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Peeta and I wake up nice and early where that sun's head has just shown up. When I decide to turn around to face Peeta I can't because our legs are tangled. So I untangle them and as I make a turn Peeta's eyes have just opened.

"Morning." I whisper.

"Morning Katniss." He yawns and stretches his hands. Well what do you want to do today Katniss? Our last day of...um...freedom? I guess."

"Freedom?" I ask him, "Well I wound't call it freedom. We're never free...maybe...I don't know... normality." I laugh at my silly words.

"Well whatever we want to call it. What do you want to do?" He repeats.

I shrug, "What do you want to do?"

"Hm, well I want to spend the day with you. We could eat at out sunrise place for the last time. " He suggests, "It's a start."

"Okay, let's go." We get out of bed and go out to the kitchen to do order. The person that assists us was the man from last night. My eyes were foggy when last night but I can still make out some features of his face. And his face is extremely familiar. As soon as he walks towards us I glare at him.

Peeta seems calm, I don't think he has recognized the man yet. I realise that when he saw me he doesn't look very relax. He looks at Peeta and then at me exchanging looks at us every now and then. I keep giving the scariest look I can muster.

"H-hi, what would you like for this morning?" He asks nicely.

"Alright, I was thinking about those pancakes, get us 8 pieces maybe, I would like chocolate milk. Katniss, do you want hot chocolate?"

"Yes please," I say keeping my gaze at this man who would even think of playing a joke like that with me.

"Um, okay. 8 pancakes, 2 hot chocolate, probably a few toasts of bread, make sure you put enough syrup in there. Um...Katniss you want to add anything?" Peeta asks me.

"No. That would be fine." I say sternly.

"Alright, that would be it." Peeta confirms.

"Thank you sir. Your order will be there in just a few minutes." I see him swallow and quickly strides away.

"Katniss...what was that about?"

"Don't you recognize him?" I ask Peeta as we take our seat.

"Yes, Katniss I do. I want to tell him off but if anyone sees he'll probably get punished much more severely."

"His not an avox though. He just works for the Capitol." I say casually.

"Katniss be nice." He lets out.

I nod an okay but I'm making no promises.

"Come one let's look out the window while we wait." He takes my hand and we walk a few steps to the window opposing the dinner table.

"There's nothing to see Peeta." I say when all we pass are trees and bushes. I love the woods and the forest and everything but the train moves to fast to be able to see anything.

"Yes there is. Look." Peeta says behind me and he randomly points to an area. See, there's a tree there oh and we passed another one." He says.

"Are you trying to joke around with me?" I tell him.

"Oh no Katniss you missed the bush!" he whines.

"Don't play games with me Peeta." I say bouncily.

"The sun is halfway to lighting up the sky." He mumbles.

"I can see that."

He yawns, "I'm still tired."

We hear someone say that our order is ready and we pick it up. It wasn't the man who gave us our food, he's probably hiding somewhere. Peeta and I walk down the hall to our little area. We set are food down at the wall. Peeta and I sit with the trays between us and we lean on the wall. I start on my hot chocolate and Peeta starts on the pancake.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

"I'll save you some anyway Katniss."

"Just don't eat too fast to be able to get a second one alright."

"Yes ma'am."

When I get cracking on the pancakes Peeta is already on his third one. Peeta ordered eight so that means that we get four each. But as soon as I take a bit on mine I don't just want to have four I want all of them.

We continue eating and when Peeta has finished his fourth pancake he gives me a knowing look.

"No." I say without thinking.



"Katniss I jus-"

"N-O. No."

"I was just th-"



"N-noooo..." I linger.

Peeta shuffles closer to me and I stop eating and scowl at him.

"I guess there's no need for me to stay then. I''ve eaten my breakfast already." He says with a shrug and he starts getting up.

"What are you saying?" I ask suddenly.

"I'm done with my breakfast, I'll see you later Katniss."

"Are you serious."

"Uh, yeah...pretty much." He says as he makes a stand. He turns and starts walking away.

"Wait!" I stop him.

