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Chapter 5 The Globe

Hermione woke up reaching for her husband and found he was not there. Her husband still woke up early in the morning not surprised that he was missing.. Sighing she put on her house robe and treaded down the stairs. Moving to the kitchen she found the early rays of sunrise shining into the kitchen. Noticing the kitchen door open walked out and found Severus dressed in green pajama pants with his hands clasped behind him watching the sun rise.

"Severus." She called out softly.

Severus turned, finding his wife standing next to the kitchen entrance to their cottage and motioned her to him.

Moving to him, Hermione felt an arm wrap around her and pulled her close and whispered. "I may have made the second mistake in my life Hermione." He murmured before filling her in on what happened the day before.

Hermione knew the mistake that he referred to. "I don't know about that Severus. If everything happened the way it should have we would not be standing next to each other now."

Severus sighed. "I put a man on the same path forcing him with an Unbreakable Vow to protect one he loves, just what happened in the past."

Hermione sighed. "You're comparing yourself to Headmaster Dumbledore. You're not like him Severus. At least you are keeping people informed unlike him. He always kept everything close and he admitted to Harry one time that he regretted doing it."

"Let me make you the strong coffee that you prefer. It is all up to Harry."

Severus followed his wife back to the cottage thinking despite everything happening around him Hermione was always the constant in his life.


Voldemort waited for Slightly to appear after summoning him. He would have to rein the assassin in now that his plans were moving along. Another year and he would reveal his true identity.

Slightly appeared in front of him. "I apologize for the delay my Lord. I had to unwrap my legs away from a very willing witch." Slightly smirked.

Voldemort sighed. "Remember who we are aligned with Slightly and now is the time to focus. I have a list for you to take care of." Floating the rolled parchment to his faithful one.

Slightly unrolled it and read the names with descriptions of affiliations. He noted the first aligned in Pureblood rights and then a series of those aligned with Muggle-Born rights or Magical Equality. After that the associations were interspaced. Slightly realized his mMaster's purpose in it but did not speak out. "I'm to take them out in order it seems. Neat or sloppy?"

Voldemort chuckled. "Untraceable poison until the mixed. After that I leave it up to you."

"Your will My Lord. I shall start tonight and space it out every other day until you tell me to speed things up."

Voldemort smiled. "You sense my goal then."

Slightly moved to leave and paused when Voldemort called to him. "Moving forth if you delay my summons you will be published. Despite my form I'm more powerful than I was before and I will not hold back."

Slightly left the cottage and Apparated away. He had an Unbreakable Vow to report and no way to contact. Severus Snape had all of his memories and if the Order wanted to know about Voldemort then they would have to seek him out.

Moving to a cabinet he pulled out a phial and placed in into his pocket and pulled out the parchment noting the first name. Pulling out his wand he thought of the name and felt himself pulled away.


Severus looked to his wife sitting across from him sipping her cup of tea as he sipped his cup of strong coffee.

Hermione noticed the look in his eye and smiled. "I know what you are thinking Severus and now is not the time."

He quirked an eyebrow up. "Wife there is always a time." He silkily replied and grabbed her hand, pulling it away from her cup.

Suddenly a peck was heard at the window and Hermione moved finding two owls at the window.

She opened the window and let them in and watched the owls fly in and land in front of her husband, chuckling when he glared at them thwarting his plans for his wife. She moved to them. "What have we here?" Seeing two deep purple envelope with a large gold "M" .

The owls dropped them down on the table and Hermione gave each a slice of bacon, which they happily took into their beak before flying up and out the window.

Severus leaned back in his chair watching Hermione take one and opened it up. "This one is expected. It tells me that I am to report to my new job tomorrow at 9am. I am to report to the Minister where he will brief me on what is expected."

She handed the parchment to Severus who scanned it quickly before placing it down.

Hermione opened the second one and read it silently, paling at the words contained in it. "This one is unexpected and trouble." Handing her husband the parchment without a word and watched him read it

Greetings Madame Snape,

It has come to our attention that a globe containing a prediction has activated revealing your name along with your departed husband Severus Snape.

It is not often the globes of stored predictions come to life and when they do we do our best to contact the witch or wizard identified.

Please come to the Ministry of Magic so I can meet with you and give you the globe.


Aurelian Pickwit

Head of the Department of Mysteries

Severus placed the parchment down. "This is something of a surprise but we must be wary at the same time."

