This story takes place in the Sonic X world, they're in the last season with the Metarex. Yes...that means Chris n This story isn't very serious btw, yes it's sonamy but it's supposed to be funny xD

The door swung open and banged against the wall. "GUYS!" A pink hedgehog squealed across the room, causing heads to turn and face her. "SONIC ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!"

The only thing to follow was an eerily dead silence. The only ones in the room were Cream, (and Cheese) Tails and Cosmo.
"What?" Tails blurted out to break the silence. Cream shot Cheese a glance while Cosmo stood there with a look of surprise. "What did you say?" Amy practically floated from the door over to them. "Did you not hear me!? Sonic asked me to MARRY HIM!"

The surprised faces turned to look at eachother doubtly, but Cream took a step forward. "Really Amy?" She questioned with wide doe eyes. Amy nodded furiously. "Yes yes! Really!" She assured. "He did just earlier when I was with him!" The tan furred rabbit glanced behind her at Tails and Cosmo who shrugged. Looking back to Amy, she spoke. "Tell us what happened Amy!" Cream cheered in curiosity and a small hint of excitement.

"Well," Amy began, shaking back to her senses, "You know how I followed him when he left the ship earlier?" The group nodded. "Okay, when I followed him I chased him down to that place down by that big tree. Eventually he spoke up that he knew I was following him and he sat down by it." She paused, remembering what had happened, then continued on.

"I asked if I could sit with him and he said it was okay. We kind of talked about how we still have 2 more Chaos Emeralds to find, and it might take a while. Then I told him that I was a little bit homesick...because honestly, I am." She said sorrowfully. "But...then he told me when we found all of them we could win against the Metarex...and..." Amy trailed off as she began to stare at the floor in thought.
"And?" Cream echoed, clearly on the edge of her seat now. Tails and Cosmo seemed curious aswell.

"..He...He told me when we got back...everything would be okay...and...he asked me if I would marry him when we got home..." She stuttered, her eyes watering. "I've never been so happy in my life!" She laughed, wiping away her tears. Cream hugged her. "I'm so happy for you, Amy!" The rabbit congratulated, while the two standing behind her felt doubtful.

Tails cocked his head slightly. "Amy...are you sure?" He questioned. Amy looked up at him. "Of course I'm sure!" She chimed, before a door swung open. It was Chris carrying a large and probably very heavy box. "Chris!" Amy called out. "Sonic asked me to marry him!" The boy halted back and wobbled before collapsing to the floor. Cream and Cosmo raced over, while Tails followed. "Are you okay Chris?" Cream worried. He sat up and rubbed his head dizzily and blinked and looked at Amy wide-eyed.

"W-what?" He said in shock. Amy repeated her story less detailedly. Chris looked towards the others who shrugged, unsure if this was true or not. "Where is he now?" Tails asked. Amy blinked. "I'm not sure, he ran off before I could ask." She replied. Tails scratched his chin. "Hmm...we can ask him when he gets back," the fox suggested, and they all agreed.

Amy and Cream and Cheese left the room, the last thing being heard was about destiny and how "Amy knew it." Once they had left, the three remaining talked. "I may be wrong," Tails began, "but to be honest, I'm a little bit skeptical about this." "I agree.." Chris replied. "That just doesn't sound like a very Sonic-like thing to do. Especially to Amy."

"Could she have imagined it?" Cosmo jumped in. "It's possible...but Amy was emotional as if it really happened. I can tell when she's making it up, she didn't seem like it..." Tails pondered on the thought. Did this really happen? If so...what possible force of nature made Sonic do it?

"Well, everything will be cleared up when he's back.." Chris decided. "What time is it?"
"Uh," Tails stood there uncertainly. He went over to one of the seats in the main control area. He glanced at the clock. "On this planet it's around 5," he stated, and came back over. "He'll probably be back within the hour."

"So now what?" Cosmo spoke up. Tails and Chris faced her. "We wait." Tails smirked.