Story: [Naruto as Asuna]

Summary: Fem!Naruto was sent to Mahora as a young, memory-blocked child, under a false name: Kagurazaka Asuna.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything.


Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed as the council once more demanded the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi's execution.

He loved Konoha, and its inhabitants, but sometimes he really wondered why he'd allowed himself to be dragged out of retirement. Damn blond geniuses that went and got themselves killed.

She was five years old by now.

Five years of being ostracized by the Village that her mere existence helped protect.

It was enough to give him trouble sleeping some nights.

His lips pressed together in a disapproving line, the Sandaime shook his head. "Unless you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Jinchuuriki's existence is in any way hazardous to the continued well-being of Konoha, your concerns will be dismissed."

The council grumbled, but didn't argue. They'd just ask him to allow it again some other day. Endlessly shaving away at his patience until he would hopefully fold himself to accommodate their desires.

Normally, Hiruzen wasn't really all that troubled by such a strategy, knowing full well that he wouldn't change his mind on this. He owed it to the Yondaime, after all. But he was suddenly struck by a very unpleasant thought.

If he were to get himself killed, and the council was allowed free reign for a long enough period of time, or if the next Hokage would be accepting of their demands... all his arguments would prove useless. All his attempts at allowing the girl to live a happy life would be for naught.

He couldn't allow that to happen, but how was he to stop it? It wasn't as if he could just send her out of the Village, she'd be targeted immediately, regardless of where in the Elemental Nations she disappeared to.

Hiruzen blinked.

Anywhere in the Elemental Nations...

Hadn't the Yondaime once mentioned how he'd helped out some reckless redheaded guy who fought with a staff? Hadn't that guy said something about being from outside of the Elemental Nations? In fact, hadn't Minato said something about being compared to a blonde vampire sentenced to 'an average school life'?

That sounded like the perfect 'punishment' for her. Away from the glares, away from the world that called peace a 'temporary ceasefire'.

He hated to say it, but he was fairly certain that Konoha was not a place for little Asuna to grow up in.

Suppressing both the urge to sigh heavily and to smirk triumphantly, Hiruzen opened his mouth again. "However, since this seems to have become a standard request, I must acknowledge the discomfort that the Jinchuuriki's presence generates." He frowned, nodding in a very serious way. "Therefore, I will make arrangements to see her removed from Konoha until such a time when we can ascertain that the Kyuubi is not poisoning her mind."

The council glanced around at each other. Some were elated at being rid of the hated girl, others were hesitant at letting a weapon such as her run free to be stolen by another Village.

"Do not worry." Hiruzen continued. "She will not be transferred to a place within the Elemental Nations, she will not be used against us by our enemies. I will make the arrangements personally."

This drew quite a bit of murmuring. Nobody really talked about what lay outside the Elemental Nations. As far as most were concerned, there wasn't anything outside, so to hear the Hokage come close to admitting having heard of something from there was a bit shocking, even for the ninja present.

Regardless, they were quick to agree.

Hiruzen didn't know if he should smile at his victory, or cry over what had become of his beloved Village.


Uzumaki Asuna was quickly renamed Kagurazaka Asuna, because it wouldn't do for someone from her homeland to recognize the famous Uzumaki name and begin to connect the dots. No, better to have the anonymity of an unknown name.

The fact that this was the second time she'd been depraved of her original name was both ironic and sad.

Namikaze Asuna became Uzumaki upon her father's passing in an effort to hide her away from his many enemies. Uzumaki Asuna became Kagurazaka upon her exile from Konoha to keep her from being connected with them.

Sadder still was how he'd been forced to erase the girl's memories in order to say with certainty that she wouldn't be revealed as a Konoha citizen.

Memory removal was... sketchy work, and Inoichi had ended up being forced to simply build a very thick wall in her mind in order to keep her memories at bay. The wall didn't effect what the body did however, meaning that she still spoke, still ate, still breathed, still walked. She was just... horrifyingly empty.

It was like watching the perfect ninja that Danzo always insisted that they needed, molded out of a five year old girl.

He didn't think he'd ever forgive himself for that.

In comparison, her exile to the place called 'Mahora' went off without complications.

She was picked up by a man that reminded Hiruzen a bit of his own son. Only this man had glasses, and he made the rugged look feel remarkably distinguished in a way that he didn't think that his son was capable of.