"Voldemort knows about the globe. That is why I am asked to report the day after tomorrow. Did Donovan tell Slightly Donovan's occupation? I can ask him to escort me."

Severus thought for a moment. "No he did not. Slightly was focused only why Donovan was following him. But if you bring Donovan the Head might get suspicious as there are no known interations with him officially and bring unwanted notice."

Hermone thought for a moment. "I'll ask Arthur then. It will not draw suspicion and I can say I wanted another from the Ministry with me as a witness."

"I agree that is the best route. Call Harry and Arthur while I get Donovan as it is early and he has not left for work yet."

Hermione watched him leave and went to her robe hanging on the coat stand and took a gold coin out and held it for a moment in thought and turned it.

She turned and found Ron floating next to the kitchen table. "I sensed that you need me Hermione."

She nodded and five minutes later a knock on the door sounded and she moved to open it finding Harry, Ginny, Arthur, and Molly at the door.

"Come in and have a seat. I apologize for an early call." Moving to put on the kettle for tea.

"Harry and I stayed the night at my parent's house and being leaders in the Order of the Phoenix figured it was right for all of us to come over." Ginny replied and took a seat next to her husband.

"Read those parchments on the table and I bet you will know which one caused this impromptu meeting." Hermione called out. She discreetly changed her nightgown into muggle jeans and a blouse before placing a tray with several mugs of tea along with milk and sugar on the kitchen table and watched in silence while all took turns reading.

"We have guests." Hermione thought along her Bond. "If you want your reputation spared that you do not wear anything but black, forbidding robes you might want to change." She did not use it often as there was no need but she wanted to spare Severus of embarrassment if he walked in with white pajama pants and no shirt.

Severus paused while walking down the stairs. "Many thanks my Wife for the warning. Donovan will be along shortly. I believe I interrupted something for the man had some colorful things to say."

Hermione smiled at the mirth felt behind the words. "Severus will be down here in a few minutes with Donovan."

Severus remained at the stairs until Donovan joined him and they entered the kitchen together.

Hermione handed Donovan without a word and watched Donovan read it and hand it back to her. "You're right in your concern Hermione. The letter is valid as the policy after the fall of Voldemort is to make sure the globes are handed over as they are revealed. However, the guidance is that the Minister of Magic will be contacted so it is likely that Minister Binns is already aware of this."

"That's what I thought Donovan. I thought about asking you to accompany me but Severus advised against it so if Arthur agrees, he will escort me."

"You did not reveal your occupation to the assassin so your job is safe. I'm sure Harry told you about the Unbreakable Vow he took with Harry. We were interrupted when Voldemort called and I did not give him any instruction on how to contact us. I will meet up with him later today find out about the summons."

Severus quickly went over how he obtained the agreement with Slightly to spy for them and none questioned him and thankful for that for the Assassin's reasoning was close to his past. At least the wizard has a chance to save his loved one where he did not.

Harry watched his old Potions professor closely and knew it hit home with the man that never revealed anything.

"We are all in a watch mode and not much that we can do with no intelligence. We wait for Hermione to tell us what the globe reveals and we will have direction after that."

"I'll stay and escort Hermione. As a Department Head I make my own hours and no one will be surprised when I don't come in as expected." Arthur murmured.


Hermione arrived with Arthur to the Ministry of Magic and waited in line to be registered. Stan greeted her and placed the wand in the holder and watched the words float out. "Hermione Snape, Head of the Department of Rights of Magical Creatures. No registration needed." Stan read out.

"Looks like you are in the Ministry Hermione and Head at that. Looks like you have a respectable job as well." Winking an eye while he handed back her wand. "You may pass and not need to go through here again."

Arthur chuckled. "I told you."

"I'm officially in tomorrow. How was I to know?" Hermione huffed out.

Arthur held her arm. "Relax Hermione. I'll teach you all the etiquette of being Head of a Department later. I see Aurelian waiting at a reserved elevator. I do not know him but he is one that was placed by Minister Binns so be wary."

Arthur guided Hermione to the short squat man with a short beard standing next to an elevator.

"Arthur, surprised that you are here. I recognize Madam Snape one who save our world. I am Aurelian Pickwit, Head of the Department of Mysteries." Holding his hand out.

"A pleasure to meet you Aurelian and sure we will meet more as I will be announced as Head of Rights of Magical Creatures. I asked Arthur to accompany me as he is family and hope you don't mind?" Taking the offered hand and shook it.

