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Cosmo watched as Amy's gaze burned into the static fuzzing the screen on the transmitter. Mouth gaping and eyes wide with confusion, she looked up at Cream and her, who stared right back. She looked down again, unsure what to say. "Do you think they're okay? Worried the rabbit. Moments ago, before the static began, the transmitter started glitching and they couldn't hear what the others were saying, and they didn't seem to hear them either.

"We have to find them!" Amy declared. "We need to make sure they aren't hurt!"
The three girls started off to find their friends, treading through and alien forest. The trees this time, however, were a darker purple and extended out more; as if the branches were arms reaching out desperately trying to grab you. On top of that, they had no leaves, making them seem dead and more eerie. Cosmo walked at an even pace beside Cream, turning their heads right and left as they called out their friends' names.
They walked at this pace for what seemed like quite a while. Whatever happened to the boys did not seem to be anything good, Cosmo realized.

After walking a good ten minutes or so, the transmitter started buzzing. Amy halted dead in her tracks, as did Cream and Cosmo. The trio huddled over the small device attached to Amy's wrist. The buzzing continued,then flashed into glitching colors and girls stared, dumbfounded at the unusual happening. The transmitter screen then turned blank, and the buzzing stopped.

"What's it doing?" Cream asked nervously, unsure how to react. Without turning or blinking, Amy replied,
"I...I don't know." she admitted, shaking her head in confusion. Suddenly the transmitter made an earpiercing screech, all of the girls jolted in surprise, covering their ears from the sound. The screech stopped, then an array of code spewed across the small screen. It conveyed of numbers and foreign symbols that none of them recognized, not even Cosmo. "What does it mean?" the seedrian wondered aloud.

None of them replied.

The device began making a strange noise, unlike the previous others. Then it seemed to vibrate violently, then-the device turned off. The girls stared at the now dead transmitter in awe. What had it done? What had happened to Sonic, Tails and Chris? Were they alive? Questions strained their thoughts rapidly, until Amy broke the silence.

"We need to find them," she said softly, as if she was thinking, then shook herself to a determined expression. She stormed ahead, leaning forward as she marched through the bracken and leaves. Cream and Cosmo exchanged glances for a few moments before following after her. The night before, after Amy and Cream left the room Sonic had indirectly confirmed his apparent proposal. He had seemed as if he did it unconsciously, not entirely meaning what his words meant, Cosmo realized. Does this mean they were a couple now? Amy had not told them any more than that he asked for her hand, as far as she knew. She hadn't followed Amy and Cream when they had left the room after the news. She pondered on whether or not she should simply ask Amy, then she remembered. Amy already claimed to be in a relationship with him, even if it seemed more one-sided. Maybe Sonic only said it to comfort her? She shook her head. He had said himself he had no idea why he had done it. Was there something else, that only the two hedgehogs knew?

Cosmo's train of thought was interrupted when she realized she had been staring right at Cream. The rabbit stared right back through sunset eyes. "Is something troubling you, Cosmo?" the rabbit asked. Cosmo knew that Cream had heard the rest of Amy's story, if anything. Should she ask her?

"Cream," she began, looking back foward at Amy marching far ahead of them, "What do you think really happened?"

"With the transmitter?" she replied. Cosmo shook her head defiantly.

"With Sonic and Amy," she explained. Cream's eyes shone, as if remembering something. She sighed, then looked in Amy's direction. She must not know too much either, unsure who she really should believe,

Cosmo realized. The rabbit glanced back at Cosmo.
"I'm not sure," she told her, cupping her hands together, "All I know is what Amy told me, and what you guys said happened with Mr. Sonic. I want to believe Amy, but something just doesn't seem right...I...I just don't know," she finished, closing her eyes. "We'll find out when we find them, anyway. It's the first time they'll have been together since last night-Amy's bound to bring it up." Cream smiled in amusement. Cosmo smiled right back, knowing she was right.
Their conversation was interrupted by Amy halting again up ahead. The pink hedgehog seemed to be standing over something in the grass. Cream quickly raced ahead to stand beside her friend. "What is it, Amy?"

she asked, before she looked down. When she did, her orange eyes widened in awe. Cosmo raced ahead to see what they stood over. Panting, she looked down. The grass here looked torn, unrealistic. It was darker and more grey, as if it was aged or dead. It also looked very loose, as if it were to fall into the dirt below. Cosmo noticed a small opening where the grass broke up. She cautiously stepped around the pile, and carefully motioned her fingers toward the opening. She put them down into the hole, and pulled on the other pieces. The grass tore very easily, and was lifted out of place, revealing a dark ominous tunnel, leading straight down. Cream and Amy both gasped, and Cosmo felt a sense of fear and confusion from both of them.

"Where does it go?" Amy asked, kneeling down beside the hole.

"I don't know," Cream breathed softly, touching the edges of the hole with her fingers, staring down into the darkness. Cosmo bit her lip, then looked up and around, searching for a vine. She noticed one on one of the nearby dead trees, hanging down over a patch of thorns. Cosmo stood and approached it, and pulled on the vine. It snapped. She pulled it out, it was much longer than it had originally looked. She dragged it across the ground and tied the very end to a thick root sticking out of the ground beside the hole. Amy and Cream watched her carefully. The seedrian looked up at them.

"I suppose there's only one way to find out," she said, pulling the other end and throwing it down the hole. Amy blinked and looked at Cream before grabbing hold of the free end, and going down it first. She almost fell, the vine was slippery and dirty. She shrieked, then caught a tighter grip before falling in. She climbed down it very steadily. Soon after, Cream followed. Then Cosmo, carefully stepping down the vine into the darkness.
The air was thick, and reeked of soil and other foreign scents. Cosmo heard Cream cough below her, as they continued down the vine. "Can you see anything down there, Amy?" Cosmo asked, looking down into the darkness.

"Nothing, it's pitch black and smells disgusting!" she complained, and the seedrian overheard her mumble something after that she didn't quite catch. Cosmo swallowed and continued down the vine. It really was long, she realized, studying it carefully. She then noticed how wet and sticky it was. They continued down, farther and farther. The tunnel never seemed to quite end. Then Cosmo felt her hand stick against it. She tried pulling it off, but the substance stuck to her hand, and elongated as she moved her hand out. A wave of alarm crashed over her. What was this stuff? She felt the vine begin to wobble, and heard Cream grunt to stay on.

"What is this thing, Cosmo?" Amy called up.
"I thought it was a vine!" she called back.
"You thought?"

Suddenly, the vine snapped. The three girls all plummetted, down farther into the tunnel. They all screamed in horror, falling faster by the second. Cosmo thought it would never end. Suddenly, they hit an abrupt stop. They all crashed against a soil surface, and coughed, now covered in the dust and dirt. Cosmo rubbed her eyes and looked around. They had indeed reached the end of the tunnel, she realized. Now they were in an unusual dirt cavern, it's ceiling far above them. She didn't understand why the dirt wasn't falling from above, it just kept in place. She looked over to her companions. Cream was coughing and dusting herself off, as was Amy.

When they had stopped, Amy looked around, eyes wide with confusion.

" this place?" she wondered aloud, her voice echoing through the cave. Cosmo noticed an opening at the other side of the cavern, leading into another tunnel-this one being horizontal. Cosmo pulled herself to her feet, and Amy helped Cream up. The three girls looked around in awe, then stepped forward and began to slowly approach the other opening.

Was this where Sonic, Tails and Chris had gone? Cosmo wondered, slipping into the tunnel, Cream and Amy following shortly after her.

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