Third Time is the Charm

Summary: Yoshino disappeared 5 years ago and Mahiro is still trying to cope with the loss. AU.

"Mahiro, Dad got reassigned to another place and we have to move."


Mahiro blinks away the residue of sleep from his system as he prepares to get his ass off the floor. That line still haunts his dreams even after nearly four fucking years and no, he still does not regret having anything to do with that bastard of a friend. Bullshit, he thinks and he gets a surprise when a delicious scent permeates the air – well, there is the sizzling of oil on pan and that alone is out of the periphery of normal. He lives alone in a helluva apartment and for someone else to be prepping breakfast in this early morning is definitely a cause for concern.

He cautiously tiptoes to the kitchen but fail when he trips on that gaming console on the floor and goddamn it he is nearly there.

"Ouch," he says as he rubs his head from the collision with the door frame. He repeats the process and forgets all about his unwanted guest, not until a familiar mop of faded brown hair pops from the adjacent room.

"You're still the same idiotic brother I know, Mahiro," Aika laughs as she beats a couple of egg whites on a porcelain bowl.

Mahiro shrugs, a non-committal response, "It's only been six months."

"And you still don't have the hang of it," she reprimands him, because the flat is nothing but commendable.

"If you came here to nag, then why don't you just leave?" Mahiro snorts out the reply but Aika does not take it as an assault to her person.

Aika turns off the stove and sets the plates. She seems to have something on her mind, but she does not speak for a while; she notices however that Mahiro is hungry. "Not until I've fed you."

"Well, whatever." He takes a wiener and pops it into his mouth. He purrs in satisfaction and nods at Aika's general vicinity. "Er, thanks."

Aika puts out, "Still want to kick me out?"

Mahiro contemplates and then answers with a no. "Hey, no one can turn down food."

Aika pretends hurt and adds, "Ah, what a mean brother you are."

However, there is one thing bothering Mahiro and he does not hesitate. "Say, what brings you here anyway?"

"I have found Yoshino-san," she tells him and somehow, Mahiro appears a bit happier.