He called himself Takamichi Takahata, and he promised to look out for her with a face that made Hiruzen absolutely certain that he wouldn't let any harm come to her whilst he still breathed.


Hiruzen returned to Konoha with the news of the Jinchuuriki's safe removal.

He was more or less greeted with a festival.

And so he gritted his teeth, and wondered what had become of his beloved Village.


Takamichi wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do with the dead-looking little girl, never having had any kids of his own, or knowing anyone who'd recently become a parent.

Still, he tried to do his best, and she seemed to like the bells he'd gotten her. They also made it a lot easier to know when she was coming – it was a bit disturbing how silent she could be when simply walking around the house, and it was nice not to find her standing there watching whenever he turned around.

Unfortunately, her expression didn't really change, and so he tried his best to find out what she enjoyed doing.

Until the blessing that was Ayaka made her presence known at her first day of school.

Takamichi grinned happily at the memory of the immovable little girl getting into a fight with a distinctly displeased expression. Any progress at this point was good progress.


Asuna's first meeting with the young boy that would later become her teacher didn't go over very well.

The boy said something unforgivable to her – never get in between a girl and her love life – and then she was told that her interactions with Takamichi would be even further lessened by his arrival.

Needless to say, Takamichi was amused to remember her first encounter with her rival Ayaka.

Perhaps Asuna was simply unable to give people a good first impression? Did that reflect poorly on him as her guardian?

Dismissing that thought before he got distracted, Takamichi happily greeted the youngest of the two children born of Ala Rubra. Though not the only two raised by them. Did that make them something like cousins by association?

Heh, that'd be fun to see their reactions to.


Time moved, much like it has a tendency to do, and Asuna grew to care quite deeply for the annoying little midget of a wizard.

She still didn't understand her apparent immunity to all things magical, but she figured that she shouldn't be questioning useful things, so she didn't bother.

Konoka finally brought Setsuna out of her shell, and Asuna got to see an image of Takamichi when he was younger. Like, almost Negi's age, younger. He looked kind of cute, but the man that had been his teacher looked better. He was her type, after all.

It was also becoming apparent to Asuna that Negi shouldn't be allowed within ten feet of women at any time. Ever. He was just too damn good at accidentally seducing them.

Of course, considering that he was the homeroom teacher of 3-A and a teacher at an all-girls school... he was kind of doomed to be chased by all things female. Which was somewhat amusing, whenever she managed to avoid getting involved in it all. Which was rarely.

She was also starting to suspect that he was getting way too much training with kissing. Especially considering how he'd been fairly talented when he started.

Asuna suppressed a blush at the memory.

But Negi was driven, wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, and it didn't take long before they'd all managed to get themselves caught up in a search for the man who disappeared.

It also didn't take very long for that search to go wrong, and suddenly they were spread out across the Magical World, and then Negi joined some kind of gladiator tournament and went all weird-dark in a way that she was completely convinced wasn't healthy.

Then, she was knocked out in a fight against one of those girls following that Fate guy around, and her brain went all wonky, as if she was dreaming.


She dreamed of a Village where people jumped from roof to roof, and where the fashion looked distinctly peculiar, though not all that dissimilar to Kaede's ninja garb.

She dreamed of a kind old man in a sea of glares, dressed in a robe and wearing a funny hat.

And finally, she dreamed of a giant monster made from fire, sealed behind massive bars, and snarling angrily at her puny form.

Then she dreamed of something different.

She dreamed of hunting, of chasing, of catching smells on the wind, of the ground beneath her paws, of her twitching ears picking up all sounds worth hearing, of a man with red eyes, and of absolute rage and madness.

She dreamed of blood and fire, of chains and unbreakable trees, and of those accursed red eyes.

Then it spoke to her, the monster of fire and blood, and Asuna heard a name that she remembered but couldn't remember.

Uzumaki. It resonated within her, but left nothing in its wake.

The monster spoke to her, expecting her to know it, expecting her to respond to a name she knew nothing about.

And so, for the first time in Asuna's life, she heard of her parents.

Of a woman with red hair and green eyes, of a man with golden hair and blue eyes. Of a woman with a brash attitude, of a man with a breathtaking intellect. Of their attempts at keeping her safe in the face of the impossible.

