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When I make my way down to eat breakfast I hear a lot of people whispering about me. I try to ignore it when I hear my name because I think I'm just hearing it wrong. It's not until I hear the word 'flexible' that I turn around and glare at the attendants whispering behind my back. I try to remind myself that I shouldn't kill Peeta when he gets out of his room because he was only trying to make gossip. I quickly walk into the dining area and everyone is already eating their meal.

"Ah, good morning Katniss." Effie says. "And may I ask where you slept again last night?" She asks me.

"In my room." I say casually and people look at me, "No, seriously. I slept in my own room this time."

"Was Peeta there?" Effie says.

"Uh, well…he was." I answer and before Effie starts talking about 'inappropriate behaviour' I stop her, "But we didn't do anything. I swear, we just slept."

"Rumours are going around that you're quite flexible Katniss." Haymitch says then take drinks of his flask. I give him a murderous looks and he winks at me.

I cover my face with my hands out of embarrassment. The people on the table start laughing.

"It's okay Katniss, flexibility is a gift when it comes to doing…you know…what you and Peeta did." Fulvia says.

Effie tells Fulvia to be quiet and give Katniss a death look.

"Where is Peeta?" Cinna asks.

"He's in his room, getting ready." I say.

"Katniss, I don't like you getting up late for breakfast all the time. Why don't you take some of my sleeping pills tonight? And no more sleeping with Peeta. From now on you two sleep separately." Effie says and I start to argue straight away and my prep team takes my side during our argument.

"What's going on?" Peeta says behind us at the entrance.

"Nothing Peeta, why don't you join us for breakfast." Cinna offers.

He takes a seat next to me and mouths what we were arguing about.

"Thanks to you, everyone thinks I'm flexible." I whisper at him

Peeta smiles then looks around the table at the people busily trying to eat.

"Don't deny it. You were." He says and I kick him under the table.

"What are you doing?" I mouth at him.

"Play along…" He mouths back.

I hesitate and catch my breath, "Well, you didn't have to go telling people that, you know." I whisper loud enough for people to hear.

"Now Effie says the we can't be sleeping together" I whisper again enough for everyone to hear.

"What?" Peeta yells and bangs on the table and people let a gasp.

"Yes Peeta. You and Katniss will now sleep in your own room." Effie says calmly.

"Effie please, don't do this." Peeta begs.

"Peeta, you do as I say." Effie commands.

"Effie, you're not my mother." Peeta sound really serious. I don't think he likes Effie's new rule. Why would he anyway? He likes sleeping next to me and I won't disagree, I like sleeping next to him.

"Peeta, calm down." I tell him, attendants are stopping what they're doing to watch what's going on. Haymitch simply crosses his arms and watch. Haymitch is probably the only one who can stand up to Effie like that and to see Peeta disagree and stand up to Effie is something you don't see everyday.

"Peeta, I cannot have you and Katniss acting like this. It is disgraceful!" She spits back.

"Effie please, I can't sleep without Katniss." He pleads.

"Use the sleeping pills." She suggests.

"You don't understand!" Peeta yells and stands up.

"Peeta Mellark!"

"Peeta, I think you need to sit down." Cinna says.

Peeta sits and tries to catch his breath.

"I'm sorry for being rude but I can't agree with this." He says much more calmer.

I take hold of Peeta's hands and try to soothe him.

"Peeta just eat. It's not like we're not going to see each other." I assure him.


"Just eat." I tell him and we spend the rest of breakfast eating quietly. It is a bit awkward.

When Cinna tells my prep team to go so that he can fit me in my dress he talks to me about Peeta.

"I'm confused now Katniss, are you really a flexible person?" He starts and I ignore him.

"It's alright Katniss. I don't believe it, I heard you two having a fight last night. I walked past your room after I've had a drink."

"I don't feel comfortable with all the whispers and winks though." I frown.

"Peeta knows what he's doing." Cinna says.

"Do you think it's fair Cinna? That I play with Peeta's feeling like this?"

"Of course its not fair. But Katniss, don't blame yourself. You're not the only one playing with him. There's me, there's Haymitch, you're family and Gale. Peeta always comes to me talking about Gale. I can't help but feel sorry for him."

Peeta talks to Cinna about Gale?

"I know Cinna, but I'm the one to blame here. You're not the one hurting him, you're just trying to fix our problem. And I hate it when Peeta doesn't blame me."