He turns around, a smile on his face. "Uh...you forgot your tray." I say and his smile drops.

"Oh, yeah. Alright." He mutters.
I watch him turn and he grabs his tray hesitantly. I give him a quirky smile and keep nibbling on my pancake.

"Can I have one before I go?"

"Absolutely not." I say and shake my head at every syllable.

"No. Right here." He leans his head and turn his right cheek to me and taps it with his finger.

Peeta's move was too fast. After I roll my eyes and as soon as my lips touch his cheek he grabs the plate of pancakes off my hands and make a run for it.

"Peeta!" I yell at him and jump up and start chasing. He runs into the hallways and he takes a pancake off the plate and he brings his head right up until his facing the wall and drop the pancake to his mouth. I was expecting him to run into a door or something but I shouldn't have kept my hopes up.

"Peet get back here!" I charge at him and I don't see it when he stops and turns around. I run into him but he has mananged to stand steady even with his artificial leg.

"I'm just joking with you. I only wanted one, you can have the rest." Peeta says sounding as kind as he can but I don't buy it. I forgive him though and snatch my plate.

"Can we share them?" He asks.

I give him a death glare and all he can do is smile. I give in into his innocent look.

"Alright, let's go back then."

I hear Peeta yell a triumphant yes and I smile. It's just adorable how he does things like these.

We sit back down and I give Peeta one of the two pancakes left.

Peeta and I take our time on eating the pancakes moaning every now and then because it's just so delicious. Peeta and I walk back and give our trays to the attendants and I see the man again and I look at him evilly. Peeta and I separate when we're at my bedroom door because he says he needs to get ready in his room and his going to pack the paintings somehow.

So I get ready in my room and I head straight to Peeta's but his not there and I decide to check the paint room.

As I walk down the hallway I can see that the door to the paint room and the door is opened very slightly. Just a tiny crack and through that crack I can Peeta talking.

Probably talking to himself. But when I'm about to open the door widely I hear Haymitch inside.

"Nice paintings. You actually make Katniss look good in these. Without the scowling and you know what," I hear croak and I roll my eyes.

"Katniss looks fine when she smiles," Peeta mutters.

"To you anyway...so, big day today. I'll make you pick the ring just before we go."


"I don't want to argue about this Peeta. But I just want to let you know that if I were you I would probably try to kill me for coming up with such an idea. But the thing is, I'm not."

I shake my head. Typical Haymitch.

"What does Katniss say to you about this."

"Well, she doesn't hate you for it. She's getting there, she'll learn to accept it. Don't worry." Haymitch reassures Peeta.
I'm getting there.

"Hm...I don't know..." Peeta says doubtfully.

"Now that sounds like someone who has given up." Haymitch says absent-mindedly.

"I have given up..." He says quietly.

There's a pause.

"On Katniss?"

He chuckles, "I gave up a long time ago. I have no hope left, all I want to do is just protect her, care for her, love her and stay strong for her. She's her own person, she can do what ever she wants."

Haymitch laughs, "After...how many years? 12 years? You have finally given up. 12 years, wow."

"Must be a record." Peeta sighs.

"You don't look like you've given up though. Maybe you just think you are."

"Can you please pass me another box Haymitch."

"Fine," I hear him shuffle around and they start talking again.

"Do you think it was all worth it Haymitch? That everyone will be safe after this?"

"I'm pretty sure, we'll just have to wait and see right? You know Peeta, I believe in you. I really do."

"What do you mean Haymitch?"

"Katniss just doesn't want to let you through but you know what? I bet my beard she won't be able to let you go."

"Okay, what did you drink Haymitch?"

"Just wine. But I bet you that's true."

"All we've done is cry and fight Haymitch. All throughout the tour, one time we're happy the next she's yelling at me and then after that we're arguing."

"See, you're already acting like a married couple."

That's very funny Haymitch.

"Very funny Haymitch." Peeta reads my mind.