Asuna sat there, listening, and ignoring the tears that fell from her eyes.

The fox didn't care of her emotional turmoil. It just disliked not being recognized, and the rest seemed to tumble out by itself. Her feelings mattered not to it, because it wasn't such a creature as to be moved by such things.

But it was moved by power, and when it found its claws unable to touch her, found them almost dissolving whenever they came close to her, it howled in furious frustration, until finally Asuna got sick and tired of listening to it all and pulled out her Pactio card.

So, ignoring the bars, Asuna jumped into the fray with a reckless abandoned that would've made Rakan shed tears with envy. She was an idiot after all. And she had a reputation to keep.


She was freed from her captivity by her insane classmates, and she laughed along with them when finally Fate's plans to rewrite the world came to a halt.

But she remembered now, her days in Konoha, and she'd seen through the fox's eyes how her parents had stood tall to protect her newborn form. She was still Asuna, would always be Asuna, the girl that she'd grown into becoming, but she would be forever changed, because she had seen her family, she had known the love of her parents.

Of course, once they'd finally beaten the big bad guy, it turns out that he might've had a point after all. But Negi, being the genius that truly only he could've been, just grinned victoriously and told them that he had a Plan.

Asuna was notably hesitant about Negi's plans simply because they usually either ended up with her getting stripped in front of Takamichi, or Negi being chased through the corridors by girls trying to strip him. But it was a good plan this time.

They twisted the rewrite of reality, took advantage of Negi's brilliant understanding of Magia Erebea, and more or less completely broke through causality by making it absorb itself and thereby power itself so that it could absorb itself to power itself, in an endless circle that actually ended up somehow generating more power than had previously been present so that the 'real illusion' could continue existing indefinitely.

Because they were class 3-A and even their teacher was too crazy to bother with pesky laws of physics.


Mahora was calm.

Well, that was something of a subjective truth, what with it being Mahora, and Mahora never staying calm for long before something insane happened. But it was calm in comparison to the final boss fight and subsequent saving of the world that Ala Alba had lived through.

Negi had found his father, having locked himself within the mechanism of the Magical World in a last ditch effort to delay the seemingly inevitable end. His wife had been very pleased at the man's idiocy having failed to kill him once again, and had celebrated by dragging him away and calling over her shoulder that it wasn't impossible for Negi to become a big brother, still.

Negi had in response been a nervous wreck for almost a month, before Eva had pity on him and pointed out that even if she did get pregnant with his younger sibling, it would still take her another nine months before Negi would even have to consider dealing with it.

Absurd a motivation though it had been, it had served its purpose in calming Negi down. Though, he could still be seen reading books about proper childcare, every now and then.

No, they were happy with their adventure, and it'd ended happily for all those present. But Asuna still wondered about the Village that she remembered, the place that her parents had called 'home'.

She'd asked Takamichi about it, and he'd told her that he didn't know much at all about that place, other than how to get there, and that she would be better off asking Nagi about it.

Asuna who was noticeably hesitant about relying on anything that may crawl out through the redheaded idiot's mouth, was in the end defeated by her own curiosity. And if it killed a cat, then she could feel guilty about it when it happened.

There was a certain gleeful cheerfulness over realizing that she didn't have to be as smart as Negi and think everything through, and that sometimes it was easier just to jump straight into it without pausing. It was also, notably, sometimes a lot more dangerous, but she was pretty resilient so she figured that she could take it.


Ala Alba barely let her mention the idea before they began to pack their bags.

It was annoying, how they immediately decided to accompany her to visit the home of her parents, but it was also reassuring.

She wasn't sure where they would be going, she wasn't sure how long they'd end up staying there, and she wasn't sure what kind of reception would greet them. But Ala Alba would stand at her back, and she wouldn't be alone.

The thought made her smile.

Hopefully though, Ayaka wouldn't be convinced that she was kidnapping Negi in an effort to seduce him... again... damn shotacon! Couldn't she see that Asuna was just acting like a proper 'big sister'-character by making sure that the stupid brat didn't get himself hurt by doing something reckless?

Asuna huffed in a distinctly peeved way, still not entirely sure of how she was going to explain this new trip to her old rival and kind-of-childhood-friend. It wasn't as if they could take the rest of the class with them, after all. Supposedly the 'magic' that they used over there was open for all practitioners, meaning that Negi might get turned into an ermine if he helped expose them to the world.

