Allen sat on the couch in his room. He had recently come to the Exorcist Black Order headquarters and he had already see so much death and suffering. They had lost six exorcists (of which there were few already) and several thousand Finders in a single E scale attack. Allen remembered the feeling of pain as he walked up to the village they had hoped to find General Cross in. The feeling of hopelessness and despair had pulled him in as he watched thousands upon thousands upo thousands of Akuma of all levels attack the village. What a horrible thing... Almost as bad as the feeling of being reunited with Cross... Allen could not remember the last time the General had actually acted like a general of exorcists. The last time he had killed an Akuma... Or protected somebody... Or protected innocence whatsoever... Or contacted head quarters... Or found and innocence collaborator... Well Allen supposed the last time had been him, but that man should take others to heart more! What if his innocence was destroyed? What if it was the 'heart'? Allen hated himself for thinking that. Cross had no heart or compassion at all. Where was Master Cross now? Probably sitting in a bar surrounded by women. He used the Order's money to buy himself alcohol and the Order's time to flirt with women. Allen hated that guy. He had no time for anyone other than himself. Allen, Crory, Leenalee, Bookman, and Lavi had jus returned from a trip after not finding the General.


No, Allen couldn't think about that. After all, he still didn't know how he felt for Lavi. Though all an exorcist could do around headquarters was think until he got another mission. Besides, the sooner Allen sorted this out, the better off they would both be.

Allen wondered. He had never felt anything like this before. He leaned back and heaved a sigh. What was he going to do? Thinking like this, I mean it wasn't like he actually l-l- No, he couldn't think about that.

* * *

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