as the dwarf prepared him. A whine escaped Bilbo as the dwarf pulled away, and Thorin laughed.

"Patience, halfling," he said, and Bilbo could feel the dwarf's hands close around his hips, fingernails digging into the soft flesh. Thorin grit his teeth against the pleasure as he pushed into the hobbit's small body, Bilbo a writhing mess under him. He rolled his hips, and the hobbit's hands flew up to tangle in his hair, pulling Thorin downwards. They met in a fierce kiss, and Thorin fucked into Bilbo, reveling in the noises the halfling made with each thrust. Bilbo's hips rose to meet every harsh movement, and they breathed in tandem, the air heavy with sweat and sex. Thorin's rhythm faltered, and the heat pooling in him spilled over, filling Bilbo. The halfling shuddered beneath him, keening as he came, and all light left him as he tumbled into unconsciousness. Thorin carried him down the carrock, and the two fell asleep curled together, sated and blissful.