"But Peeta, fighting...it's just part of it. Well it was better with you two just being acquaintances and not being comfortable with each other, plus, you weren't fighting all the time. But that wouldn't be fair on you anyway. And I understand that both of you are confused, I mean, its doing Katniss' head in. But the important thing is that you both have each other. You two will figure it out soon." Haymitch explains.

"Thanks Haymitch."

"I don't believe that you've given up on Katniss Peeta. You're a lover and a fighter. After 12 years it's impossible."

"You can say whatever you want Haymitch but I told you, I've lost hope."

"Where there's love there's always hope Peeta. Remember that, the heart chooses...not the mind."

"And suddenly you've become a wise man."

"Hey, you're lucky you're getting this kind of talk. This is one side of me that you don't see everyday you know."

"You probably drank the 'Wise Man Wine' or something."

"Peeta I don't get it. That's not funny."

"It wasn't meant to be funny."

There's a pause.

"You actually make Katniss look better in these paintings. How do you do it Peeta?" Haymitch breaks in.

"Well that's how I see Katniss. You're probably looking at her from a different angle."

"Has Katniss seen these yet?"

"Yeah she has," Peeta says sounding tired.

"What are you planning to do with these?"

"They were my gift to Katniss; she can choose whatever she wants to do with them."

"She might burn it..." Haymitch says.

Even though it's a joke I grit my teeth at his comment.

"I'm just joking Peeta. She wouldn't do that. But then aga-"

"Haymitch!" Peeta interrupts him, "Don't say that."

"Don't believe me. Anyway, I just came here to talk to you about that ring. Meet me in my room before you get out and we're escorted to the Capitol's streets."

Haymitch says and I can hear him make a stand. I don't back away but I just open the door. Acting surprised that Haymitch is there and look like I just came.

"Oh! Good morning sweetheart. Big day today," Haymitch makes his way to the door.

"What are you doing here?" I ask as innocently as I can and Haymitch glares at me then leaves.

"He was just talking to me about this afternoon." Peeta answers my question and shoves another painting in a box.

"Careful! I don't want any of them getting scratched."

"Just out of confusion, what are you going to do with these?"

"Well I'm thinking about putting the landscaped ones around the house. And the ones with me, I'll keep them hidden so only I can see them. They're going to be the special ones." I say nicely.

He smiles and continues packing them away. I start packing some myself. When I pick up the one with the stars I smile wildly like an idiot.

"I love them Peeta. All of it."

"I spent so much times doing those. You might now know but I do them at night. Like, when you're sleeping. I get out and paint for an hour or two and come back again." He catches my attention. I've never realized. Not once. I haven't even acknowledged it in any way.


"I did. I might as well tell you."


He puts a finger to his lips, a sign for silence, he walks towards me.

"Just accept it alright,"He wraps his arms around me and I accept his kiss.

We pack the last couple of paintings and Peeta tells me that he will be in charge to put them out. We leave the room and decide to sit in the living are. With couches and a TV. We just watch the same old Capitol headlines and some recap of our tour in District 1 (where we're kissing and dancing).

The last thing Claudius Templesmith says is a reminder, "In just a few hours' time we're going to be having Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in the Capitol for a celebration. Make sure you keep your ears in tune and televisions ready for another interview by my friend; Caesar Flickerman."

Tonight. When we're having our interview. That's when. I can't help but feel nervous, I don't know why.

"You scared?" I hear Peeta ask me.

I give him a silent nod. He arms go around me, "It's going to be okay. It won't take a lot of convincing, trust me. The Capitol is very gullible."

"Yeah but President Snow isn't." I say.

Peeta holds me tighter. We sit there, cuddled up together and watching the TV. Eventually I get bored so I just my gaze from the TV to Peeta.



"When we get home…do you think…well…do all married couples move in together?" I ask out of confusion.

Peeta's eyes immediately turns to meet mine with an unreadable expression on his face. I suddenly feel embarrassed for asking that question.

"Uh…well…um…it- it- it depends whe-whether or not they um…want to."

"Oh." I say in understanding. "Should we?" I continue.

And again he puts on an expression. But a much readable one. I can see that his shocked. Very shocked.