Not that he hadn't accidentally exposed magic to most of his class already, and yet still somehow managed to slink by punishment.

Either the guy was secretly really really good at avoiding the law, or the law just thought that punishing him would be too much like kicking a puppy. It would just get the law in trouble for being mean to him, or something.

Oddly enough, Asuna thought that this was a perfectly reasonable explanation for his avoidance of punishment, but that could easily be explained by having Negi turn his big, teary, puppy eyes on you. It was hard for anyone to find it in themselves to resist an attack of that level.


"You know... I think we should've perhaps seen this one coming." Asuna pointed out reasonably.

"Mwahahaha! Flee you pathetic maggots! I'm free! Free!" Eva continued laughing in a distinctly evil way.

"B-But I couldn't just leave her there..." Negi tried to reason.

"I'm not saying you didn't do the right thing, brat. Just that we should've seen it coming."

"Oh, come on Asuna! What's life without a few surprises!" Asakura grinned, making sure to capture every moment on film.

They'd finally managed to break down Evangeline's seal, and she had in response started to hunt down all the teachers who had given her shitty grades over the years.

Asuna wasn't really surprised, or in any way disappointed with her lack of kindness. She was Eva, of course she was going to get revenge for every little slight against her. She was an Evil Mage, it was probably in her job description to do so.

Negi was feeling a bit guilty about it, but it wasn't as if she was planning on taking over the world or anything. Hell, she wasn't even really hurting any of the teachers, just making sure that they would never again dare call her 'cute'.


The Elemental Nations looked a lot like Japan in general might've looked like without cars.

Haruna was disappointed as this meant that she wouldn't be able to use the Paru without drawing a lot more attention to themselves than they were comfortable with. Chisame was more worried at what appeared to be a lack of electronics.

And so it came to be, that they stood before the walls of Konoha.

They were some impressive walls, Asuna had to give them that, even if she couldn't really imagine them being any use against anyone who decided to attack – she'd gotten used to Eva and Negi's power-levels and couldn't really bring herself to remember that other people couldn't imagine two people capable of blowing up a mountain by accident.

"Names and purpose of visit?" The guard asked in the dead voice that can only come from endless boredom.

"Ah, I'm Namikaze Asuna, and I'm visiting the home of my parents." Asuna said simply, letting the other thirty students introduce themselves.

"N-Namikaze?" The guard stuttered, staring at her face with an obviously stunned look.

"It was the name of my father." Asuna explained.

"Negi-sensei! They've got people walking on the walls! That's so cool!" Makie's voice could be heard from somewhere in the back, just as enthusiastically optimistic as always.

"Ah! Master! Don't attack anyone!" Negi tried to hold back Eva from beating up the guy who'd just dismissed her favorite age-illusion for security reasons.

"Let go of me boya, I'm going to teach the little snot some damn manners!"

"Yay! Cut him up Master! Let his blood rain from the sky!" The little doll following her around laughed delightedly.

"What do you mean 'what's a computer'?" Chisame demanded from another guard – they'd called for reinforcement due to the sheer number of names that would need to be written down.

"Ojou-sama!" Setsuna called out in her usual worrying way.

"Geez! Call me Kono-chan, Set-chan!" Konoka responded with a pout.

"Kotaro, don't make me involve Chizu-nee!" Natsumi threatened the dog-eared boy who was making things complicated by refusing to stand still.

"Not the leeks! Anything but the leeks!"

Needless to say, it was chaos.


Hiruzen Sarutobi stared at the group in front of him.

When he'd sent her away, he hadn't really considered how he'd be able to call her back, should something of vital importance occur, but had brushed the thought off as inconsequential to her getting a decent childhood.

And now she was back, and she'd brought almost twenty people with her.

They all looked different ages, and some looked very much like there was something messed up with them. Like the boy with dog ears, or the talking doll, or the small girl leaking Killing Intent, or the young boy being called 'sensei', or the girl with metal ears and a perfectly blank face, or the dark-skinned girl carrying some manner of metal pipe, or the female samurai.

In fact, in comparison to the rest, the ninja and the martial artist both looked fairly normal to him. And that didn't include the large number of what seemed to be civilians.

