Aria pov

I was laying in the bed mad as hell ever since embry found out i'm pregnant I have been under house arrest he has not let me out of his sight and i'm only four weeks pregnant

I leaned over hanging halfway off the bed i reached under the bed for my box of movies

"whatcha doing" a voice ask it made med jump which made me flip i lay on the floor on my back i look up to see seth looking down

"why the hell did you do that you never sneak up on a pregnant person"i yell at him i hear running up the stairs embry is at the door in seconds

"what's wrong sweetie'embry ask glaring at seth

"nothing"i mumble before getting back on the bed"me and seth were just about to watch my favorite movie "i say as i start looking through my movie box seth sits beside me Embry laughs as he goes back downstairs

"since you scared me you have to watch one of my favorite movie The Phantom Of The Opera "i said as ileaned back agianst my huge pillows

"you're just lucky i don't have titanic"i said smirking

Seth pov

"wait after all that she chose the other guy he wouldn't of even noticed her if the phantom hadn't taught her to sing i mean who would you choose if you were her" i ask

"The phantom "Aria replies quickly i watch as she goes digging into her movie box she has found what she was looking for

"my dear seth it ain't over til meg giry sings"she said holding up another phantom movie Love never dies

i take it from her getting up to put in the dvd player

"this is the play version"she tell me as we watch the phantom start to sing i get back in my spot next to her for some reason lately i've needed to be near her me and her are becoming good friends

Embry pov

i was in forks at the movie store trying to get Aria something she hasn't seen which is hard since all she does is watch movies i can tell im starting to annoy her but i cant have her getting hurt

I found glee season one and two i knew she loved musical so i grabbed both before heading to the counter I was getting in the car when i heard my name being called i turned to see Piper and Leo

Piper walked over pointing at me

"you me we gotta talk now"she sounded annoyed i watched as leo orbed away piper walked around to the pasenger side before getting in the car she picked up the dvd cases

"glee nice she'll love that"piper said putting it back in the bag

"okay embry you need to chill out she is going to keep fighting you on this until you give Aria her freedom back she's always been a rebel she will always be a rebel"piper said leaning back agianst the seat

I thought it over for a minute before nodding

"alright i hear ya i just want her to be careful"i say after a minute

"we all do but the thing about us pregnant witches usally were near indestructible"piper say smirking

i hope thats true i thought to myself

Aria pov

one minute me and seth are talking about phantom of the opera the next I on the top of the golden gate bridge surrouned by elders

"Hello Phoenix"Helios said stepping forward Helios was cassandra's father

"Cassandra has had a vision "Odin informed me out of all the elders i hated him the most

"cassandra has vision everday why is this one different"i ask

"The female wolf will become pregnant"odin said i shrug still not getting the problem

"that will make four children they will no longer be the charmed one so i suggest you get rid of the wolf's baby are we clear"odin said watching me they were all watching me

"excuse me hold on are you suggesting i kill a baby for the sake of the charmed ones you are wow okay know you listen "i say taking a step forward everyone except helios took a step back

"i'm not gonna kill Leah's baby and niether are you and your so worried about ruining the charmed one but correct me if i'm wrong but didnt you already do that puck and kim arent my sibling thier my cousins yet you still call us the charmed ones"i felt the air start to swirl around us my hair starts whipping around me

" not to mention the fact that we don't exactly have melinda powers do we so call us something else we are still pretty powerful"bella's word echoed in my head so your like guardians

"call us guardian we control the elements"the wind started to die down as i calmed down the elders visibly relaxed

"i think we call all agree on that the sisters will still remain the charmed ones and the children with the elemental gift we be named guardians"Helios said

"goodbye phoenix"helios said turning back to me he handed me something before i was orbed back to my bedroom

Piper pov

i was walking through the door when i noticce Bree the vampire we saved from the other bad vampire Aria knows thier names Aria binded bree bloodlust so she no longer has to drink blood

"somethings wrong piper"she sounded scared

Aria pov

i looked at what Helios had handed me a mirror word started to appear on it

what you see in movies can some times be true if you believe so do you ?

What i thought to myself No way like beauty and the beast mirror trick only one way to find out

"show me Embry"i say aloud the mirror swirled before showing me a clear picture of embry looking around downstairs

"i'm upstairs moron"i mumble i watch as embry made a beline for the stairs i look up as he opened the door

"how did you talk in my head"embry looked confused

"wait what"i ask