A/N JK owns Harry Potter and I write for no monies. Part II of a Trilogy. Last we left Voldemort was elected Ministry of Magic and one year has passed. Mature actions and parents you are warned.

Chapter 1 A New Era

Minister Binns looked to the gathered Heads of their respective Department on the one year anniversary of his term. He left everything the way it was when he was sworn in not to gather notice to him. He made some strides as promised by opening up all positions available to Muggle-born, opening the Department of Mysteries up to them as well as some others. Of course he made sure now new positions were created but it was intent of his decree.

"I hope everyone had a good break and called you here together as one year has passed and allowed to create my own cabinet. Some of you have been in your position for decades and one thing I promised was a clean slate for the citizens. Not that any of you have failed but that was one of the things I promised during my campaign. You can fill positions and work yourself up if you wish. Look at Harry Potter. He resigned as Head of the Department of Law Enforcement and returned as an Auror and worked back up to his old position."

The group grumbled but knew this day was coming.

Binns handed out parchments to his secretary Mavis and watched her hand them to the heads and went back to continue to record the meeting.

All looked to see who replaced them and found that Arthur Weasley was slated to take over his old job of Head of The Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects. Everyone else from the old regime was to be displaced by witches and wizards with no experience.

Jay Jarvis, Head of the Department of Law Enforcement spoke. "I've never heard of my replacement Minister. Does he even have any experience in law enforcement? Also I see a new department created Rights of Magical Creatures, a new position with no name."

Binns chuckled. "All of you have one month to brief and help the new Heads into their job. After that if you do not find positions within the Ministry you will be provided a retirement stipend as all of you are eligible. As far as the new department I promised a witch that I would look to it and sent her a letter."

Binns stood up. "This meeting is adjourned." Watching the witches in wizards leave in silence knowing this was not unexpected.

Jarvis turned a coin in his pocket thinking of a message and felt it warm before moving to his office to pack.


Severus sat in their living room watching his three month old son Stefan laying on a blanket on the floor cooing at the yellow birds that flew slowly above him courtesy of an Avis spell caste by his wife, remembering the night of his birth.

Hermione called Poppy to help her and to business after looking to Hermione in a judging way when the door opened and a man dressed in dark black robes entered.

Hermione gasped out. "I promise I do not birth a bastard. My husband is here!"

Severus walked into the room. "You know she is my wife and need discretion."

Poppy rushed to hug him and wept in joy. "How do you live Severus?"

Severus released the plump, older witch and stepped away. "I cannot tell you how Poppy only that it is. I'll have to Ovbliviate you after Poppy."

Poppy sushed him and moved to Hermione. "Let's bring him to the world Hermione." Waving a wand and found that she was about to give birth to a son.

The birth was straight forward and Poppy wrapped the babe in a blanket after cleaning and handed the baby in his hands. "What is his name Severus?"

Severus looked to his wife and found her smiling. "His name is Stefan and you cannot record his birth." Kissing his son's cheek and looked to the bundle in amazement.

He moved and placed Stefan into his wife's hands and kissed her cheek moving up to whisper. "Thank You."

Poppy finished checking over her patient and moved to Severus. "Go ahead and Obliviate me. I'm glad that you survived Severus. You have sacrificed so much my boy."

He tolerated her hug and wrapped his arms around the Medi-Witch and returned the hug. "You do not know how thankful I was when you attended to me in the past. Without your administrations I would not be here."

Poppy pulled away and smiled. "Go ahead and do it Severus. Promise me that when you are able, you will release the Obliviate so I can remember. "

"I promise Poppy. Look into my eyes." Severus whispered and created the Obliviate and watched her leave.

Moving to his wife he sat down on the chair next to her bed and grabbed her hand. They both looked to their son suckling at her breast.

Pulling himself out of the memory he found Hermione walking into the room with a letter and a copy of the Daily Prophet.

She handed him the paper and sat down next to him glancing down at Stefan before opening her letter from the Ministry.

"Not unexpected!" Both exclaimed. Hermione turned and faced her husband. "You first."

"The Minister is putting in place his new cabinet. No surprise because we anticipated that he would. The surprise is he announced the newly created Department of Rights for Magical Creatures and promised to announce the new Head for the department shortly. You?"

"It seems Binns wants me for that position. Damn the debates for I mentioned in the first debate." She growled out.

She sighed. "It's obvious he wants to bring me close to him. I know who he really is and it's his way of telling me there is nothing that we can do about it."

