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And Lachlan is said as this Locklen for those who were saying lacklan.

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The Spartans: The Lost Team

Spartan-6784 sat on the Spartan's section on the new UNSC cruiser named the "UNSC HAREBRINGER." Consists of 10,000 People, around 2000 Marines, 1000 ODST's, 4000 Regular FleetCOM Soldiers and the Spartan Squad "ASSASSIN." S-6784 was newly appointed (as of 2 weeks ago) Chief Petty Officer because of his new status of being the Commander of ASSASSIN Squad. The ASSASSIN Squad consisted of 5 Spartans, each with their own specific and unique skill. His 2nd in command, S-4876 was sitting across from him cleaning his M395 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). The other three members of his squad were in the armory testing out some new equipment that was picked up from their stop on Earth.

-2 Weeks Prior-

ONI Spartan Commandment leader Jones walked into the office of the highly decorated leader of the UNSC Lord Hood. "Please sit down Mr Lee." Said Hood. The Master Chief had been called back to Earth by Lord Hood himself to discuss matters on a new Spartan Squad, that was to be called ASSASSIN Squad. The Master Chief entered the room located deep below Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The Chief nodded to the ONI officer and Lord Hood. "Master Chief, you may take a seat if you'd like". Said Hood. "Uhm No thank you sir, I think my armour might crush the chair underneath me". Replied the Chief. "Ok then... Lets get started!" Hood then pulled out a data pad and showed it to the two men that stood before him and said, "Ok, Master Chief we've called you here because we're after a new squad of Spartans that can do what entire battalions and fleets of UNSC Marines can do, this squad will consist of 5 Spartans, each with his or her own skill that no other Spartan possess. We require you to Hand-Pick these soldiers for us". "Easy as said and done sir, where will I be heading?" Asked the chief. "Reach." Replied Hood. The Chief thought that Reach was destroyed, so he spoke his mind. "Sir, With all due respect, I thought Reach was glassed." Hood Replied. "Ahh Yes but that is not entirely true Master Chief, its 2560, alot has changed since 2552, We recovered some forerunner tech in 2559 which we are using to fix the damage that was made to the planet."

- 3 Days Later-

The Chief walked in front of 5 Handpicked Spartans, he walked up to the first and said, "S-6784 Lachlan?" "Yes Sir." Replied Lachlan. "You have been chosen to become the Commander of a new Spartan squad that consists of the skills that an entire UNSC fleet or battalion can do, you have been chosen for your skills at leadership and Hand to Hand combat, now if you could follow Chief Mendez here to the Armory to choose your armor...

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