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The floorboards creak invitingly as he steps through the door and into a bar in Hunter Association territory. Noises of dozens of conversations are crowding in his ears. He ignores the stares and whispers from the other patrons, and keep walks across the room straight to the stools near the bar. A song from the jukebox is lulling softly in his ears, calm and full of nostalgia.

His eyes drift across to a blonde who is sitting on a stool. Kaien Cross, The Vampire Without Fangs, sits on a chair with a dark haired teenager that is very familiar to him.

Touga Yagari.

Zero shakes himself, trying to rid the longing for his teacher. He put his stoic face back as he approaches the bar and climbs onto the stool near Kaien.

"Zero," Kaien says as he nods to greeting the silverette.

Zero flinches when he sees Yagari glaring at him, the glare is full of hatred and scorn. "What a vampire doing here?" Yagari asks, his hand is gripping his shotgun tightly.

Kaien spread his hand, preventing him from shooting Zero. "Please, stay down. He is our friend."

Yagari scoffs. "You mean your friend?" He lit the cigarette he bites. "I don't have a friend who is bloodsucker."

Zero's hand grips his own sleeve as he grimaces. It hurts, he knows that Yagari dislike – heck, you can say 'hate' – the vampires, but to watch his scorn and hears his hatred to him… it's very hurt.

"You're okay?" Kaien asks, concerned by the hurt in the silverette's eyes. "I'm sorry about Yagari. You know well that every hunter hate the vampires as you are a hunter too."

Zero nods, while Yagari jerks in surprise. "He is a hunter?" Yagari asks in disbelief.

Kaien knows better to keep the truth about Zero is an ex-human. "Yes, he is. You know the reason why I haven't changed a bit though I've lived so long." Yagari nods. "Zero is more or less same as me." Zero is the one who startles this time as he hears Kaien's lie. "He have vampire genetic more higher than me, and because of that he feels like a vampire to the hunters and the vampires."

'Like hell he will believe that crap,' Zero thinks as he sweatdrops.

Yagari doesn't believe on Kaien's explanation, but he can't find any hole from the explanation, so he nods to accept it.

'Oh, thank you, Kaien!' Zero cheers inside. He doesn't want Yagari to try to kill him. Knowing that his teacher hates him is painful enough, but to know that Yagari tries to kill him…

"Sorry about earlier," Yagari says roughly and blowing cigarette smoke. "Touga Yagari," he says briefly as he extends his hand.

Zero is accepting his handshake and swallowing past a brand new lump in his throat. "Zero."

Yagari raises an eyebrow. "No last name?"

Zero bows his head for a second, before he put a little smile. "I don't think the association will appreciate if I mention my family name."

Yagari pauses as he inspects the silver haired. "Hm, you're interesting," he says, before he laughs. "I like this guy, Cross!" He then turns his head to the bartender. "Hey, Bill! I want a glass for Cross' friend!"

Bill smiled. "Okay, bos!" he shouts as he does a mocked respect. "But take it yourself!"

"What?!" Yagari says. "There's no service?!"

Bill raises his eyebrow. "No service for the guy who still have debt to me."

Yagari clicks his tongue. "Tch, you become more and more smartass everyday, Bill!" he says, before he gets out from the stool and walks towards Bill.

Kaien sighs as he saw the bipolar side of Yagari. "Then, Zero, tell me what made you come here." he asks, and see Zero's startle look. "Don't be surprise. You wouldn't set your foot in association's territory if you have no reason." He swallows his drink. "But first, I want to ask something."

Zero blinks. "What?"

"I heard from Juuri that you choose not to back to your time." Kaien stares deeply to Zero's eyes. "Are you sure with your decision?"

Zero nods his head. "Yeah, I'm sure."

Kaien stares at Zero for the last time, before he deems enough. "Good." He lifts his glass. "I'm not mood to hear Juuri's whine if you back home." He gulps his drink till it empty. "Now, tell me your intention to come here."

Zero props his hand to his chin. "I have a request."

Kaien puts his glass on the counter. "If your request is still possible for me to do."