I sigh, "Should me move in together?"

His speechless, I can't figure out why. "Do you feel comfortable with it?" He says without stuttering.

"I don't see a problem, I mean; we have to continue the act even if we're still home right. Even if we've succeeded." I explain.

"Uh- I-I- guess so. A-are you act-actually telling me that w-we're mo-moving in together?"

"Yes." I say loudly to make him sure of it.

"Uh…okay." He says smiling.

"Your house or mine?" I ask quickly.

He snaps his head again, "What!" He lets out.

"Your house or mine…" I say a bit slower.

"Um…w-well, you have Prim and your mo-"

I cut him off, "So it's your house then."

"S-sure. My house." He says.

I take a closer look at him, Peeta seems weirded out by me making the idea of moving in together.

"So…are you actually serious Katniss?" He asks me.

I look at him impatiently, "Yes, of course. If you don't want to then we don't have t-"

"No! I-I- I would love to." He interrupts.

Before I can say anything I hear the familiar sound of Effie's heels coming our way and I look at her.

"Good news! We're arriving 30 minutes early today. Cinna and Portia are waiting for the both of you." Effie says excitedly.

Peeta and I share a look. I see him swallow and I give him a smile.

"I'll see you afterwards." Peeta mumbles.

"Yep." I say and we separate.

I meet up with my prep team first and they get going with my make-up. Cinna is probably getting my dress ready.

"We're going to make you extra special today Katniss." Venia says and I smile at her. They don't know what's going to happen tonight. Their reaction will be an extra bonus I guess.

They finish with my make up and start on my hair. They start brushing and when I think that it's enough they don't stop.

"What are you going to do with my hair?" I ask them.

"Cinna just wants us to keep it simple. He wants it down and natural." Octavia explains, "So it's just you." Octavia adds.

"But we chose to add hairclips in." Venia says.

"Oh yeah, speaking of hairclips. Where was the hairclip that Cinna told us to put on her." Flavius says.

"What hairclip?" I ask suddenly.

"It's in the case." Octavia says.

I watch Venia take a case from their make up box and when she takes the hairclip from the small case I get a warm rush through me.

It's the hairclip that Peeta picked up. The one that I dropped all those years ago.

"Here we go, it doesn't look very pretty but its okay. Cinna knows what his doing." Octavia says and I ignore her comment. I just stare adoringly at the hairclip and my smile widens. I can't wait to wear it.

"Katniss? Do you…recognize this hairclip?" I hear Venia ask and I see Flavius elbow her.

"Oh right! This is yours!" Venia says like surprised.

"Remember what Cinna told us." Flavius reminds both those girls. I just watch them chatter but not bothering to listen attentively.

"Can you guys just!" I snap, "Shut it!"

The three of them share looks, "Sorry Katniss." They say.

"It's fine, you guys were just getting carried away. That's why I thought I should just step in. I mean, we don't want Effie getting angry about being behind schedule."

I say to them.

They share a look, "No, of course not." Venia says and Octavia continues brushing my hair. In the end Flavius puts the hairclip on my hair, pulling it back on the side.

"Done." Flavius said and we wait for a few minutes until Cinna walks in the room. A white dress in his hand.

"Alright guys, my turn." Cinna says and my prep team makes a stand to leave.

"Stand for me." He says and I do.

He holds the dress in front of me then starts looking back and forth between me and the dress. "This will look amazing on you. Now for tonight, I want to make you look like a 17 year-old girl. A teenager, because that's what you are. So tonight your dress won't be too long, just above your kness. Strapless, with a black sash." He explains and I listen, "Now your heels, I'm very happy to say that it won't be too high. I think you've had enough of high heels."

I smile, thank God. Cinna has made things a bit easier tonight. No more high heels to dance in and walk around with. Cinna smiles back then his eyes gaze on my hair, where the hairclip lays, I think.

"It was the middle of the night..." Cinna starts and he moves around the room and takes a seat. I stand there in confusion.