"We only allow the person involved to attend alone but Arthur was Minister once and I'll make an exception." Pointing his wand at the elevator and watched it open. "This will take us to my department and I'll escort you to the Hall of Prophecy."

Hermione and Arthur entered the elevator behind Aurelian and soon the feminine voice announced. "Department of Mysteries."

Aurelian led them out into a hall black polished marble. "Please follow me."

Hermione followed him and she remembered the terrifying memories of the last time here with Sirius Black falling in the Veil. She kept her thoughts in check and thankfully did not have to pass through the room that contained it. Soon they were in a large room with thousands of globes and continued following the short, wizard until they were standing in front of one that glowed with a soft blue light.

Aurelian spoke. "This is one of the oldest there is here. All you have to do is take it in your hand and we can go to my office and discuss more there."

Hermione reached up and took hold of the globe feeling a surge of magic. "It is indeed yours." She heard Aurelian speak.

They followed him through a maze of doors and arrived at his office and motioned for them to sit down. "Most that are called here break the globe so we can advise them of the impact of what is revealed."

Hermione noticed his excitement and Arthur's words. "This is more than likely false Aurelian as my husband is departed to the Veil for some time. I will take this and break it on my own if you don't mind."

"Of course Madame Snape. Are you sure for I can give you advice?" Aurelian pressed.

Hermione tucked the globe into her robes. "With my history I'm sure you understand my reluctance at revealing it with witnesses."

Aurelian produced a card and gave it to her. "If you need my advice all you need to do is tap it with your wand and it will bring you to my office."

Hermione took the card and tucked it into her robes and followed the wizard to a door on the right and watched him open it. "This will take you back to the Atrium. Please call upon me if needed."

Arthur and Hermione left and Aurelian closed the door behind him and quickly took quill to parchment and wrote hastily on it before folding it into an airplane and threw it into the air.

Arthur led her out of the Ministry discretely watching behind him. He pulled Hermione aside and whispered. "We are being followed. We will go to the Burrow safely Aparrate from there."

Hermione did not miss a beat. "I know it is strange Arthur. Severus dead over a year? How can it possibly reveal anything to me as that future died with him?"

Arthur winked to her and took her arm and Apparated her away as soon as they were free of the Ministry.

The Deatheater following them cursed as they suddenly disappeared and unable to follow them.

After a brief moment at the Burrow, she found herself at her cottage. Walking in she found everyone with the addition of Erin looking to her with curiosity.

She found her husband against the wall watching her. "If you don't mind I need to talk to Severus. We'll let you know what the globe reveals shortly."

Severus moved up and took her hand and led her out of the kitchen without a word, leading her up the stairs and into their bedroom. "You handled everything well." He murmured. "I saw everything through our Bond."

She sat on the bed and pulled out the globe and held it out. "I admit I do not want to know its contents."

He reached out and held touched the globe. "Let's break it together Hermione." He whispered.

Hermione released the globe and watched it break releasing a puff of blue vapor revealing Erin speak out earthily.

The snake demanded the watcher leave and she did to allow the demand for Destiny

The Lord of Dark made a pact with his apprentice and soon in power and knows of the one and her sacrifice.

Her sacrifice being the one that the Lord of Dark and Lady of Light created falls to the apprentice.

Time passes and the Phoenix cries out in despair. Her sworn one cannot keep the sacrifice safe.

A ghost keeps council to the Snake and Lion and progeny but all will fail and the world will plunge into Darkness for fifteen years as the fruit of his loins spouts forth. The ghost continues to whisper to fight despite it all. Does the Snake and Lion need to fall before the progeny takes forth? They will fail.

The armies gone it will only be up to that one to bring the world back into the light but he will fail.

Darkness and light at the crux as Darkness and Light battles.

The future is not written. I am powerful and I provide the means for snakes, lions, and a lone raven to prevail by my words. One once of Dark will aid. You know who he is.

Severus and Hermione looked to the figure horrified as the wisp of Erin looked to them with an impassioned plea voice changing in the normal voice of Erin.

Save me Hermione and Severus Snape. All hinges on you! If I go to the apprentice all is doomed and will be as spoken. Protect my chosen for a chance.

They watched the wisp disappear.

Hermione fell from the bed onto the floor in shock. "Gods Severus what are we going to do?"

Severus felt numb at the revelation. "I'm not sure for the first time in my life."