"Spartans, This is Major Silver, Hop on in, and We'll take you the rest of the way" Said the Major,

The Spartans Hopped on and were driven the rest of the way, the NOVA Marines and Scorpion company had managed to take most of the HQ, the Storm Covenant were making a final stand in the control room, they had every door locked and were stealing information.

"SPARTANS, I need you to retake the Control Room, we need to… GahhH!" Major Silver's whole Scorpion company was torn apart from an unidentified ship that just exited slipspace,

"FireTeam's Turquoise and Blaze, your needed on the Leprechaun, NOW!"

A pelican came down and picked them up, it rocketed back up too the Leprechaun, the strange ship blew apart the Mythology and fired on the Iceland, making it on a direct course for the Surface.

The Leprechaun was all of a sudden sucked inside the portal, along with one of the CCS-class Frigates,

The Last two Covenant ships put up a fight against the newcomer, but was eventually destroyed.

"All, *cough cough* UNSC forces in the area, the Mythology and Leprechaun are lost, the Iceland is crash landed 3 kilometres away from the HQ, we are evacuating survivors, retake that, and stay there!"

"UNSC forces in the HQ area, this is Commander Junction, we need to fortify this base and… "

The Iceland's crashsite blew up in a shroud of plasma, metal and heat.

The remaining covenant forces were also bombed, all that was left was the Humans and this enemy.

"This is Doctor Raja Gosneckel, this is forerunner, some kind of Promethean force, codenamed Hurricane, we need to examine this further!" Said the Doctor over the COMM,

They started landing Dropships all over the moon, GREMLIN had just realised, that the invasion of IO had begun, and there was nothing, they could do.