"Peeta was in the room where he paints. I asked him what he was doing up at this time of the night and he told that he was just painting. Then I see the hairclip pegged to one canvas with a beautiful painting of a sunset. It was so beautiful I tell you that I wanted to keep it. I asked him about the hairclip and I'm guessing you know about it too." He continues. I nod and take a seat back down on my chair. I touch the hairclip lightly.

How could one small thing make such an effect on a person?

"Are you nervous for tonight Katniss?" Cinna asks me.

"Well I'm feeling a little tense. It's our last chance and I don't want to ruin it." I answer.

"Peeta can't even think. He is the one that's proposing, he needs a whole speech figured out."

I nod to in acknowledgement. I can't make the effort to relax.

"What id it's too obvious Cinna? What i-"

"Ah!" Cinna puts a stop to my words. "Don't stress yourself out. You'll be fine, now go put on teh dress for me."

I follow Cinna's instructions and go change. When I get out of the change room Cinna smiles adoringly at me.

"Now there we go. Just a 17 year-old girl, she never left did she?" Cinna says and I smile, "Twirl for me." I do and I feel myself relaxing a little. "Okay let's put the heels on."

"Thanks for not making them high Cinna." I say as I pick the shoes up.

"No worries."

We sit and chat for a few minutes until Effie calls us.

"You look beautiful Katniss!" Effie chants.

"Thank you Effie."

"Alright you go and sit down while we wait for Peeta and possibly Haymitch. I'm not afraid to leave that old rag behind." She exclaims. I do as she says and Cinna and my prep team stay with me.

After a while Peeta and Haymitch show up, along with his prep team. He looks so strikingly handosme with his grey suit, his hacket sleeve folded up 3 quarters of the way, he has no tie on but a grey V-neck and his hair has been straightened and spiked up. Just like me, Cinna and Portia made us look young and actual 17 year-olds.

He smiles widely when he sees me and I do to.

We all make a stand as the train is ready to stop. Peeta walks to me and smiles as if he hasn't seen me in forever.

"You look beautiful." He says meaningfully.

"You do too," I say and he twirls me around lookingme up and down.

"I like it Cinna." Peeta says to him as he embraces me.

I hear Cinna chuckle, "It was specially for you, sadly it wasn't orange."

"No, it's better white." he says and kisses the top of my head.
Haymitch gives Peeta an ecouraging pat on the back as we let go of each other.

"Okay...guys get ready." Effie says.

Peeta and I watch the Capitol buildings slowly emerge through the window. This reminds me of when we were going to be taken to the Capitol for The Hinger Games. I look at where we are now and it feels like the end.

An end.

An ending of some sort. Well it is our last day of touring and our one last chance. I guess that's why it feels like after this we're on our own. In a way it feels like that.

When we reach the long, dark tunnel Peeta holds my hand and give it a squeeze. As soon as we reach the end of the tunnel and end up at the station there are hundreds of people cheering for us as the train comes to a stop.

We get escorted by peacekeepers as we get out of the train and the station to our car. We don't have to make a big speech today so we're taken straight to the building very close to the Training Centre.

This building is probably where we're going to meet some special guests, eat dinner and do some dancing. It looks like a huge building from the outside, we're probably going to have our interview here as well.

"We don't have to try and convince anyone here but Snow Katniss. Forget about the me saying the Capitol being gullible, just keep the act up for the cameras." Peeta whispers in my as we get ready to pull over.

I nod to his explanation.

"Relax." He whispers one more time.

As I look out the window I see a lot of people, camera mans, photographers, you name it. They are all standing in either side of the pathway that leads to the front doors. It's a pretty long pathway, you can call it an aisle.

"Katniss and Peeta, all you have to do is talk to some reporters, answer their questions and try talking to some of your fans." Effie tells us from the front seat. "I might have told you this but we're staying for a few days, it's a last minute thing. You have a lot of presses, interviews and people that have tone acknowledge. 2 days has been changed to 3." She continues to explain.

