Last Time,

" I hope you'll be truely happy now. And that Gohan, Father, and the others are with you. Until we met again, mother. "


M. Trunks pulled out the capsule and pushed the button and tossed the capsule away from him.



The time machine stood proudly in the half moon light with the top opened and ready for him. He hopped up and landed into the seat and closed the hatch, set the coorindites and rose into the air and disappeared


CH. 2

The Briefs family was all eating dinner when a loud bang sounded outside of their home.

" The Hell was that? " Bulma asked as she looked to the window.

" Let's go check it out. " Her daughter Bulla said, getting up and going to the back door.

" Bulla! Get back here! " Bulma shouted, but Bulla, her son, and huband was already up and following after their sister/daughter.

" Wait for me! " Bulma cried following after them.

" What the hell is that thing? " Trunks asked seeing the yellow egg shaped ship in the middle of the yard.

" I know that ship! It's Mirai Trunks! He's back! Trunks! " Bulma said running to the ship.

When she got to the ship, she waited for the hatch to open, but it didn't. " Huh? Trunks?! Are you in there?! " She called up, but she got no answer.

" Vegeta, Is he in there? " She asked her husband.

" He's in there, but his power level is low. " Vegeta answered, floating over to the ship and looked inside the clear top, his eyes widening at the sight.

" Trunks! " He shouted and opened the hatch, tearing it completely off and reaching in and grabbing his son out of the ship and taking him down to the ground.

" What. What happened to him? " Bulma asked in shock as she saw her son from the future.

He had a wolf like snout, sharp teeth sticking out slightly, his hair was down to his mid-back, dark purple fur, and a long tail was sticking out from behind him.

" I'm not sure. But we need to get him inside. And then get a sensu bean in him, he's completely drained. " Vegeta said, carrying him inside and up to the medical wing of the huge house.

" Are you sure that this is my brother from the future? " Bulla asked looking at M. Trunks as he lay on one of the beds while her father looked for a sensu bean.

" It's him, he's just changed form. " Vegeta answered.

" Hey, do you think that this is what a super saiyan 5 looks like? " Trunks asked.

" No. If it was, he would have changed back, he's power level is nearly none existant, where the hell are those damn beans! " Vegeta answered.

" Their right here. " Bulma answered, getting out another medical kit and taking out the bean and walking over to her son from the future and opened his mouth and helped him swallow it.

The moment it hit his stomach, M. Trunks woke up and sat up quickly, almost knocking all three of the people surrounding him out and shouting,

" Mother! "

" Shh. It's alright, Trunks. I'm right here. " Bulma said putting her hand on his shoulder.

M. Trunks looked over to her and said, " I made it. " and tears began to form in his eyes and he launched into his past Mother's arms and let his tears fall.

Bulla, Trunks, and Vegeta looked on in shock and disbelief. " I think this is the first time I've seen you cry bro. " Bulla said as she watched her future brother cry into their mother's arms and her hushing him like he was a baby again.

After a few minutes, M. Trunks calmed down and moved away from Bulma. " Better? " She asked, wipeing the tears away from his wet furred face, smiling slightly.

He smiled too and nodded and then remembered what happened to him and moved away from her and walked over to the wall, now looking frightened.

" Now what's wrong with you, Boy? " Vegeta asked, scrowling at his future son.

" Do you not see me?! I'm nothing but a monster now! That damn Johnson did this to me! And if he's still alive in this time he better not let me find him because I'll kill him again! " M. Trunks shouted, his tail flicking around and knocking some of the equiment over.

" Calm down, brat! Your scaring your mother and sister! " Vegeta said walking over to him.

" I don't have a sister! " M. Trunks said.

" I'm not scared, Daddy! " Bulla exclaimed, " And what do you mean you don't have a sister? I am your sister! Maybe a bit younger then her in your time, but I'm still her. " She continued.

" What are you talking about? " M. Trunks asked confused and momentarily forgetting about why he's upset.

" In his time, you don't exist Bulla. All of us are either dead or nonexistent. " Vegeta answered, not taking his eyes off of M. Trunks. " Now if your done being a drama Prince, tell us what happened to you and this Johnson Is? " He continued.

M. Trunks took a deep breathe and began his story, when he was done, his past self, his father, and sister were ready to kill.

" Bulma does a Louis Johnson work here? " Vegeta asked.

Shocked at hearing what one of her workers had done, she nodded and went to the phone.

" Mom? " Bulla asked.

" Is Louis there? Could you send him up. I don't care if he's busy and on another note, tell him to bring all of his work with him..NOW! " Bulma shouted and slammed the phone down.

Vegeta smirked evily and looked at his sons and surprisingly, his daughter, who all had the same smirk, though it was hard to see it on M. Trunks' wolfened face, his eyes told it all and he noticed that his hands flexed and sharp claws appeared.

A few minutes later in walked the same Louis Johnson, only a little bit younger then his counter part. He didn't have any of his work.

" Believe I asked for you to bring in all of your work, Louis. " Bulma asked, crossing her arms.

" I did. I put it in a capsule. " He said, reaching into his coat. But instead of a capsule, he pulled out a gun. But before he even had time to aim it at Bulma, his hand was crushed by Vegeta and the gun dropped to floor, Bulla picked it up and crushed it in her hand and Trunks punched Louis in the stomach, bringing him down and M. Trunks grabbed him by the throat for the second time.

" What are you? " He asked out of breathe.

" I'm the thing you never should have fucked with. " M. Trunks growled deeply before pulling Louis up off the ground and slammed him into the wall, causing it to crack around him and then M. Trunks broke his neck, but instead of like last time where he just snapped his neck and let him fall, he grabbed his head turned his head completely around to face the wall and then let him fall to ground and then blasted him into a burnt spot on the carpet.

" Geez and I thought Vegeta and Goku overdid things. " Bulma said, not fazed by the brutality of the kill.

" Sorry you had to see that mother. " M. Trunks said much more calmer. " But since he obviously didn't have his work with him, he must've left it in the lab. " He continued, crossing his arms.

" That can easily be remedied. " Trunks said, leaving the room.

" Remember the color of it! " Bulla said.

" I know what to look for trope! " Trunks shouted back.

" So. Your my sister, Huh? " M. Trunks asked with a raised eyebrow.

" Yep! And daddy's little princess. " Bulla said smiling.

" Hmph! " Grunted Vegeta.

" You know you like to spoil her, don't deny it! " Bulma chuckled.

" Hmph! I'm going back to dinner. " Vegeta said and left the room, with a faint blush across his face.

" Come Mirai, You must be hungry after all that's happened. " Bulma said following after Vegeta.

" No thank you. I'll just go and lay down. I might get something later. " M. Trunks said.

" Alright. Your room is still the same. " Bulma said smiling, though on the inside, she was worrying.

Nodding, M. Trunks went to his room and tried to take a shower, though he found it rather difficult seeing as he was covered in fur,well maybe not all of him, and his hair being longer.

" Maybe I should ask mother to cut it for me tomorrow. " He said to himself as he used the hair dryer to dry his furred body and hair and went straight to bed.

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