All in all, Hiruzen was happy that Asuna had so many friends, even if he was a bit uncertain as to what exactly a few of them were.

"I'm glad." He finally admitted, interrupting the fidgeting of some of those who'd been escorted here. "It looks like you made a lot of friends, Asuna-chan."

The girl in question straightened imperceptibly. "Yeah." She nodded.

There were some quiet murmuring coming from the foreigners' escort as they tried to remember anyone by the name of Asuna that might've been related to the Hokage. A few of them seemed to be drawing blanks, whilst the eyes of the others widened slightly.

The Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi had returned.

"You know," the little girl leaking Killing Intent drawled slowly. "I'm getting kind of thirsty..."

The boy called sensei gulped nervously. "Ah, Master..."

She grinned, showing off sharpened fangs. "Oh, is there something you'd like to say boya?"

"Oi, Eva-chan, stop picking on Negi-baka." Asuna interrupted.

"What was that Namikaze? Did you say you wanted to be blown up? Frozen over? Die by suffocation?" The little girl inquired with a dark smile, still leaking that same old Killing Intent.

The effect was really quite impressive, making several of the chunin present shiver.

Asuna just smiled. "Eva-chan, who broke your seal?"

The little girl opened her mouth, supposedly to say something scathing, then she snapped it shut and turned away with an angry huff.

Asuna's smile turned into a victorious grin.

"Asuna-chan, that was mean." One of the apparent civilians told the other girl with a scolding tone.

"Hey! She started it!" The redhead spluttered indignantly.

"That doesn't mean you should say such things." The brown-haired girl told her with a pointed look.

Hiruzen was mildly amused by how not only was Asuna looking a lot like a scolded puppy, but the female samurai next to the civilian was staring at the brown-haired girl with what seemed to be utter worship. It reminded him a bit of a scene in the Icha Icha series.

Hurriedly suppressing that thought before his nose began to bleed and he gave himself away, the Sandaime took in all the foreigners gathered here.

"You're all welcome to stay for as long as you wish, as long as you don't violate any of Konoha's laws." He told them.

"Does Konoha have any laws against blowing up random mountains?" Asuna asked in a slightly absent way, whilst eying the little girl and the young boy warily.

"That's..." Hiruzen paused, thinking over the question. "We have a law about defiling the monument." He gestured to the four faces carved in stone. "But I don't think there's anything in there about other mountains... as long as nobody risks getting hurt in the blast zone..."

"Ooh! A Challenge!" A girl carrying a camera declared boldly.

"Yeah! Aniki! Don't lose to the blood-sucker!" The ermine on the young boy's shoulder suddenly yelled out, shocking those who hadn't thought it a Summon.

"Oi! Stop doing insane things!" A redheaded girl with glasses yelled out, glaring at the two who'd been implicated in participating in the 'blow up mountains' challenge.

"Aha! A chance to test myself!" The martial artist did a pose. "I shall not be outdone by Negi-bozu!"

For some reason, Hiruzen had terrifying flashbacks to Gai.

"Quit it already you dam muscle-brains!" The glasses girl was sounding a bit hysterical by now.

"Everyone. Please cease this contest." The girl with the metal ears finally spoke up, her voice a soothingly cold tone, almost completely emotionless.

There was a pause as everyone turned to her, a few looking like they were posed to argue.

"My Pactio." The girl pulled out a card, interrupting whatever anyone else wanted to say, and holding it up so that it could be seen.

Everyone paused.

"Well, damn... I guess there's not really any contest against that, is there." One of the girls sighed.

"Man, no fair. So overpowered." Another one voiced their opinion.

Hiruzen was now visibly intrigued. Not only did it appear that some of them were actually capable of blowing up a mountain, this girl with metal ears had just managed to declare that none of the others would be able to keep up with her.

On an unrelated note, this 'Negi' seemed a bit relieved at the challenge being canceled, which might be related to how he called what would've been his opposition 'master'.

It was all making the Sandaime wonder just what their actual ages were, because obviously, a ten year old shouldn't be capable of blowing up a mountain. Or even be expected to be capable of blowing up a mountain.

Then again, actually asking such a question would probably be somewhat rude... Ah, politics, what a horrible thing.