I don't get it. I don't get the fact that people love us because we nearly died and that we even killed. People in the Districts might've pretended that they were happy with us they really don't. All they wanted was their tribute to come home safe and sound, especially their families.

But in the Capitol, they don't put their children in a TV show and watch them get killed by another innocent child who just wants to go home and be safe in their families arms.

Is there not one person here who is actually human? Who feels like a human? Who has a heart?

Are they all just monsters thirsty for blood?

As I look at their smiling faces and hear their cheers I can't help but feel sick.

I look at Peeta.

"Just for the cameras." He mouths to me then kisses my forehead.

"Let's go." Haymitch mutters and I open the door. The flashing lights blind me a little and Peeta offers me his arm for support straight away. We greet a few of crazy people thirsty for out touch. We get photos taken.

We kiss, we don't let go of each other and they love it. We make make ourselves look as happy as we can and look like we enjoy it. Even our prep team gets asked about Peeta and I's love life. Somewhere along Octavia's line I swear I heard the word flexible.

We see a few cars pull over as well and other guests get out to join us. I see Haymitch shake hands with one of them.

"So Peeta and Katniss, how are you dealing with all the Victory Tour pressure?" A reporter with green hair and yellow eyebrows ask us when we reach him.

"Well, it's definitely not something that you can get used to and I didn't really feel pressured by it. Especially when you have someone like Katniss to keep you sane."

Peeta answers. He smiles at me and I do the same thing to him.

"Katniss?" The reporter says.

"The tour was a bit heavy and it was hard look at the faces of those children that died. You can't help but feel responsible. Peeta and I managed everyday and we try our best to pay as much respect to their children that died in the Games." I say.

"Hm. Now I heard some rumors while you were in the middle of your tour that you, Katniss, us quite a flexible person." The reporter says with a wink.

My face turns red, as red as it can manage.

"Oh. Um..." I don't know what to say. I feel Peeta's arm around my waist tighten.

"She's very flexible. It wasn't very hard with her at all. She controlled the whole thin-" I slap Peeta's chest hard and look at him in surprise and the reporter laughs.

Even though it's all I lie, you feel uncomfortable being spoken about that way.

"Peeta!" I exclaim, my face must be as red as a tomato right now.

The reporter continues guffawing.

"Why would you say that?" I say harshly.

"What? There's no point hiding it, they might all know our secrets. They just need us to confirm the rumors." Peeta mumbles quietly to me but making sure that the mic can catch what he said.

"Well thank you for having us." I dismiss our interview and Peeta and I continue moving forward.

We manage to make it more than halfway and we get closer to the entrance of the building.

We get asked the same questions a few times and everytime Peeta gives me a quick kiss, people that saw go mad.

They're feral. All of them.

Peeta and I join in the first dance of the night before we eat dinner. A lot of the people here in the Capitol watches us with our every move. And they look at us in wonder and excitement. I don't try to let them bother and I just dance with Peeta. He steps on my foot a lot more than he did last time.

"What's wrong Peeta?" I ask worriedly.

"It's just my leg, it's a bit sore." He says. It must be his artificial one.

"Let's take a seat." I say and all he can do is nod.

We sit in a seat enough for just the both of us. Peeta sits comfortably and he lets out a sigh.

"That's better." He says as soon as he sat down.

We sit and talk about his leg for a while until I get hungry and want to eat.

"I'll get us food Peeta. You shoudln't walk on your leg while it's sore." I say.


"No." I interrupt him.

His mouth closes and I go to the buffet. I decide to get just one plate and fill it with tons of food for the both of us. I manage to move quick enough without anybody

trying to make a conversation with me. I walk back steadily to where Peeta sits.

I sit down and balance the plate in between our laps.

Why did you just get one plate?" Peeta asks me.

"It would have been easier to carry." I explain and hand him his spoon. We start eating, fighting over some pieces of food during that process.

I don't make it halfway until I get full so as usual, Peeta ends up eating all of the food.

"Are you two ready?" Haymitch asks us backstage of where were going to have our interview.