Zero chuckles hollowly. "Yeah, I'm sure you can do it." He then leans closer to Kaien. "Few years in the future there will be an order from association to Tsukasa and Reina Kiryuu. The order is to obliterate the level Es in Hio Clan's territory," he whispers and sees Kaien's eyes widen. "I want you to stop them from accept the order, whatever situation and condition by using any means."

Kaien sits still.

"Can you do it?" Zero asks, concerned by his lack of response.

The blonde hunter lets out a sigh. "It can be done, but it will difficult. The Kiryuus are famous for their stubbornness. Once they receive an order, they will do it." He strokes his chin. "I'm not that close with the Kiryuus, but Yagari is a good friend of Reina Kiryuu, maybe I can make Yagari persuade Reina to turn down the order."

Zero sighs in relief. "Good," he murmurs, barely cares the trembling in his voice. "That's good."



"To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave."

― Elvis Presley






He can feel it. A shiver is running on his body as he thinks. He can feel the power of his bite worms in Rido Kuran's veins slowly, and he is very sure that only a matter of time until it controlling the brunette pureblood. Originally he comes here to kill Rido's lover, but apparently it's not needed anymore because he now feels his controlling power begins to move.

Without a sound he set down along the ledge of the cliff where the target for this operation is. He lifts his head and sees a cave that lies across the valley before him. The Kuran Clan did a good job at hiding this cave, they have been searching for this place for decades, if not because they felt a powerful energy from this place a few months ago, they might be still searching.

The place where the strongest pureblood, the ancestor of Kuran Clan, Kaname Kuran, currently lay asleep.

He smirks widely as he watches many blood red eyes glowing in the dark. They are enough to stall for time. Kuran Clan is one of the strongest vampire clan, but how much strong they are, it's not possible to handle hundreds of level E in a matter of minutes.

And it is enough for him.


"Shush… you're a good boy, Kaname," Zero says softly as he cradles Kaname that slowly stop crying.

Juuri, who is sitting beside Zero, pouts to the silverette. "Why is he always stopped crying if you held?"

Zero just chuckles to saw her jealous face.

"Maybe, Kaname just more like Zero than you," Haruka teases, stroking his baby's head. "Looks like Rido will have a rival!"

Juuri puffs out her cheeks. "I'm his mother…" she mutters. "Indeed, I don't have any experience on caring a baby, but still…"

"Juuri, you're not at fault," Zero says gently, his finger is stroking Kaname's cheek. "You're a new mom, it's natural if you have any difficulty on caring a baby." He chuckles as he watches Kaname yawns. "I used to take care of my parents' friend's babies, so I'm experienced enough to know this baby's wants."

Juuri, Haruka, and Zero, laugh when Kaname scrunches his face. "Oh gosh, look! No way, he made such a weird face just now!" Juuri said happily. "Aah… it's a waste of his good looks."

"Just like you, Juuri," Haruka adds and chuckles when Juuri glared at him.

Zero gives the sleeping Kaname back to Juuri. "But, he's still a good boy, right?" he asks as he smiles.

A wide, happy smile radiates on Haruka's and Juuri's face. "Of course he is!" Juuri exclaims.

A chuckle is heard from the door. Zero turns his head and smiles when he finds Rido stands leaning the doorway. "Maybe it's a good thing after all," Rido says, his lips curved into a smile. "To give a birth to a new life, with all the hidden promises, the happiness, and the unknown factor that comes with it. Considering the current situation."

Juuri lets out a giggle. "Would you like to hold him in your arms, huh, 'uncle' Rido?" she asks teasingly.

Haruka and Zero chuckle with the image that suddenly appears in their mind.

Rido raises his eyebrow. "Sure," he replies, making Haruka and Zero stops laughing.

"No way…" Haruka murmurs in shock.

"Is the world going to end?" Zero asks in amazement.

Rido glares at the two. "What's wrong with me holding my own nephew?"

"Don't mind them," Juuri says as she giggles. "They just like to tease you, you know that, right?"

