story of the creeper chapter 1

based off the mod mob talker from minecraft

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chapter 1

meet the creeper

I woke up to the sound of dying mobs. I had been living in the forest for about 2 weeks. My house was under way, and I had enough food. I walked downstairs and started breakfast. I was going to have two piece's of pork. With bucket of milk. after I had had breakfast I grabbed my iron sword then sheathed it in my belt. then I decided to go and chop more wood since i was running low.

I grabbed my diamond Axe and walked out of my house. then I shut more door. I walked maybe 10 blocks from my home and started to chop wood. I was chopping the third tree I heard the familiar sound of a creeper.


I dropped my Axe and turned my fist ready to make contact. as I turned I noticed it was not a normal creeper but a girl. I unclenched my fist still moving. As my hand made contact I pulled back. As I had recoiled my arm I thought...

"that's a creeper. and why hasn't she exploded on me yet"

all of the sudden you see her crying.

"Don't cry, i'm sorry I hit you. " I said in a scared tone.

*It had looked like shy was watching you. kinda in a curious way.*

"Hey little girl... were you watching me chop wood?" i asked.

"Yah. (sob...sob) Are you made at me?" the creeper asked.

"Not really but you don't need to cry."

*She started to loose her balance on the three block ridge she was standing on.*

*You rushed and caught her, before she fell and hurt herself.*

"You saved my life mister! Thank you so much!" The creeper exclaimed.

*Then she hugged you out of happiness*

" I'm sorry I forgot to tell you my name mister."

"My names Cupa. Cupa the creeper."

" Whats yours mister?"

"My name is Robby. Robby Rider."

*You noticed it becoming dark*

"Hey you should probably get home Cupa is getting dark out."

"Us creepers don't have set homes."

"Ok ill make you one."

I started building with the wood I had gathered and some I had. I quickly built the floor 5 by 5, then i put up 4 floors wit two 2 by 2 windows at the front. then i put in a bed some torches a chest and some clothes of mine for her.

The End of chapter 1. more coming soon busy this week so maybe next saturday or so.