Hiruzen sighed heavily as the emergency council meeting filled with the outraged voices of the civilians.

The Jinchuuriki had returned. 'It' once again walked among them without control.

Of course the council was going to be upset about it, how could he have ever deluded himself into thinking anything else? Damned idiots.

Asuna's strange companions were also a subject of some debate.

They weren't members of Konohagakure, they were obviously affiliated with the Jinchuuriki in some manner, and so this was clearly a coup of some sort and the group should be immediately brought before either Ibiki or Danzo. Preferably Danzo.

God but he hated that man.

No, Hiruzen didn't have quite enough political clout to simply get away without allowing the Jinchuuriki to be tied down in some manner.

This left him with a few options. Either he could declare a law that she wasn't allowed to leave Konohagakure, or he could force her into becoming a part of their regular military, or he could give her over to Danzo for him to deal with.

The lesser of three evils was quite obviously to somehow convince her to join up as a genin, but how he'd manage that, and what he was supposed to do with her numerous companions... well, he really didn't have a clue.

Still, he'd be forced to at least try.

He'd recently found that he hated politics almost as much as he hated paperwork.


Asuna tried to ignore the way her eye was twitching as she made her way to the Academy.

The Hokage had wanted her to at least try out for genin, if for nothing else than to get the council members off his back about it. Normally, she would've most likely told him that she really didn't care about becoming a shinobi, but then she remembered that he'd been the one to send her away from Konoha, to Mahora, to her friends.

So, on account of becoming even with the old man, she would at least give it a try.

In an interesting series of events, the Ala Alba had quickly found itself spreading out to various places and people that intrigued them in some manner.

Ku Fei had been seen in the company of some guys running around in green spandex and shouting at the top of their lungs. Kotaro had gotten into a fist fight with some dog-like guy a few years older than him, and were now good friends with his family. Konoka was driving the medic-nin at the hospital insane with her 'impossible' usage of magic. Chamo had found some orange books and was now rarely seen without one, despite several attempts at burning said books. Evangeline was amusing herself with terrifying people everywhere, much to Chachamaru's hesitant objections. Chisame had locked herself in her room, refusing to come out without Negi present to literally drag her out of her 'haven of rational reality'. And Negi along with Nodoka and Yue had found themselves a new library, and could usually be found there.

All in all, they were settling in reasonably well...

Still, they hadn't planned to make their trip here into a permanent one, and nobody appeared to really have any plans to stick around. Then again, they were class 3-A, they weren't all that good at planning anything. Ever.

Sighing heavily at the insanity that was her friends, Asuna opened up the door to where the teams were supposed to be divided into.

She was actually rather thankful that Hiruzen had taken her claim of already existing competence to heart, and allowed her to skip the whole 'Academy testing'-part of the genin exam. She seriously doubted she would've made it through any kind of written test that they might've provided.

After all, she was an idiot. And proud of it!


The masked jounin who'd arrived three hours late had asked them to introduce themselves.

The black-haired boy whose name was Sasuke glared and told of his 'ambition'. The pink-haired girl whose name was Sakura showed herself to be a fangirl. And then it was Asuna's turn.

"Namikaze Asuna." She started out, ignoring how several of those present blinked at her surname. "I like my friends, Takahata-sensei, Negi-baka, and Mahora. I dislike Negi overworking himself, homework, things that require a brain, and when my classmates annoy me. My dream is..." She trailed off in thought for a moment. "For everyone to live happily. My hobbies are..." She paused, tilting her head. "Crap! I seriously can't remember! I've been too caught up in all this insanity to actually have a hobby!"

With that exclamation, Asuna curled up in one of the corners in a over-dramatic display of depression, whilst sobbing quietly to herself about how her stupid classmates never gave her any free time.

All present stared at her with various degrees of disbelief.

Sasuke thought that she was a foolish person who knew nothing of sacrifice. Sakura thought that she was obviously not right in the head. And Kakashi was wondering just what kind of life his teacher's daughter had lived through.

Regardless, Kakashi declared the purpose of the next test, gleefully savoring the horrified looks of his students-...

"What? You guys didn't know?" Asuna stared at her two future teammates.

"Ah, right. You never joined the Academy, did you?" Kakashi mused.