A smirk spreads on Rido's lips. "Oh, yeah. Zero loves to tease me, especially when we're on the bed." He chuckles, his hand holding the baby who fell in slumber.

Zero's face suddenly flushes. "Hey! There's a baby in here!" he shouts in embarrassment.

Rido raises an eyebrow. "And the baby is asleep, he wouldn't hear anything."

Zero's face becomes like a tomato.

"Oh my God, too much information. I don't need to know what you do in your bedroom." Haruka says as his hands close his ears.

Zero glares at Haruka, as Rido laughs loudly.

Suddenly Rido feels something wet his hand. He looks down and sees water dripping out from the baby's blanket. Haruka laughs hard to see it.

Zero who saw it immediately turns toward Juuri. "Juuri?" he asks as he raises his eyebrow.

Juuri's face flushes. "Ah! I'm so sorry!" she said, her hand covers his mouth in embarrassment. "I thought it would still be fine, but…"

Zero sighs. "I will change his diaper," he says as he moves from his chair to take Kaname from Rido.

But Rido pushes Zero back to his chair. "It's okay, just let me changes his diaper," he says with smile. "I'm very good at it, considering I have experience taking care of my little brother and little sister," he continues teasingly, glancing at the red-faced Juuri and Haruka.

"Brother, please! Don't embarrass me again!" Haruka whines.

Zero blinks his eyes. "But, Rido…!"

"Let's get you all cleaned up, Kaname!" Rido sings happily. He turns and walks to the door. "And I'll also get changed out of my shirt which you got all wet."

Zero, Haruka, and Juuri, stares blankly at Rido's back. They look at each other for a moment before unknowingly thinking of the same thing.

'I don't believe it! Rido is a doting uncle!'


There's a shadow races across the trees, behind it there's many of shadows that seems like chasing the first shadow. The moonlight reflects on the strands of blonde hair, revealing a little the face of the first shadow.

Kaien Cross pulls out his sword, slashing the nocturnal creatures who are stand his way. His legs keeps running with steady pace tirelessly. Panic, worry, and fear, mixes in his heart and mind. He grits his teeth, wishing his legs can run faster than this. His mind screams.

When he heard about the strange movement of vampires in the northern region, initially he thought it was just because of a few level Es, so when he saw hundreds of vampires running wildly towards the Kuran Clan territory, he immediately get a very bad feeling. He must warn the Kurans!

'I hope I'm not too late! Please, hang on! Haruka, Juuri, Rido, Zero!'


If only he have an ability to fly, the operation will smooth and faster. But unfortunately, he doesn't have, so he uses another alternative to get the other side.

"It's time," he says, before he runs towards the valley followed by dozens of level Es in tow. Their number are just enough for him to be used as a foothold to cross the valley. He doesn't care about them, after all they are just a tool. The advantage of level Es, they are become tools that have no feelings or minds. In other words, they are dangerous weapons that know no fear.

He sets foot onto the back of a level E to other level E, drifting across the valley. He watches with a slight interest as so many reddish orange pillars shooting up from the valley. They're lava. He whistles in amazement as he sees the pillars of lava snaking and burning the level Es. He expertly evades a pillar of lava that shooting up from underneath him. He sets his foot firmly on a level E, before jumping over towards the other side, and lands with his feet in the mouth of the cave.

"Hm? That's it?" He steps in to the cave with a bored face, ignoring the scream and pained cry from the level E that trapped in the lava pillars behind him. "I'm not so impressed, lava pillars indeed creative but not challenging." He dusts off some stray ash and dirt that have managed to touch him. "But, I can't complain. If it continues like this, the mission will be easier."

"Hey, Shira-kun, how things in your place?"

His eyebrows twitches in annoyed when a woman's voice come into his mind. "Mikazuki, I told you to not casually get into my mind."

"But, Shira-kun, I'm not getting into your mind. This is telepathy. Telepathy is different from Mind Link."

He sighs. "I have entered the cave where the tomb is," he says to change the subject. "You? How about you?"

