You know after a long day's hunt one just wants to take a nap. I mean all that running, sweating and stabbing does take a toll on you. Dean and Sam return from their hunt and they split up, Dean going to the shower and Sam changes into a less bloody shirt and leaves to get food.

Dean is in his towel when Cas pops in and scares the crap out of him."Holy shit Cas" Jumping, his towel falls to his ankles and Dean scrambles to put it back around his waist. When he looks at Cas he sees that he's looking away. Giving him privacy. Dean slips on his boxers and pants and throws a shirt on.

"Cas you need to stop doing that. Someday you're going to poof in here at the wrong time."

Dean smiled to himself at making that joke, thinking it was the funniest thing ever.

"Sorry Dean."

Dean plopped himself onto the bed he grabbed one side of the blanket and rolled himself into a burrito of sadness and physical exhaustion. Cas sit on the end of Deans bed and turns on the tv. He's flipping through the channels when he lands on the life E! network. He's watching it for about 5 minutes with a scrunched up finally asks

"Why do humans watch other peoples lives Dean?"

Dean knowing that his peace had been broken he sighs and says

"Because they don't have one"

"I don't understand that. I mean if they are breathing and prospering, don't they have a life?"

"Its just a saying Cas." responds Dean with formality in his tone, hoping that Cas would drop the conversation. Cas flips through more channels and it lands on a kids cartoon.

"Dean have you ever found Waldo?"

"What?" Frustrated already Dean gets out of the sheets and takes the remote out of Cas's hand and shuts off the tv.

"So have you ever found him?"

"God damnit Cas no!" Laying back onto the bed he puts his arm over his eyes.

"Dean where do squirrels go during a hurricane?"

"I don't know inside their trees?"

"What if our butts were on our chests?"

"Oh my god Cas I need to sleep."

"Oh alright"Letting out another sigh he focused on sleeping.

"What if we peed out of our noses?" Dean reach over to the nightstand and picked up the flower vase that stood on it. He threw it at Cas, who was by the door, and he poofed out of there.

It smashed against the wall and Sam bursted into the motel room with his gun drawn and looked around the room.

"What happened?" Sam asked urgently.

"It was nothing. Cas was here asking all these annoying questions while I was trying to sleep and I kind of lost it and threw a vase at him."

Lowering his gun he said,

"You should be nicer to him."

"Ah screw him, I need to sleep and he knows that."Sam rolled his eyes and left them motel room and went to get the chinese food that he dropped

Dean sighed again and went back to bed and passed out. With the chinese food never reaching him.