Allen's POV

I woke up with a severe headache. "Aaaaahhh." I burst out involuntarily, clutching my curse mark. The pain evened out in a few minutes and I was able to see where I was. I was on a grassy hill, surrounded by trees and flowers. It was beautiful. I felt a heaviness on my neck. I looked down and there was a necklace of pure black onyx flowers on my neck. They must have turned into onyx when Saowling...

"You're awake?" A voice said. Only then did I realize I was lying on Lavi's chest. I darted a foot away, but the sudden motion made my head hurt again and I doubled over in pain. "It's okay." Lavi said and pulled me back over to him. We lied like that, me clutching my head, and Lavi comforting me. We looked up at the clouds until the clouds turned to sars.

Lavi sat up, forcing me to as well. Lavi took off his jacket and was about to wrap it around us when I doubled over in pain again. Except this time it was worse han the first time, when I went insane and killed four four level Akumas."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGG

Lavi's POV

Allen shouted to the sky and his teeth pointed. His eyes turned red and his innocence activated. Except this time, his arm was much, much bigger, much longer, and his fingers ended in claws sharper than the dragons'.

To put it simply, I was scared.

Allen's curse mark glowed bright red, looking as though it might split open his skull. A red, five- pointed star appeared in the sky overhead. All I could see was red.

Allen charged me, slicing at my chest and face. It was so fast I nearly missed it. I felt liquid seep down my chest, the heat changing from cold to red hot. I saw red dye the sky, but couldn't feel any of it. Allen came back again, slicing at my unbroken leg. I screamed. I felt that one. Soon the ground surrounding me was dyed red. Allen licked my blood off of one of his claws. He drank it like it was candy.

Allen's POV

The curse mark in the sky dissapeared and my arm released itself. My eyes turned back to a dull silver and the mark on my forehead faded back to teh way it was. I collapsed and looked over at my friend. "Lavi?" I froze. Blood. I saw what I had done. "LAVI!" I shouted and ran over to him. I looked down at Lavi, tears seeping from my eyes. I'm going to be responsible for his death. Lavi opened his eyes.

"Hey you're getting tears on my face." he said. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me torwards him. I slowly collapsed, and burrowed my head into Lavi's chest.

Lavi's POV

I wanted kiss Allen. He was so cute, and just looking at his face made me forget about the pain searing throught my body. Allen tried to pull away but I wouldn't let him. I wanted to stay like this, happy and care- free. Allen tried again and this time I released him. Allen sat up and helped me sit up as well. I realized he was confused. I looked into his eyes and smiled.

Allen's POV

I was confused (just as Lavi predicted.) I thought Lavi hated me yet... how could he ac so caring? Ok. What was going on? I love Lavi, I really do, but something told me Lavi hadn' forgotten about Kanda on the train. Of course, neither had I. Thre was more love when it came to Lavi and I's relationship. Though, that was probably explained by my own feeling for him. I didn't want to figure it out. I wanted to kiss him. But I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. I looked down as a red hot blush crept into my cheecks. But I'm sure this counts as cheating... Though why and on whom, I had no idea. So I gave in to my feelings, and wrapped Lavi in a ight hug.

Lavi's POV

He was so cute. Allen resisted my pull. But gradually gave in. I was hurt Allen resisted, fearing my biggest fears had come true, But when Allen gave in, I realized he was just confused. Of course he would be, he was in love with Kanda. I felt like I was hurting him and his chance at happiness with Kanda. I pulled away but I caught Allen's hurt look, which he quickly hid.

"We should go into town. It's dark and we have to treat my wounds." I said, realizing I had been bleeding the whole time. Allen wordlessly ripped my jacket more into shreds and wrapped them around me, just stable enough for us to get into town. We walked wordlessly past buildings and up to the first hotel we saw. This town was wealthier than the last one. The stay was cheap and the room was clean and whiewashed. No rats. A maid even brought us some fresh bandages. Allen and he maid slowly wrapped my chest up and set me back down on the bed. The maid left. Allen sat on the side of my bed, wanting to make sure I was alright.

"Do you love Kanda?" I asked suddenly.

"Huh? N-no. Nothings going on between him and I if that's what you mean." he replied.

"In other words, yes." I liked hearing Allen deny his obvious feelings for Kanda. It gave me an odd hope that I still had a chance.

"No!" Allen insisted. "I have no feeling for him. I don't know if I'm gay or not. I can't even decipher what my feelings are for you..." he slowly got quiet, deep in thought.

"Well, I know my feeling for you. Apparently everybody else does too." Allen got silent, suddenly intrested in what I was saying. "I love you." I braved and looked at him.

Allen spun around slapped me. I rubbed my cheek in pain. "Haven't you done enough damage to me already?" Allen raised his hand again and I flinched, my wounds reopening and I screamed in pain. Allen looked down at me in concern. "I'm okay," I managed to say through clenched teeth.

Allen's POV

I looked down at the damage that I had done. Lavi was in immeasurable pain and all I could do was watch. I tried to pin him down to quiet his movements, which were causing him pain as well as his re-opened wounds. "Lavi, calm down! You're hurting yourself more."

"I can't calm my movements." He panicked.

There was so much going on and I couldn't do anything. I needed to do something that would make him forget. Quickly, I grabbed his head and pinned it to the bed, claiming his lips in a hear-stopping kiss. Immediately, he stopped moving and relaxed, his eyes closig as he enjoyed our embrace. I felt his arms slide their way around my lower back and pull me closer towards him. My arms relaxed to one on each side of his head, now that he had stopped moving. I pulled back slowly, missing the feel of his soft lips. I hovered a few inches above his face, waiting for our breathing to even out. I was unsure of what I had just done. I was afraid hat he was just kissing me to forget about the pain he was in, but then again, I must be the stupid one for enjoying it anyways.

Lavi's POV

Allen's lips were so sweet and I cringed at the loss of their warmth. His concerned look scared me and I reallized he was kissing me to make me forget the pain. I flinched again and grimaced. I had reminded myself that there was pain and Allen didn't hesitate a moment to slam his lips into mine. However, the pain didn't stop and so I pulled Allen on top of me, his chest pressed against mine but his legs still hung off the side of he bed. I deepened the kiss and gradually, the pain began to subside to be replaced by my love for Allen. He may be doing this just to comfort me, but he was I good comforter.

Great chapter if I do say so myself. It's got a lot of fluff and stereotypical drama in it, right? Eh, happens. This story was kinda my attempt to combine action and love into one story. Often one outweighs the other but I think it's a good balance. I love this chapter. Considering I have been going off of a story I have already written thus far, I haven't been much worried as to what is going next bu now I have nothing else so... I don't knwo what's going o happen but I'm eager to see what I can come up with. I this too much fluff in a story? Nah. You can never have too much fluff. Thank you for reading! :D I thank you for your support!

So it's been bothering me for a while that Lavi and Allen kiss right after Lavi got hurt because it seemed so stupid to me. "Yeah ou nearly killed me. Let's makeout." -_-" Please. So I changed it and I definitely think that this is a lot better now. Thanks for reading and please don't kill me Kandaxyuu. Stay tuned for more.