"I managed to infiltrate in, and currently disguising as a maid. You know, the design for the maid uniform in here is very cute, maybe I will use this design for the servants in my house."

"Mikazuki, focus."

"You're not fun." Shirabuki's fingers presses his forehead, he could see Mikazuki pouts from her voice. "Okay, Sugaru is currently arranging the level Es and waiting for a sign. And Arata is now trailing Kuran-kun. I heard you feel your manipulation power has started to move, so we thought killing the level D is not necessary anymore."

"Yeah, my controlling power begins to move. Tell Arata to keep Rido Kuran busy and make his mind off guard so I could use Puppeteer."

"Roger, Shira-kun. Oh, I have information that's very interesting."

Shirabuki walks sideways to evade stalagmites that blocking the way. "What is it?"

"Kuran-kun's level D is a Vanator."

Shirabuki's eyes widen. "Seriously? You're kidding, right?" he asks in disbelief. Vanator is the name for ex-human vampires who were used to be a vampire hunter. And the Vanators are very rare and usually it's because they're die after changed into an ex-human, either by suicide or immediately killed by their fellow hunters. He himself has never seen a Vanator before, but he heard that the Vanators still have the power that they once had when they were a hunter.

It's very inconvenient, if there's a chance he have to deal with Rido's lover. Not that he thought he will lose against the level D, but still it's very troublesome, he's not sure if he will not get out without any damage if he has to fight with him. Fortunately, the Vanators are no longer able to use anti-vampire weapons (well, according to the book). Just to imagine they – especially the level E ones, the Vanators without any common sense, feelings, or fear – have vampire power and could use anti-vampire weapons already makes him shudder.

"Nope. And not only that, his physical characteristic is similar to Hio."

Shirabuki speechless. A Vanator with physical characteristic that similar with Hio. There's only one hunter clan that fits with the characteristics.

"You mean that Rido's lover is a Kiryuu?!" he shouts in shock, cold sweats running down his skin. It's impossible! Usually when a hunter turned into a vampire, there will be a record written in Vampire Council's and Hunter Association's Archive to track their movements and situations, so this is very surprising to him because there's no record of one of the Kiryuu has turned into a vampire in this generation and the previous five generations. "Are you sure, Mikazuki?!" he asks.

"Yep, I'm 100% sure. His physical characteristics are very unique and exotic just like Hio. If it's not because I could feel aura of level D from him, I would definitely think Hio-chan secretly have an illegitimate child."

Shirabuki's eyebrows furrow. A Vanator with Kiryuu's blood, it's a very dangerous composite. Kiryuu Clan is the oldest and strongest of hunter clans, though almost extinct because of the New Order war. The only clan that still has untainted blood of 'The Parent', the pureblood vampire who gave blood and power of hunter to the humans, inside their veins. The power of a Kiryuu equivalent to a level B vampire and without anti-vampire weapons, they still have power that on par with high level C vampire. And now Mikazuki said that Rido's lover is a vampire – though just an ex-human – that was a hunter and not just a hunter but a Kiryuu, it's sounded like a fate's joke, a very bad one. He used to read his grandfather's journal about Vanator, according to the journal his grandfather had fought against a level E Vanator. His grandfather won, but not without injury, and he himself saw the scar that runs from his grandfather's shoulder to the waist from a portrait that his father had showed to him.

Shirabuki feels chill. And the level E who fought with his grandfather was a level E Vanator from an ordinary hunter family and was ranked fifth in the list of strongest hunter at that moment, that level E could give his grandfather a scar that couldn't fade. And now he knows that Rido's lover is a Kiryuu, the clan that it's members are always included in the top 3 on the list of the strongest hunter, to imagine a person with Kiyuu's blood become a level D Vanator…



"Whatever happens in the future, don't fight against the level D."

"Eh? Why? I know they said that the Vanators are strong, but they still can not comparable with the purebloods."

