It's all a dream now. I was young and naïve when the incident happened.

Standing on the cliff with my dad and his friend, gazing with awe at the lights and buildings before me. It was a dream come true. My dad had created the perfect world for me to grow up in. One that was better than the real world, without the profanity, hate, and unhappiness.

I was so excited to finally be in the world my dad promised. Unfortunately, the excitement only lasted for so long.

Before I go on, I should probably explain a few things. First, my dad happened to be a good friend of the one and only Kevin Flynn and managed to get the main programming for the grid from him after he had finished his own world. Basing his world for me off of the original grid, my dad made his own. Of course, he still called it the Grid. That's all it was really, a second grid.

He used to tell me continuously how interconnected the two grids could be. Little did he know how right he was.

Back to the story, I had talked my dad into taking me down to the city so I could see all the lights and buildings up close. He, his assistant, and I started the trek down, quite high spirited. That was when everything went wrong.

We were just leaving the cliff when a loud cracking sound racked the air. The ground shifted from under our feet, throwing us down flat on our backs. Then the cliff started to slip off the mountain. We all scrambled desperately to solid ground. I was grabbed by my dad's assistant and was carried to safety, with my dad running close behind. I was dropped to the ground and looked back. I remember screaming my dad's name when I saw his head and shoulders disappear behind the edge of the rocks. His friend dived to catch his hand, but was milliseconds too late, barely brushing his fingertips. Within moments, my dad was gone. Buried under tons of rock at the bottom of the cliff a mile below.

The rest is a blur to me. I can only recall the horrible torment that tore at my heart for a year afterwards. The small, comforting words from my dad's assistant did little to lessen my pain. I was only six years old at the time. Afterwards, I grew to depend on him as my new dad. Of course I will never forget who my real dad was. I made myself that promise after I had gotten over my depression.

The rest of the story, well, that's what this is. From this moment on, you will now be living in my life. I warn you though… strap yourself in cause this'll be a bumpy ride.