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By: CSI-Panther

Summary: Future Trunks' world has turned against him, his mother's death is the last straw, he runs and goes back to the past.

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CH. 1

It had been 4 years since M. Trunks killed the androids and cell. During that time everything was rebuild and pretty much back to normal, though everyone was greatful for M. Trunks saving them, they also began to fear him as well, as all humans tend to fear something they don't understand, after all if a young man could kill something that plagued them for nearly 20 years, who's to say that he wouldn't do the same to the rest of them.

Of course, M. Trunks wasn't a fool, he knew how they felt, he could see and smell their fear. The only ones that stayed by his side had been his mother and his grandparents before they had passed. Now it's just him and his mother.

M. Trunks was down at club one night, having a few drinks and just hanging out and taking a break from his training.

" Your getting as bad as your father was when he was training day in and day out! Go have some fun for a change! " Bulma had said to him as he ate his lunch.

" Mother, I don't think that is wise, everyone's paranoid around me. "

" Just show them that your not as dangerous as those machines and bug guy and they'll start trusting you better. Now skit! " She said again and shooed him out the door.

M. Trunks downed another drink when he heard a group of young teens coming his way and he could tell that they were pretty hammered.

" Hey! Don't you know there's no animals allowed in here? " One asked, his words slurred.

" Last time I checked, animals walked on four legs and had fur and tails. I on the other hand have neither, so I'm allowed in. " M. Trunks said, keeping his back to the group.

M. Trunks heard the teen's friends laugh at him and heard the teen growl low and felt him throw a punch at him. M. Trunks phased out of sight and returned to the seat next to the one he was just in as the drunk teen landed on the bar and got his legs tangled in the bar stool, now more laughing was heard around them.

" Maybe you should leave. I think you've had too much to drink. " M. Trunks said as he took another drink and then turned to the teen that had tried to punch him.

" I don't take orders from freaks like you! " The teen got up and charged at M. Trunks again, but this time, M. Trunks caught the fist flying at his face.

" Either you leave now or I'll make you leave. " M. Trunks warned the teen, gripping the fist a little harder to get his point across.

The teen didn't listen and now his friends were joining in.

" Alright. " M. Trunks said and stood up.

The door to the club burst open and everyone shot out and landed in a pile. M. Trunks came out a second later, hands in his jean jacket pockets.

" Well I warned you. " M. Trunks said and began to leave for home.

Deception, Disgrace

That's when he heard the shouting,

" Hey look what that monster did! "

" Stop him! "

" Oh come on really? Hey! They started it! " M. Trunks yelled back.

Something sharp hit him across the cheek. " Ahh! " He hissed and put his hand to his face and saw blood when he pulled it away.

" Now look! " M. Trunks tried again but saw that a crowd was gathering and armed with all sorts of things that could help them against the ' monster '

Not wanting anymore trouble, M. Trunks took to the air and flew back home.

Landing in front of the door, M. Trunks went in just as his mother was coming into the living-room. Seeing her son's face, she came rushing over to him.

" Trunks! What happened? "

" A little fight that broke out into a mad mob. " He growled out.

Sighing deeply she said, " Let's get that looked at then. " She said heading into the kitchen and getting a washcloth and wetting it under the faucet.

M. Trunks walked in a second later and she began to wipe the blood off of his cheek.

" What did they hit you with? " She asked.

" I didn't see it I just felt it, might have a rock. " He answered.

" No, a rock would've turned to dust if it hit you, it was probably a piece of metal. And I'm right, there's something shiny in there, " She replied, turned around and getting tweezers out of one of the drawers behind her and ran them under the hot water and went to pull the small piece out, just as she pulled it out, the kitchen glass broke out.

" Ahhhhh! " Bulma screamed and M. Trunks pulled her away from the window.

" What the hell was that! " She shouted as M. Trunks went to the window, outside there was people surrounding the fenced property.

Evil as plain as the scar on his face

Deception, An outrage

Disgrace, for shame

" I can't believe it, they came all the way here! "

" Don't worry, they won't be able to get in, that fence'll give a good jolt if they touch it. " Bulma said.

" Yeah, but it won't stop them from shooting at the house. Duck! " M. Trunks said as he pulled her down and a gun shot rang out, going through the broken window and hitting the wall behind them.

" Let's move to the living-room. Stay down. " M. Trunks said as he and Bulma crawled around the broken glass and went to the living-room.

" Trunks. I'm going to go get something from my room, I'll be right back. " Bulma said as she crawled over to the stairs.

" Mother! Stay here! " M. Trunks said as looked out the window and saw even more people outside.

" I won't be long. " She said and disappeared up the stairs.

He asked for trouble

the moment he came

Deception, an outrage

Bulma searched upstairs in her room until she found a familiar capsule, one they hadn't used in four years, putting it in her pocket, she left and came back down the stairs and that's when the lights were cut off.