"Peeta doesn't blame us because that's just the kind of person Peeta is, he is a loving and caring boy. If I were a girl I would marry him with no hesitation at all."

"He's the man of any girls' dreams." I say, "Peeta doesn't deserve me and I don't deserve him. What do you think he sees in me Cinna?"

"Well, you're beautiful, you're strong, you're not very predictable like every other girl and you like a challenge. That's how I see you anyway, you would have to ask Peeta if you want to know what he sees in you."

"One day, another girl will take over Peeta's heart. Someone who will treat him with every love and care he deserves and I will just be a sad memory of him. That girl will help him forget about me and forget what he and to go through with me. She will make him the happiest man alive, you'll see." I hear my voice breaking at the last sentence.

"Katniss, what you don't understand is that Peeta has been in love with his whole life. Ever since he was five, if he hasn't fallen for other girls all that time then he never will. He sees nobody but you Katniss. Nobody but you, he's blinded by love. That's why a lot of people say that love is blind. You never know that the person your destined to be with might be right in front of you."

"It's not impossible for him to fall for someone else Cinna. Anything's possible right?"

I hear him hesitate before he answers, "If you say so Katniss...if you say so."

"His favorite color is orange." I tell Cinna.

"Then I should make you wear orange more often then."

"But it's not just orange orange. Like the sunset." I say and I see Cinna smile through the mirror.

"He has great taste. Come on Katniss we'll arrive in 8 in just about an hour. We wouldn't want to get your second mother angry."

"Who? Effie?"

"You guessed it."

"I honestly have no idea what Effie's problem is."

Cinna and I make our way to the front of the train where everyone else is waiting for our car. I stand next to Haymitch and he whispers in my ear, "Let's just hope the gossip reaches Snow sweetheart."

It's the same thing again for District 8, we say our speech, go to dinner and dance. Peeta comes up with another brilliant idea where we try to find a place to hide within the ballroom area and we kiss there until someone catches us. A little girl with her mother does. Peeta and I apologize then go and try to look adorable together again.

"I think when we get in the train we should be the last ones to go to sleep, so then we can sneak into your room together." Peeta suggests.

"There are attendants everywhere Peeta, let's just try to sleep separately tonight okay?"


"Let's not fight about this." I dismiss him.

When we get into the train Effie gives me some sleeping pills and tells me to take just one.

I manage to fall asleep and end up screaming myself awake again at midnight. Peeta runs into my bedroom and calms me down, I tell him to go back to bed and he says he doesn't want to. I manage to make him leave and regret it straight away.

How can I live with myself?

I don't wake up from anymore nightmare that night.

Effie wakes me in the morning and I get ready for breakfast. Peeta isn't there again, he probably couldn't sleep last night.

"Peeta refused my sleeping pills. See, now he's late again for breakfast." Effie comments.

Peeta joins us halfway through breakfast though and the bags under his eyes come back again. I can't help but feel guilty. He says a good morning then gives me a peck.

Our time at District 7 is the same as any other.

When I'm in bed a take more sleeping pills than I should because I just want to have a soundless sleep tonight.

It doesn't work though. I scream while I'm having a nightmare and I can't wake up fully and open my eyes because of the sleeping pills. Peeta runs in again and hold me until my eyes open.

I whimper and cuddle closer to Peeta holding onto his shirt for dear life.

"Peeta, what do you at night? While you walk the hallways?"

"I play a game. Sometimes I just walk around and think."

"What do you think about?" I ask him and he holds me tighter.

"Anything that pops in my mind really. I don't usually go to bed until I feel like I might drop any second and try to get some sleep. I keep waking up because in my dreams I always end up losing yo-" Peeta doesn't finish the word and I understand.

"Maybe I should go back and try to come up with another game." He loosens his grip on me and gets ready to leave. I grab onto his arm to stop him.

"Peeta...I...I would really like it if you...would stay, just in know...I might have another nightmare." I ask him shyly and he looks at me questioningly.

"Are you sure? What if Effie-"

"I don't care about Effie. Please, just stay." I plead.

"Alright. Move over then."

I do what I'm told and Peeta wraps his arms around me and hold me tighter. I turn myself around and burrow my face in his chest. I smell the sweet scent of cinnamon, I can't deny that I miss that smell.

We fall in a dreamless slumber wrapped around each other that night. And a thought crosses my mind that Peeta, and only Peeta, is able to hold me and protect me like this. No one else but Peeta.

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