Severus looked to her and immediately used his Legilimens skills and found himself in her mind. He watched her excitement bubble out when she found out that she was selected to interview for the new department. They laughed at her when she created The Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare and suffered shouts of "Spew" in the halls of Hogwarts between classes in the past.

He dug further for memories of him and saw his execution and felt heartbreak and cursing Voldemot for taking him away from her.

He pulled out and found Hermione smirking at him. "Did I pass Severus?"

He growled out. "I had to make sure. You know this is his way of drawing you out into the open and the Assassin will be waiting for you."

Ron appeared. "We will follow her Severus and if I see him you can act while being Disillusioned. I will make sure she arrives at the Ministry safe and sound. You are correct that he is using this to take her out he puts his new group of Deatheaters in place."

"We've not seen you in a year and you prance in here and ask her to walk into danger." Severus growled out."

"I appear when Hermione needs me. I can't control it as it is Fates. You know she needs to go Severus. If she does not Binns will run her recently regained reputation into the ground because she asked for that in the debates."

Severus sighed. "Just because I now that does not mean I have to like it. What time is your meeting Hermione?"

"Noon tomorrow Severus." Hermione replied.

Severus swept his son up from the blanket on the floor. "Plan it and I will be there."

They watched him move upstairs. "Don't worry Hermione. Not much planning to do for if I see someone following you I will sweep through whoever it is so he can act. Go to him Hermione. I'll hang around your living room if you don't mind."

Hermione nodded and moved up the stairs. She entered their chambers and found Stefan asleep in his crib and found the double doors opened. Moving through the opened door she wrapped an arm around her husband's thin waist. "I'm sorry it has to be this way. It's the Fates pulling us you know."

Severus pulled her close against him. "I know but it does not mean that I have to like it." He growled out. "If it were known I was alive then I could walk with you in public."

"Always in the shadows as you have been in the past." She murmured out.

She felt him pull her close. "I have two that I love looking out for me." Smiling to him. "I happen to trust them both with my life."

Severus breathed in her scent of vanilla and jasmine. "I feel the thrum Hermione. The thrum felt the first time I realized you connected to me. It frightens and comforts me at the same time." He murmured in her ear and moved behind her unbuttoning her midnight blue outer cloak and flung it out, watching it float over the balcony.

"Better, but I require more." He whispered into her ear and deftly unbuttoned the white blouse and pulled it away from her shoulders along with the bra he released as well. He placed his hands on her, fingers spread wide and nibbled the lobe of her ear and move his nimble fingers up and found her pert breast, moving to pull her close to him.

"Perfect as always when I am with you. Witch, woman all you present for me." He murmured in her ear.

She felt him unbutton his robes and flung them out over the balcony shortly followed by the black vest and silk white long sleeve shirt he always wore.

He turned her to him and hungrily kissed her as he pushed down her skirt and knickers and sighed when she tugged at his belt and pulled it through the loops of his trousers and flung it over the balcony as he kicked off his back dragon hide boots and felt her tug, pulling his trousers and underwear down with one go and stepped from the pile pushing her through the door not breaking the kiss, pushing and guiding until she fell on the bed.

He stood over her admiring her beauty, bushy brown hair splayed out and smiled. "Always so inviting to me my Wife." He growled out, pushing her more onto the bed and fell upon her guiding his desire and pushed in.

She groaned out. "Always for you my Husband." Feeling him slid in.

He moved and held her tightly to him as he moved in rhythm to her. Time lost meaning and soon pulsed as he felt her warm velvet walls clasp around him. "Hold Hermione!" He demanded as he continued. "Sweet witch just hold a bit longer." Her groaned out. Gods, he could not get enough closer to her

Hermione muttered incoherently as he moved within her. "I can't Severus."

"Hold, hold, hold…" Severus shouted and quickened his pace sensing she was near the edge.

He felt the velvet walls around him quiver and shouted out "Hermione!" Diving forcefully into her at the last moment bringing them both to Nirvana.

He kissed her as he rode her, feeling himself spill and panted out as her heard her mews of contentment.

He pulled out and wrapped his arms around her in contentment and found her brown eyes locked into his dark obsidian.

"Please do not tell me that was a…session in case I die?" Hermione breathed out.

He pulled her tighter to him. "No Hermione. That was a reminder to live."

He stroked her back and listened to her breathing, listening until her breaths and realized she fell asleep. It was hours before he followed her, thinking of the ramifications of the morrow.