Chapter 9 Wedding Party Revealed

"Call him Hermione." Severus commanded.

She closed her eyes focusing on her need. "Ron I need you here now."

She opened her eyes and found Ron floating before her. "I expected your call Hermione."

Severus did not miss a beat. "It would have been handy to warn everyone to remove funds from Gringott's a year ago. "

Ron sighed. "I told Harry because he is the only one able to fund the future. You figured out what Binns is up to."

"With the help of his Assassin!" Severus growled out.

"I am a pawn as much as you. I do not know the outcome but I know the path and this needs to be done. The Order needs to fade from existence."

Hermione grew angry. "Ron, you could have told me! You could have warned us all and those affected would be better placed for the future. I'm having words with Erin!"

"Erin had nothing to do with this." Ron calmly replied.

Severus and Hermione watched another ghostly form revealing D.A Justice.

"Hello Hermione. You look beautiful as always." He replied.

Hermione was confused. "Dwight? Why are you here?"

Dwight sighed. "Erin is mortal and vulnerable to human persuasion. Despite her long life she will be pulled to human emotions. It will be her downfall in the end of things. I am here to…..ease things for the future."

Hermione cried out. "What are you talking about Dwight? She became mortal for Donovan. Her love for him resulted in her transformation."

They waited silently for the ghost to continue.

Dwight chuckled sadly. "She is old and not and will is a new concept for her to experience even if she knows of it. My mother timeless until now, immune to the pull of human will and influence, watching only and acting with no thought of emotion or reaction except for the good of things."

Dwight floated to Severus. "You know the Darkness has a vessel to manipulate her. The Order fades out of existence. Who is left to watch Severus? You? Hermione? Harry Potter?"

Severus remained silent.

Dwight looked to him. "You remember your demand of free will and regret it Severus. Don't be for it has been predicted for Eternity. I found that out when I was tortured and murdered, finding myself at the Veil with my grandmother promising I would come back to protect Hermione."

Dwight held his hand out to Ron. "It's time to go until we are needed again Ron."

Ron floated to his fellow ghost and grasped Dwight's pale hand and grabbed it firmly, looking to Hermione. "I'm sorry Hermione, you're on your own now. We will come back at the proper time."

She watched the ghost disappear and turned to her husband distraught. "What did Dwight mean Severus?"

Severus moved to her and placed his hand on her bulging stomach, glamour charm broken at the ghost's departure.

"I think their departure means that it is up to us for a time." Severus murmured.


Erin listened to Hermione and Severus' story and sat back sipping her tea. "The concerns are valid Hermione. I told Severus this before." She sighed out and reached over to hold Donovan's hand. The wizard said nothing the whole time. "I have Donovan beside me and I do love him. As longs as he is with me, I will never join this vessel or my father."

Erin suddenly stood up rigid, eyes closed.

"Ahhh sweet, delectable Erin. You deny it but it will come to pass. Your delightful statement of denying me my right has alerted me to where you are." Chuckling voice of Voldemort sounding in her head.

"One night with me…." Voldemort's voice husky in her mind. "That is all it will take. Your father has commanded that I be your intended and I will fulfill his expectations of me and bring you to stand by his side, father and daughter reunited. You will rule Earth by my side with you as my bride, my mate, my vessel. You know that is your right, your destiny, and nothing will change it."

Donovan, Hermione, and Severus jumped up from their seats, wands in hand when Erin's eyes snapped open with a shout of "Never!"

"My Best Man and Groomsmen arrive….."

Erin came to herself unwrapping a cloth producing a Portkey in the guise of a large tin can. "There is no time. We must abandon this place! I will explain later."

The wards flared red indicating a breach as cracks of thunder announced the arrival of magical beings.

No one questioned Erin and touched the tin can, disappearing as the front door burst open, Slightly and ten Deatheaters rushing in and stopped, realizing the room was empty.

"Spread out and search. Kill all except for our Lord's bride and Hermione Snape." Slightly spat out.

"As you command Second." One Deatheater replied and motioned to his fellows to obey the command.

Slightly watched one pull a picture off the wall with Hermione and Snape kissing while placing his long fingers on her large stomach, breaking their kiss and smiled to one another repeating itself.

The Deatheater brought the picture to him. "Second, Severus Snape is alive. Look to the date."

Slightly grabbed the picture. "He is dead. Thousands watched him die…." Allowing his voice to fade as the group of Deatheaters finished their search and gathered around the picture.

He cursed inwardly. Despite his skill he could not Obliviate them all at once. An Assassin targeted their mark alone, and not in groups unless from a distance with time. A spread Oblivate would drain his magic and those affected would awake before him with a chance that the Obliviate would not have taken hold. He could not risk it.

"Theodore Knott you will gain favor with our Lord for finding this. Our Lord will be very interested in this." Tucking the picture into his robe while discretely touching the coin is his pocket to send a warning.

Slightly looked to his group barking out if Erin or Hermione was found.

The assembled shook their head indicating they did not find who they searched for.

"Go back to your families, ensured that despite our failure we have found proof that the traitor Severus Snape is alive. I will inform our Lord of the findings after I destroy this cottage."

All nodded to him and turned their heel and Apparated away. He did not miss Theodore Knott touch his wand to his Dark Mark before disappearing.

Slightly looked out to the empty room. The blasted man will inform Voldemort personally to get reward and there was nothing to be done about that, not trusting that he would give proper recognition. Blasted politics. Time for damage control.

Slightly walked away from the cottage, flicking his wand behind him, turning to watch the cottage erupt in flames.

Ensuring the flames from his spell fully engulfed the house he turned his heel and Apparated away.

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