Chapter something or other, (I've lost track)

So hi! Sorry for not updating for a while. I've been writing another story. (It's called wilting flowers) Go on my profile, check it out! Anyway, peoples opinion to me over pm and reviews has been to keep writing. So keep writing I shall. I do have a tendency to kill off all the main characters, don't I? So this story is now from the POV of a dead Peeta. Interesting. Also, still looking for 30 reviews guys. Come on, remember the 30th reviewer gets either a special mention, or gets to pick the name and personality of a character in my other story. AND the way they die. So come on, thirty reviews. LETS DO DIS TING. 0_o Just ignore that little outburst….

The first thing that I think when I wake is that I'm on an air mattress. I look down. And begin to freak out. I'm just floating. In mid air. With nothing beneath me.

But it feels. So. Solid.

Now I'm really freaking out. I must be dreaming. I have to be dreaming.

But dreams don't feel this real.

I keep looking down. Searching for anything that might help me understand what the hell is going on. And I find it. I'm looking down. At a road. The police have blocked it off. There is some kind of disgusting road kill on the road. It makes me shiver just looking at it. The police are talking in hushed whispers. It's clear they are just as disgusted as me.

And then for some reason my mother is rushing towards it. Crying and screaming. Knelt next to it, just staring at the mess. And I notice a few blonde hairs. I realize it's a human form. And suddenly I want to be sick. I suddenly start shaking, I feel so dizzy.

That form, that disgusting creature on the road, is me.

And it all comes back.

Cars. Sound. Running. Screaming. Pain. Crying. Darkness.

Those thoughts pound in my head like a never ending drum beat. The sound swelling till the drummers are pounding against my skull. Laughing as they do it. And it sweeps over me in a wave. The reason it was dark, the reason I'm floating. The reason I'm crying. Is because I'm dead.

Cars. Sound. Running. Screaming. Pain. Crying. Darkness.

I remember it all. Crying for her. Wishing I'd realized what life was whilst I still had it. Wishing I'd taken the time to admire the stars. Watch the sunsets. Wishing I'd held her even tighter. Wishing she'd never gone. Wishing I'd realized what I had when all of that was mine. But it's too late now. I'd go back in time and change it, but I can't. Because death does not wait for you to say goodbye to what you had. It just snatches you away. Right in the middle of a sentence.

But suddenly it doesn't hurt so badly. Because I remember one more thing. Katniss is dead too. Finally we can be together. And I turn and see, as I knew I would, katniss everdeen staring right through me.

My heart leaps. A lump forms in my throat. I don't know what to say. I'm finally allowed to be with her. And the thoughts drumming against my head change slightly.

Cars. Sound. Running. Screaming. Pain. Crying. Darkness. Hope. Love.

I walk towards her. And begin to gather speed. I begin to run. She just stands there. Looking at me. A smile playing on her perfect lips. But it is a sad smile. But I'm so near now. I reach out for her.

And my body slams against something solid.

It knocks me to the ground with brute force. I sit on the floor looking up. There is no visible wall or barrier. But I cannot reach her. I reach out. And my hand only touches a flat wall.

I look up at her. She is crying. I try to get through the barrier once more. It does not yield. I am crying now. I get up. Through the tears I scream and yell. I throw my body at the wall, time after time in pure anger and rage and hopelessness. And it does not budge.

Cars. Sound. Running. Screaming. Pain. Crying. Darkness. Hope. Love. Pain. Tears. Hurt. Crushed. Lonely.

I scream well into the night. Unaware of the thousands of stars close enough to touch. And I throw myself at the wall a final desperate time. And collapse at its base. And my last thoughts before falling into a cold sleep are:

Cars. Sound. Running. Screaming. Pain. Crying. Darkness.

Hope. Love. Pain. Tears. Hurt. Crushed. Lonely. Fallen.

Agony. Greif.