ok round two so here we go

Aria pov

It has been a wonderful week just me and embry and a little sex

embry and i were back at our house i walk down the hall to the kitchen when i heard a light snoring i walked into the living room to see puck knocked out on the couch i ignore him for now going back into the kitchen checking the fridge i see we're out of soda milk even my bottled water are gone

i check the cabinet to see what else we're out of i grab my keys before i write embry a note i then walk out getting in my mini van before heading to the grocery store

Embry pov

i step out of the shower before grabbing a towel i head into the bedroom grabbing some underwear and some shorts after getting dressed i walk into the kitchen noticing a note on the counter i pick it up to read it

Had to go get some stuff from grocery store please dont wake puck up if he's here that mmeans there some drama which means i got to talk to him be back in twenty

I looked to the living room hearing puck soft snoring

Aria pov

I had just finished getting the bottle waters into my cart next was milk i grabbed the hadle putting it in the cart last was the soda

"really why do they always put the Dr Pepper so high up"i reach up barely touching it i jump one more time not even coming close

i feel two arm around my waist hoisting me upi turn to see Jasper holding me up i grabb the two liters as he sets me back on the ground i turn to him

"umm thanks for the help"i say putting the bottlein the cart

"do you need anything else"he asked gently i shake my head no i started to walk towards the checkout line now i know he's following me

"why do you seem so controled around me"i finally said something that has been bothering me since the battle he was nice to me

"because you look like her hell you could be her twin"he said so casually

i paid for the stuff before turning to jasper

"okay thats not creepie at all but now i got to go" i hurriedly walk to my mini van he seemed to freeze

i got to the house in record time as i walk through the door embry takes the groceries from me i walk into the living room i see puck is still asleep i lift up the side of the couch raising it off the ground before dropping it on the floor i watched as puck jolts awake

'wakey wakey off your ass on your feet"i said cheeringly i laughed as puck glared at me

"well when your ready to talk let me know"i say he nods i walk upstairs embry is in our room watching a movie i get on the bed but no to sit next to hi i lean back agianst the headboard

"whatcha watchin" he held of a movie cover i take it from him i read the cover before laughing

"really youre wayching monster in law"he laughed

bad thing is your mom left it for us"he said grinning at me

i look up to see puck standing at the door

"want some lunch " i look at embry

"uh could you get us some lunch from the diner"i ask he watches me for a moment before standing up

"sure i'm gonna swing by sam and emily's tell em we're back see you later"he replied i watched as he walked out when i heard the door close i turn to Puck

"what the hell is going on"i ask

"hold on i want to do something first"i follow as he walked down the hall as he want in to the kitchen he pulls out my witch stuff

he starts writing something down before handing it to me we read it aloud together

the power we wield

shall create a shield

to keep our secrets in

to keep them hidden

we burn the paper a whit mist strts to surround us befre rising up and flashing then it was gone

"ok we can talk now ok kim is in your bathroom"he said walking ustairs

"why"i yell running after him as he goes through the bathroom door i freez when i see what she has on the sink "ar those?"i ask nervously

"uh huh"puck answers

"and are they"i ask

"yup'kim answers her head in her hands

"you're pregnant"i ask shocked she nodded shamefully

"so are you my little witch"i turn to see cassandra

"excuse me"i say frozen

"you're pregnant to kim just got pregnant youve been pregnant for a week"Cassandra replied

"so on the first night"i asked

"yep"Cassandra replied

"wait why are you here you only come when your summoned or sent"i say watching her

"they are gonna meet with you in two days"she said

"why"i asked skeptically

"sorry they didn't tell me"she said before dissapearing

"i hate when she does that "i say sighing

"okay i'm gonna tell piper now" i say orbing out

"mom you here"i call out to her

she was sitting on the couch watching a soap i sit next to her before resting my head on her knee i feel her start to run her fingers through my hair

"it wasn't embry's fault"i say as she continues to play with my hair i hear her sigh

"I know monkey i know leo told me the elders messed with your honey moon"i sigh

"i'm gonna keep it " i say looking up at her

"i had a feeling you'd say that"she said smiling down at me

I lean up as i do mom pulls me into a hug

"i love you mom"i say as i pull away

"i know i love you to monkey" she said as she lets go i settle into the couch as we watch the rest of the soap opera

a new journey has begun we will be back on the twilight story line either in next chapter if not it will defintly chapter 3 starting at bella and edward wedding