"If that's just an ordinary hunter, you might win easily." Shirabuki's mind begins to make plans to trap the level D. He must kill the Kiryuu now, or they will be very troublesome in the future. "Anyway, hear my command, okay? Don't fight with him, except if it's the last thing you have to do. Though he just a level D, he still a Kiryuu, you can not comparable with him. You're maybe one of the elders, but your clan's pureblood blood and status is new."

"…Okay, I will avoid the level D. Just from your voice alone I can feel that you think he is equal or stronger than me."

Shirabuki chuckles softly. "Oh, you don't know, Mikazuki. You don't know."


Rido pushes the door open to the nursery, smiling as he hears the baby's cooing. He laid the baby down on the table near the cradle, before removing the coat he wears. His eyes stares in disgust at the wet coat sleeve, he was indeed had experience in tending baby, but that doesn't mean he likes changing diapers. He then throws his coat into the basket, before he moves his attention back to the baby.

"Okay, little brat, it's time to change your nappy," he says as he unwraps the first shirt that was bundled Kaname. He is unhooking the safety pin and letting the second shirt to fall. And at that moment, the baby decides it's time to pee again.

"Shit!" Rido curses under his breath as he jerks back reflexively to avoid pee, making the baby's pee wet the table and dripping on the carpet. "Hey, look what you did! You wet the carpet!" Rido says. Kaname stopped peeing and makes sounds like cute giggles. Rido glares at the baby, before he leans closer, looming over the infant. He softly pinches the baby's cheeks and playfully stretches them.

"Yeah, go ahead, laugh," he says to the baby with a sly smile. "I'll make sure you laugh so hard you don't want to anymore."

His fingers tickle Kaname's stomach, making the baby kicks a little and laughs and giggles. Rido continues tickling and now enjoying the sight of the baby laughing, giggling and wriggling on the table. He smiles, his hands stop tickling the baby's stomach before resuming his task. He put a little powder on the baby's butt and the baby's 'little guy'. Then he put on the diaper and wrapping the blanket around the baby.

"You know, little guy," Rido says as he lifts Kaname into his arm. "You're like a miracle. You're like a little bundle of joy in the darkness." He kisses the baby's forehead, stroking his head with utmost care, making the baby asleep. "I don't want that light faded, so…" His gentle look sharpened, he turns his head slowly toward the ceiling. "…I will protect you."

"I don't know who you are, but…" Rido continues, his gaze becomes cold and looks vicious. Dark aura encircles him, swaying like a living shadow. "Infiltrate the clan territory with a killing intent, it's a challenge of war."

A chuckle echoes around the room, Rido sees a black wind spins like a black hole at the ceiling. The wind is slowly thinning until it become more like a human figure. Though Rido still can not clearly see the shadow he could see a wide, evil grin spread out like a Cheshire cat's smile, complete with white teeth and fangs.

"As expected from you, Rido, you could sense my presence so fast." The shadow speaks and the voice sounds like in a cave, echoing and haunting. "After saw you spoiling that baby, I thought you become a stupid weakling like your siblings, it turns out I was wrong."

Rido glares deeply at the pair of silver eyes as he pushes his killing intent to the shadow that currently stands upside down hanging on the ceiling. "So, you're the elders' dog now?" he growls, his hand that's not holding Kaname clenches. "You really make me disappointed," The smirk on the shadow face looks more feral. "Arata Seiji."


Laughter echoes in the room as Haruka tells Zero about his past. "And you know what Juuri did to Kaien? She kicked him in the face while yelling 'Take that! Pureblood kick of doom!'. If only I had a camera with me, I would have taken so many pictures of his face that time!" Haruka laughs loudly.

"Haruka!" Juuri yells in embarrassment.

Zero chuckles as an image of the story he heard crossing in his mind. Oh my God! If only he's there when it happened! He can not wait to laugh out loud right in front Kaien when he meets the blonde!

Zero's eyes glance at the door, he becomes agitated when he saw Rido doesn't come back yet. "He's late."

"Who?" Juuri blinks. "Oh, you mean Rido? On second thought… yeah, he's late."