We hear the crowds cheers and Peeta and I look at their direction. I take a breath in.
Last chance. You love Peeta. You love him. Last chance.

"Yep." I say.

"Y-yes." Peeta fumbles out.

"Just act clamly and everything will go just as smooth." Haymitch says encouraginly.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The victors of the 74th Hunger Games! Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark!" We hear Caesar Flickerman's voice boom through the speakers.

"That's you call. Go get them." Haymitch says quietly and before we make a step Effie suddenly appears out of nowhere and gives us an encouraging cheer.

Peeta talks my hand as we walk to the stage. I put the happiest smile I can make. We enter the stage and the crowd has already been warmed up; screaming and cheering our names. Bright lights hitting my eyes and I wince just a little bit. A seat big enough for Peeta and I , like the one we were seating on a while ago.

We take a seat after Peeta's shaked hands with Caesar and I have given him a hug.

"Wow. Welcome back." Caesar says.

"Thank you." I say.

"We're very happy to be here." Peeta continues for me.

"Of course of course. How was the tour?" He asks us.

"It was a bit um...nerve racking to be honest." Peeta says.

"I have to agree. You can't help but feel guilty." I say and hopefully these people understand what Peeta and I are talking about.

I think Caesar get's it though. "Oh yes. After all they are just children."

"Yes they are." Peeta nods.

Caesar leads us through the interview nice and smooth about the tour and more about our feeling towards it.

After that, we talk about all these rumours that they've heard in the Capitol.

"Now, a few of us here have heard about your little sleeping arrangements." Caesar says raising his eyebrows.

Peeta and I look at each other and try to look us umcomfortable about the question as we can.

"All I want to ask you is whether they're all real or not. So, are they?" Caesar asks us excitedly.

I keep my head on my lap. "Uh- it um, d-depends on wh-what you have heard." Peeta says and the crowd laughs.

"Let me think, well...does Peeta sneak in at night?"

Peeta doesn't say anything.

"Katniss?" Caesar now directs the question at me.

"I- I don't feel comfortable with this." I say quietly, this time picking my head up to look at Caesar.

"Let's just assume that they're all real." Caesar says with a laugh and I blush. "Well now that the tour is done. Peeta, what should we expect from you and Katniss?

What are you two planning beofore the Games start again?"

I take a silent breath in and look at Peeta with a questioning look on my face.

"Well...uh...I..um..." Peeta stutters then looks at me. "Katniss...um..." He looks at Caesar again and he lets out a very nervous laugh.

What's wrong? Come on Peeta you can do this.

I just put on a confused look mixed with worry.

Peeta looks at me again in happiness then slowly he moves to get on the floor. Once the people understand what his trying to do they scream in excitement. For me,

I'm frozen. Not an expression on my face.

"Katniss..." He starts saying again once he gets on one knee. "Katniss I love you. I have loved you since the first time I saw you and-" He swallows, "A-and I haven't been able to stop ever since."

For some reason, I smile at him and feel a little teary.

"I don't think I can ever stop though. And now that I have you, I want to keep you forever. I know it sounds a little selfish but...I can't help it. K-Katniss Everdeen will you marry me?" The crowd goes wild and they answer the question before I can. I smile wider and I'm lost for words. I shouln't be but I actaully am.

"Y-yes." I mumble quietly.

"Really?" Peeta asks.

"Yes." A bit more louder and he stands in excitement. I do to and he kisses me. The crowd loves it. They're crazy for more. I hear Caesar laughing happily behind Peeta.

When Peeta and I break he takes the ring out of his inside pocket. It's a dazzling diamond ring, he takes my hand and put the ting in my ring finger.

"I love you," he says much more quieter. He looks at me and I do too. It's one of those moments where he just lets those 3 words slip. I don't think anyone else heard but him. I look into his eyes and I offer him a small smile.

I give him another quick kiss and we share a tight hug.

Caesar wraps up our interview by congratulating us and before we leave Snow makes a surprise appearance.

As soon as I see him we look at each other. I put on a questioning look, a look of desperation. Was it enough? Was everything worth it? Was giving our future away worth it.