Asuna shook her head. "No point. I wouldn't be able to use this 'chakra' stuff of yours anyway." She admitted unashamedly, remembering her utter failure at learning ordinary magic. But then she paused again, frowning slightly. "Though I suppose that the Kankaho might count as something similar to that, now that I actually think about it."

Sure, Magic Cancel was useful when you wanted to punch Evangeline on the nose, but it was still kind of sad that she wouldn't ever be able to use spells because of it.

"Wait, you can't even use chakra?" Sakura spluttered out in shock.

"Hm? Not really." She absently brushed off the girl's shock.

"What use are you if you cannot use chakra?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her in a sneer.

Asuna paused.

Asuna slowly turned to face the annoying shit-head who'd just dared to call her 'useless'.

She wasn't exactly sure what her face looked like at that moment, but she was fairly certain that she was channeling an Eva being called pipsqueak.

"Oh? I'm of no use, am I?" She ignored the way that the jounin had apparently twitched for a kunai from her raw hostility. "I suppose you believe that you can beat me, don't you? Duckbutt?"

Sasuke bristled at her new nickname, and quickly shot to his feet, clearly intent on accepting her challenge.

That was when Asuna's current housing exploded.

Everyone flinched at the sound, but only Asuna knew exactly what had happened.

"Oh, goddammit! I can't leave them alone for four hours!" She growled angrily. "I'm going to beat the shit out of them!"

Then she launched herself off from the rooftop, that just so happened to be about six stories off the ground, landed without any issue, and took off at a speed that would've left Gai at the very least vaguely impressed.

This was not counting the fact that she'd apparently unsealed a gigantic paper fan as she fell, and that she was holding it a lot like one would hold a sword... if they were skilled with its use, and the sword was as tall as they were.

Noticeably, she hadn't use any chakra whatsoever during her descent.

Sasuke was looking conflicted, not enjoying having his opponent run off on him, and yet somewhat hesitant on fighting someone who could do such things without involving chakra to augment their body.

Sakura was confused by what had just happened. And Kakashi was wondering whether or not he should actually pass them at all, considering that he was growing ever-increasingly certain that the redheaded girl wasn't really interested in becoming a ninja or serving Konoha.

The fact that she apparently took after her mother's personality – and that Kakashi had some seriously traumatic memories in regards to the Bloody Habanero and her temper – really didn't make him any more enthusiastic about being in her vicinity for long stretches of time.


Sometimes, Asuna wondered at the lengths to which the Kyuubi would go to for seemingly no reason.

She'd had her memories sealed, and instead of using that as some manner of leverage, the Kyuubi had raged and roared and fought against the blockade in her mind with such passion that it'd turned her Immune.

The Kyuubi had given her Magic Cancel, completely by accident, thereby making any of its possible escapes utterly impossible. She couldn't draw on its chakra in the manner that it needed her to do in order to break free, and if anyone else tried to break it out of her, there was a high chance of it simply dissolving as the supernatural construct faced off against her Magic Cancel at point blank range.

Really, it must've been the most insanely ironic thing that'd happened in the history of the tailed beasts. Not that Asuna cared particularly about this, as she normally just attributed it to the Kyuubi being an overly intelligent moron. Which was a lot worse than to be an enthusiastic idiot, or a regular idiot, or even an overly intelligent idiot. Idiocy was totally okay, Rakan had said so himself.

Admittedly, Rakan was quite possibly the single most untrustworthy source of information that existed – with possible exception to Haruna or Chamo – but that didn't stop him from being right!

Still, she'd learned other ways to reach past the boundaries of what a normal human could do, much to Chisame's despair. The Kankaho was perhaps not the single most efficient usage of energy out there, but it wasn't by any means a bad one either.

This was what she considered as she chased Kotaro and Negi around Konoha, wielding an oversized paper fan, and yelling at them about how they should stop blowing up their only residence.

Konoka had been mostly amused, Eva was still chuckling gleefully as she watched chaos spread in that delicious way that all Evil Mages enjoy, and Chisame was crying over how they'd managed to blow up the generator – thus leaving her without her precious electronics.

Needless to say, Ala Alba continued to confuse the citizens of Konohagakure.


Kakashi was late again.

Somehow, Asuna didn't really have it in her to be surprised.

