Everything in Ron and Hermione's world is built on metaphorical grounds. Nothing is as it seems and everything is contradictory and everyone is covered up in makeup and lies. Though they need nothing but each other, their delusions make it interesting, but I say they have just lost their minds..

Everyday they're someone else, another name, another act and another mask to hide the pain and the scars. Today you see they are Romeo and Juliet, for tragic men just love tragic endings. Unrequited love is the cherry on top of a cake of blood, and her blood is spilling out onto the kitchen floor.

The magic is their love and their hate and the very thin line that sits in between. They are just young and passionate and very very foolish. They open the windows in the middle of the night and kiss till the sun rises, they run across the main roads in the middle of a thunderstorm and feel alive.

The castle is their sanctuary, the one place they feel safe; in each others arms. They lean out over they're apartment roof, knowing they can never fall because there's still so much for them to do. They put up tents in the living room, two of course, because it is improper for a man and a woman to sleep together, but she always sneaks into his before 3am.

The Headmaster is that tiny voice of reason in the back of both of their minds. The one that screams out just before Hermione accidentally drops rat poison into the cake mix instead of cinnamon or the one that yells a warning when Ron thinks he can breathe underwater.

And the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is their dark dark moments. The moment when Ron (Romeo) downs cyanide to join a nonexistent lover or runs purposely in front of a double decker when he goes to get the milk. The moments where Hermione (Juliet) adds more scars to her collection so she can pretend she has had a hard life or when she doesn't eat for a week just because she can.

But Harry, they don't even remember Harry. Because Heroes are forever replaced and forgotten and always out done.

Together they are opposite and contradictory and she reminds him to be careful but not cowardly and he reminds her to be reckless but not stupid. And between their Cinderella fairy tales and their Shakespeare tragedy they remember who they are and what it's like to feel. Him clutching her wrists with a pleading desperation in his eyes and her kicking and screaming until he lets go.

Tomorrow you see they will be Alice and the Hatter, and it will be their last act. The tea party goes very very wrong and she ends up dead and he ends up screaming next to her, kneeling in glass and remembering that he is a Weasley and she is a Mudblood.

They are Ron and Hermione; Romeo and Juliet; Cinderella and the Prince; Alice and the Hatter..

And they do not fly