A slight disapproving nod of his head tells me it wasn't. At that movement I lose all hope. I feel like I've been crushed into a million pieces.
Instead of doing the opposite I just smile at him. Looking excited at his appearance. He congratulates Peeta and I and make a joke about getting married before I'm 30. I just go with it because what's the point. I better just keep up the act right?

When we make it backstage Effie runs to us straight away. Tissue in hand, wiping away all her tears. Everyone else follows behind her.

"That was..." Eddie sniffs. "Extremely breathtaking. Peeta, I am so proud of you honey. And I am do touched by the way you showed everyone how you just love

Katniss." She starts sobbing and Peeta tries to calm him down.

Portia leads Effie aside while everyone else congratulates us.

"That was so beautiful!" Flavius comments.

"Way to go Peeta!" Cinna gives him a pat on the back.

Haymitch says nothing but smile at us. I give him that look; the disappointing nod that Snow gave me and his smile drops a little. Then straight away Octavia and Venia start talking about what I should look like on my wedding.

"We could be bridesmaids!" They cackle. I don't really know what a bridesmaids is but I have heard of the word.

After Effie have wiped away all her tears she gathers us all to say goodbye and get ready to leave. We're going back to sleep in our old Training Centre quarters for the next couple of nights.

I feel numb for the rest of the nights. I don't feel very relaxed or tensed either. I can't even acknowledge the people I'm saying goodbye to. I just cling onto Peeta's arm and follow what his doing.

When we get out of the building and into the car Peeta realizes my silence.

"Are you okay?" He asks me.

I can't tell him now. Not in front of all these people. I don't even know how to tell him. I don't know if I can. I don't know what to do anymore.

I don't say anything, I just nod. But Peeta's not stupid though, he can tell if something's wrong. He takes hold of my hand and sits closer. I look at our hands sprawled on my lap. I look at the ring, it wasn't worth it. I can just hope that those people in the districts feel for it. But I doubt that.

Peeta runs his thumb on the ring. I have a plan, we could just run away, take our families with us and live in the woods. Sounds easy.

I sigh and let my head fall on Peeta's shoulder. Sweet poor innocent Peeta. He doesn't deserve any of this. I get worried at the thought of what Snow will do to Peeta. I don't want him getting hurt, I don't want anyone getting hurt.

I smile as Peeta runs his thumb over the ring. It fits perfectly, I can't help but think that our hands fit perfectly too.

"They fit nicely don't they?" I say.

"Hm? You ring?" Peeta sounds confused.

"No, our hands." I mutter.

"Oh. Well, yeah...I-I guess so."

The rest of the ride to the Training Centre, where were going to spend the next couple of nights, is quiet.

"Tonight, we sleep in our own rooms." Effie says while we sit in the living room after we've just watch our interview.

Peeta and I don't say anything because I know that no matter what Effie says we won't follow anyway.

"I'm tired. I'm heading to bed." I say and make a stand. I walk away before they can comment. I didn't even bother looking at Peeta.

I get changed for bed and I just climb in. I don't try to put much thought to what's happened today. I just get under the covers and close my eyes, hopefully I fall asleep fast.

But I don't though, my eyes are closed but I'm still up. I'm still awake until Peeta comes in and I keep my eyes closed to convince him. He joins me under the covers and automatically I snuggle close to him. His arms go around me and i hear let out a satisfied sigh.

"Peeta?" I say into his chest.

"Go back to sleep Katniss." Is all he can say.

"Did Snow say anything to you after the interview?" I mumble quietly.

"No, why?"

I stay silent for a few seconds.

"Nothing, I was just wondering." I say and I lift my head higher in the pillow and my face burrows in his neck.

"You looked so beautiful tonight." Peeta comments.

"You didn't look bad yourself." I say.

"Where'd you put the hair clip?"

"It's in the bathroom."

"We're going to be a happy married couple aren't we Katniss?"

I take time to think of what I should answer. "Of course we are."

"Goodnight Katniss."

"Goodbye Peeta."

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