"Maybe he's just playing with Kaname," Haruka jokes. "You saw his expression before, right? Rido the doting uncle!" he continues, laughing loudly.

Juuri and Zero let out a chuckle remembering Rido's face while holding Kaname earlier. "But I still worry," Zero says as he rises from his chair. "I'll look him, maybe Kaname was crying and Rido has a trouble in changing his diaper because of that. You know how Kaname is when he's crying, right?"

Haruka laughs. "Hey, Zero! Make sure you take a picture of his face when Kaname peed at him!" he says, evading a smack from Juuri who is also laughing.

Zero chuckles as he closed the door.

As they see the door completely closed, Haruka's and Juuri's happy face fades into a serious look. Their eyes narrowed. They turns towards the window, scanning closely the silhouette of the rustling trees and grasses that blown by the wind. "You feel that, Juuri?" Haruka asks.

Juuri nods. "Yeah. Two purebloods, one level B, and so many level C, D, and E, I don't know exactly how many of them and I'm not sure either where the purebloods are."

"Do you have Artemis on you?"


"Good." The squealing sounds are heard, bats and so many bats emerging from Haruka's body. "Try to finish them before Zero back. I'm sure Rido also has already felt their presence, and waiting to give Kaname to Zero first before he will do something."

A feral smile has seen on Juuri's face, her eyes are glowing red. "In three, Haruka?"

Haruka nods. "One."

"Two," Juuri continues, the Artemis in her hand changes into a big scythe.

"Three!" they shout in unison, and they lost into the darkness of the night.


Zero walks down the corridor, his eyes staring at the square stone structures that adorned the wall. A sigh out of his mouth, his instincts have been screaming and he doesn't know what caused it. He feels pureblood, many purebloods, but he sets aside it because he was thinking it's just the Kuran. His instincts feel overdrive, he feels so many vampires in here, and he doesn't know if he should do something or not, because these days there are many servants in this manor who are preparing a Baby Shower for Kaname.

He's drifting down in the corridor toward the nursery when suddenly an uneasy feeling jolted him. 'It's odd,' he thinks as he looking around him. He strains to listen. The house seems utterly still. 'Where are the servants?' he asks inside. Just an hour ago he saw the servants loitered, but now he realizes this place is so quite, suspiciously silent, and feels empty.

His hand slides in to his jacket, his fingers creeping on his Bloody Rose and gripping it tightly as he turns at the section. His eyes widen when he sees a lot of clothes scattered on the floor.


He falls on one of his knees to check out one of the scattered clothes. His eyes narrow when sand falling as he lifts the clothes.

This is not ordinary sand. He touches the sand, and he bites his mouth to muffle the gasp that coming out of his mouth. The texture, the roughness, the weight, the color, he knows this sand. He always saw it when he did his job as a hunter.

This sand is vampire dust, the dead vampires.

What's going on in here?

He looks around. There's so much sand, and by the kind of clothes that scattered in here, he can safely assume that all of the sand is the servants who work in the Kuran manor. He pulls the trigger slowly, trying not to make any noises. He walks silently and flinches when his instincts screams loudly.

He has to go to Kaname's room now. He is concerned with what is happening.

He walks quickly toward Kaname's room, carefully and warily. He is sure now that his instincts scream not because the servants and the Kuran, but because there are intruders. The problem is whether the purebloods that he felt is just the Kuran, or there are another pureblood in this mansion.

He flinches as his eyes suddenly become red when blood scent piercing his nose. The scent of blood is so strong that she feels dizzy and nauseous. Moreover he is very familiar with this scent. He stares at the nursery door with wide eyes. Anxiety, fear, mingles into one feeling. His trembling hand reaches for the door, turning the knob to open it. The scent is more stronger and the red in his eyes become more darker when the door opens, and he doesn't know what else he should feel the moment when he saw inside the room.


So many blood stained the wall and the floor like a wide abstract painting.

And this is not just any blood. This is pureblood blood. And the scent is so familiar to him because this blood is the one that he drank during the last few months.

This is his mate's blood.

This is Rido's.

To Be Continue…

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