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"I did your room a little," Charlie told me while we were driving back to his place. "... I just hope you'll be comfortable there."

"Sure, Dad," I told him, barely listening to what he was saying. I was going to start a new life in Forks, Washington. It was a little town near Seattle, just miles away from tall buildings and noisy cars. I'm complicated — a third vampire, a third Mai, & a third demigod. Who could blame me for the complicated part? My birth father was a vampire and my mother was Mai. My grandmother was Mai too, but my grandfather's a Greek god. Okay, so I'm pretty much two-third demigod since Mai people are offsprings of the most powerful all Egyptian goddesses, Bastet. Bastet's the cat goddess, so yeah, we have cat-like powers.

Protecting the human race was the Mai's top priority ever since the Second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Mai were suppose to protect and defend the Pharaoh, but because of a little complications, they were hunted down to near extinction. It made them go into hiding. The story of my grandmother & my grandfather was like any other demigod's parent's story — a little romance emerges between the two and... my mom was born. The only thing that happened was that my grandfather didn't know my grandmother wasn't human. So my mother was special. She attended the same camp I was in — Camp Half-Blood.

Camp Half-Blood is a camp for Greek demigods. Basically, Greek demigods have dyslexia & ADHD. We can't concentrate on one thing for too long, so if I'm in school and there's a conversation going on between a Satyr (half goat, half man) and a Centaur (half horse, half man) outside, I'll probably listen to them than the teacher. My energy levels are high, which means I have superior fighting skills and reflexes. Dyslexia happens because all demigods' minds are suppose to understand Ancient Greek, so modern languages are hard to understand.

My vampire side is where my strength and my features come from. Having pale skin helps me blend in with vampires, but I don't shine under the sun — my skin glows under it like alabaster. I don't know if I can drink blood, and I don't plan to. Ever. Because of my demigod & Mai blood, I grow normally, but I stop aging when I'm seventeen because of my vampire side. And I am seventeen now, which leaves me eternity to face the world.

My real parents were never Charlie & Renee. I never knew my parents, but my closest family member was Zeus, the Greek God of The Skies, and my grandfather. I look up to him like my father and he found me when he couldn't find my mother or my father. I always think of them as dead since they've never been in my life.

"So Bella, make yourself comfortable. Jacob & Billy are coming over later," Charlie said, putting down my bags in my old room.

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Jacob's your childhood friend. Billy's his father."

"Oh," I just replied.

I was unpacking my stuff when I heard voices outside the house. I looked out of the window and saw Charlie talking to two men. I went out and Charlie smiled. "Bella, this is Jacob & Billy."

"Hey," I waved to them, sensing that they weren't fully human. My vampire instincts wanted to attack them, but I controlled myself since they may not mean any harm.

"Your father couldn't stop talking about you. Welcome back," Billy said, shaking hands with me.

"Dad." I groaned. "Really?"

"Sorry, Bells." Charlie apologized.

Charlie & Billy quickly fell into a conversation and I was stuck with Jacob. "Hey Bella, nice to see you again." He started.

I smiled. "Yeah," I replied.

"We used to make mudpies together," he told me and I laughed.

"My mind doesn't go that far."

"We got you a homecoming present," he said, tapping the rusty red Chevy truck.

"This?" I gasped.

He chuckled sheepishly. "Yeah. I hope you like it."

I hugged him and he almost fell backwards. I pulled away and stole a glance at the truck again. "This is beautiful."

"You're very strong." He commented and I blushed, cursing my vampire genes. We all went in the house, taking a short dinner and when Billy & Jacob left, I was in bed. A screen full of rainbow colors formed in front of my face and a familiar face popped out.

"Bella! How are you? I heard that you moved to another town!" Percy Jackson, my uncle and son of Poseidon, greeted.

"Oh hey Percy. I was about to go to sleep when you called. I'm in Forks, Washington. It's so green here!" I exclaimed. Percy was the same age as me although he's my uncle.

"Really? I heard that that place has a lot of creatures there! Be careful! Call me if you get hurt or something. Everyone misses you here!"

"So how's Annabeth?" I asked.

"I heard someone say my name!" Annabeth shouted from afar. She appeared on the screen and her eyes lit up. "Bella!"

"Hey Annabeth! So how is it? How does it feel like to date my uncle?" I teased. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and the person who has been in Camp Half-Blood the longest.

"Hey, I'm not old, okay?!" Percy moaned. "Annabeth, we're talking here. Get out!"

She smacked his head and muttered, "Freaking Seaweed Brain."

"Guys, I gotta go now. Really. I need to sleep! You all can call me tomorrow, okay? Bye," I ended the call and hid under the covers of the bed, falling into a deep slumber.