Still, she'd learned not to trust what her teachers told her – she'd after all been trained by the ever-sadistic Eva – and so had eaten a very satisfying breakfast before arriving at their meeting place. And Asuna could admit to being petty enough to smirk evilly whenever Duckbutt's stomach growled.

Thus, when Kakashi finally deigned to show up, Sasuke was close to vibrating in restrained anger, Sakura was glaring with extreme hostility, and Asuna greeted him with honest relief as the savior of all things book-related, as she'd been forced by her English teacher to do her summer homework if she had spare time – which waiting for her sensei counted as.

Kakashi once more flinched internally as he realized her dislike for books, in no small part due to being treated to a flashback of her mother. Her insanely violent mother that was fully capable of leveling a city-block if she got angry enough. The last Hatake might have liked the Bloody Habanero and the way she made his old sensei smile, but that didn't mean he wasn't absolutely terrified of her and her semi-annual attempts at either giving him a haircut, or stealing his mask.

Actively suppressing a shiver at the memories, Kakashi smiled happily at his potential students, lying blatantly in regards to his lateness, before giving them the instructions for the day's test.

Their skill at the Academy showed, as his students disappeared into the bushes. Oh, he could still sense them, but they were genin and horrifically outclassed, so that was only to be expected.

Except Namikaze Asuna, who was cleaning her ear with an obviously disinterested expression, standing exactly where she'd been standing during his explanation.

That was a bad sign.

"You're supposed to hide, you know." He pointed out to the girl.

"Why?" She looked at him funny, obviously confused. "I'm supposed to be fighting you, right? How can I fight you by running away?"

And didn't that make a whole lot more sense than it ought to? Kakashi mused to himself. "Do you really think you can take me on, face-to-face?" He asked instead, not wanting to concede her point.

Asuna tilted her head, considering this for a moment, before shrugging recklessly. "I won't know until I try, right? And it's not like you can be worse than Eva."

Kakashi had just enough time to blink at this, before his instincts got him to move.

Kakashi's one eye widened perceptively as he stared at the gouge in the earth right in the place that he'd moments ago occupied, and where the redhead's gigantic sword had passed.

Where did she get a sword? Was the question that for some reason wouldn't leave him alone as he began weaving through her surprisingly skilled attacks. He'd seen her pull something out of her sleeve, and then she'd said something, and then she'd been holding a gigantic sword that she swung around as if it was a feather.

There weren't a lot of kenjutsu specialists in Konoha, being a shinobi village more focused on ninjutsu – with a few exceptions – than sword techniques. But here was Asuna, showing amazing skill, wielding a sword that could've belonged to one of Kiri's Seven Swordsmen. And she'd already admitted that she couldn't use chakra.

It was insane.

Kakashi put some distance in between them, deciding against trying his skill with a kunai against a sword, and began to make signs that would craft genjutsu to confuse her.

She ignored them.

Kakashi stared in disbelief as all chakra that touched her skin was immediately nullified. In fact, it rarely even made it that far.

Again, he jumped back, but this time he paused, trying to evaluate exactly what had happened.

"You cancel chakra. That's why you can't use it?" He guessed out loud.

Asuna stopped as well, a wry grin on her lips. "Pretty much."

"How can you move around like that without channeling chakra, anyways?" He asked curiously.

She shrugged. "Practice." Her grin grew wider, a battle-crazed expression if he ever saw one. "And I still have a long way to go, 'cause I'll be damned if I let that crazy old bastard out-idiot me!"

And then she was charging, and Kakashi wondered briefly what in the hell his sensei's daughter had been subjected to, for her to believe that idiocy was something to be proud of.


Ninjutsu didn't work, genjutsu didn't work, the girl was good at anything physical, and Kakashi was starting to wonder if maybe there was some truth to the rumors that several of her friends had seriously considered a contest in blowing up mountains.

Because if this was by any stretch of the word 'average' then those friends of hers must be monsters of some sort.

Unfortunately, his test had sort of gone down the drain, what with Asuna proving capable of actually matching him, meaning that there didn't seem to be any incentive to join forces with her teammates. The teammates that were too busy staring in awe at their fight to bother with trying to back her up.

It was almost enough to make him want to punch someone.



A/n: Don't really know where I was going with this one, only had this idea that Asuna has red hair and Kushina has red hair, and somehow this popped up. Inspiration is weird like that.