" What the hell?! " She shouted and the last thing she heard was her son shouting, " Mother! "

M. Trunks waited for his mother to return when he saw that the mob outside had come inside the grounds,

" What the hell? " He said and then turned when he heard his mother coming back down, he was about to tell her about the mob when the lights went out and he sensed someone behind her,

" Mother! " He shouted before he heard her hit the ground, he went to go after the one who attacked his mother but then he got hit in the back of the head.

He can't change his stripes


Digrace, for shame

You know these ousider types

When M. Trunks opened his eyes, he saw that he was surrounded by the mob but they weren't attacking him, he could hear his mother shouting,

" Leave him alone! He didn't hurt anyone! He was defending himself you sons of bitches! "

' And I thought Father could cuss. '

" Well look who woke up. Nice for you to join us, Trunks. "

It was one of the scientists that worked for his mother. " Dr. Jean? What the hell are you doing?! " Trunks asked angry at being betrayed by someone he thought both he and his mother could trust.

Evil as plain as the scar on his face

See you later agitator

Just leave us alone

Deception, an outrage

Disgrace, for shame

He asked for trouble the moment he came

see you later agitator

" Just getting rid of a problem that's been plaguing us for the last four years. " Dr. Jean replied, sounding as mad as Gero had been.

Dr. Jean then held up a needle filled with a neon green liquid.

" Louis! What the hell is that?! " His mother shouted as she struggled against her captures.

" Just a little something I've been working on. It's going to bring out the real monster inside your son. " Dr. Jean replied as he walked closer to Trunks, that's when Trunks realized that he was striped to a solid steel chair and couldn't move.

' Damn it! Come on! ' M. Trunks thought as he pulled against the thick metal stripes on his legs, arms, and neck.

That's when everything went in slow motion. He heard his mother cry out and then saw her break lose and come towards him and Dr. Jean.

Dr. Jean turned with his arm stretched out and when M. Trunks looked he saw the gun. He struggled more against the bounds, but all they did was groan as a shot rang out and M. Trunks looked up just as his mother fell to the ground and Dr. Jean inject the liquid into M. Trunks neck.

Born in grief, raised in hate

Helpless to defy his fate

" Mother! " M. Trunks yelled as the bounds finally gave way and broke. He ran to his mother's fallen form and turned her over.

" Mother? " He said, tears coming to his eyes as she opened her eyes and looked up at her son, tears coming to her own eyes as she lifted her hand and pulled out the capsule,

" Take this, Trunks and run. Run...Get away from here. " She said, holding up her other hand to his scared cheek, " I love you sweetheart. " She said before her hand dropped, her grasp losen on the capsule and her eyes closed.

" Mother?...Mother! " M. Trunks cried out, holding her to him and tears falling down his face.

Let him run

Let him live

But do not forget

What we cannot forgive

M. Trunks looked down at his mother's hand and saw the familiar capsule. He took it from her hand and put it in his jeans pocket and places her back down.

" I'll leave, Mother. But not before I kill that son of bitch. " He growled lowly and turned to look at his mother's murderer.

Seeing the killer look in M. Trunks eyes, Dr. Jean had a moment of clarity and realized then that he was going to die, painfully.

The next thing that anyone knew, M. Trunks was in front of Dr. Jean and he was up in the air, staring down at M. Trunks gritted teeth with sharp long canines growing before his eyes, with M. Trunks' hand around his throat and squeezing the air out of him.

" You shouldn't have done that. " M. Trunks growled deeply as he added more pressure around Dr. Jean's throat.

But Dr. Jean still had the gun in his hand and fired another round at M. Trunks chest, but the bullet bounced off and landed flatten on the ground.

Shocked, Dr. Jean fired again and again until the gun was empty.

" Sorry to disappoint you. But I'm bullet proof. " M. Trunks growled so darkly that the old Vegeta would've been proud. And with a flick of his wrist, Dr. Jean's neck snapped in two and M. Trunks dropped him.

And he is not

one of us

He has never been

one of us

M. Trunks then went to his mother, picked her up and flew away, angry mob following after them.

He is not

part of us

Not our kind

Someone once lied to us

M. Trunks didn't get two miles out of the city before he felt a jolt in his stomach.

He fell to the ground, landing on one knee. He looked behind him and saw people and cars coming after him. He got back to his feet and ran as fast as he could.

His body began to change as he ran through the woods. It started with his tail coming back and then the fur sprung forth, his hair grew down passed his shoulders, stopping mid-back, then his face began to elongate until it resembled that of a wolf's, but his canines were longer, sticking out over his bottom jaw slightly.

When he was sure that he was far away from the crazed people, he stopped running and looked around. He was in a clearing and in the middle was a small clear blue lake.

Now we're not so blind

For we knew he would do what he's done

And we know that he'll never be one of us

He is not one of us.

" I'm sorry I can't do better, mother. " He said to a dirt mound and a stone with the name and words:



" I hope you'll be truely happy now. And that Gohan, Father, and the others are with you. Until we met again, mother. "


M. Trunks pulled out the capsule and pushed the button and tossed the capsule away from him.



The time machine stood proudly in the half moon light with the top opened and ready for him. He hopped up and landed into the seat and closed the hatch, set the coorindites and rose into the air and disappeared


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