'Shotgun!' yelled Lauren and Walker in unison. 'Joe your driving, why are you calling shotgun?' interjected the ever logical Julia. 'Well I knew that it would make Lo mad so I did it because we all know she's adorable when she's angry!' He said just as he snatched the hat off of her head and held it above her head too high for her to reach, just so that they could all laugh as she jumped trying to retrieve it. The joke was cut short however when Meredith climbed up onto the seat behind Joe without him noticing and pulling Lo's hat out of his hand. 'Damn it Mere I will get you back for that!' Teased Walker as she handed Lauren her hat back. 'Yeh whatever, but for now were going on vacation! And we have to leave so stop winding Lauren up and get on the bus' They all filed onto the little bus and took there seats. Meredith and Brian sat near the front, right behind Walker and Lauren, JoeMo sat opposite them on his own. That left Julia and Denise sat together and Jaime sandwiched between Joey and Dylan on the back seat. 'Everybody in?' questioned Walker from the drivers seat and after murmured yes's from the rest of the bus he started the engine. It was a long drive until they got to there first hotel, and soon JoeMo was sleeping. When Walker stopped for fuel Meredith tapped Lauren and pointed silently to him, holding up some magic markers she brought at the last gas station. 'Lets do it!' Lauren whispered back. They crept over to him and set to work with the markers. Denise saw them get up and dislodged herself from under the sleeping Julia. 'Ohmydeadgod! Give me a marker' she whispered before beckoning Jaime over from the back seat. Joey followed Julia down to JoMo, leaving Dylan asleep against the window. Soon they were joined by Brian and Walker. With the entire conscious section of team starkid working on him Joe soon had a blue beard and pink unibrow as well as hearts, stars and rainbows all over his face and down his arms. Joe and Jaime had the idea to get them all to sign autographs on his hands. Once they had run out of space they decided to graffiti the rest of the unconscious starkids so Dylan, Julia and Nick all got same treatment.

'We're at the hotel' Yelled Walker. When Joe woke up he saw red, literally in fact as his right arm had a load of red vines drawn on it. 'Joey Richter, what in dead gods name did you do.' Joey stood up to defend himself, dislodging a sleepy Jaime in the process. 'I only went up because I saw Jaime go up to you!' Jaime pulled herself off the floor of the bus and said 'Well Denise called me over' Denise shot Jaime a you-are-so-not-helping glance and said 'I saw Lauren there and went to see what was going on' Lauren retorted with 'Well it was all Meredith's idea getrevenge on her instead!' They all looked over to Meredith's seat. She was asleep with her head reasting on Brians shoulder, he was also asleep but leaning on the cold window his breath misting the icy glass.

'Awwww! Ok you can get your revenge later, right now can we please talk about how hard those two are crushing on each other!' squeeled Lauren. 'OMDG yes! It's so obvious!' Added Denise. 'What the fuck!' Apparently Lauren and Denise had woken up Dylan. 'What the hell!' Oh and Nick. 'Ok who drew on me' Julia too. Meredith was dead. 'Apparently Meredith had the amazing idea to decorate us while we stopped for gas!' Dylan walked over to her and picked her up, he knew that she could sleep through anything. 'Julia go check in' They walked off the bus and Julia ran straight inside and checked them in while Denise and Joey woke up the others. Dylan carried Meredith into the hotel followed by Nick, Lauren, Walker and Moses while Julia ran ahead opening doors for them until they ended up at the hotel pool.

'Ok three, two, one go!' yelled Dylan dropping her into the abandoned pool. 'Aghhhhhh' she yelled splashing around in the cool water trying to get up to the side of the pool. 'Dylan! OMDG you are dead!' Lauren was rolling around on the floor with laughter and had strayed a little to close to the edge of the pool Dylan grabbed her and pushed her into the cold pool too. 'Hey you guys shouldn't be in here it closed twenty minutes ago!' Oh crap, a hotel worker had heard the disturbance and was now walking towards them. 'You haven't been to your rooms yet?' Julia stepped forwards 'umm no, I'm sorry we umm... We didn't know that it was closed' The man shook his head and said 'The lights are out and the door was shut. I'm going to have to ask you to collect up your friends and vacate the premises' he threw a couple of towels to Meredith, 'You have ten minuets to dry off and get out' Meredith passed Lauren one of the towels and started to dry off.

Julia was on the phone to another hotel over an hour away with vacancies as the party walked out of the hotel, throwing the towels at the resectionist as they passed. 'Meredith? What's going on why are you all wet?' Brian said running up to her, stripping off his jacket and throwing it over her shoulders. 'Well apparently these idiots desired to dump me and Lo in the hotel pool and now Julia is on the phone looking for a new hotel' Everyone groaned 'Dylan! You were only in there for five minuets and you already got us all kicked out! Meredith and Lauren didn't do anything to you, they only drew on Joe, it was Joey and Walker!' Yelled Jaime. Dylan looked down at his feet. Just then Julia got off of the phone 'Ok I found another hotel with space but it's an hour away' JoeMo stepped forward 'I don't mind driving' Brian seemed concerned 'What about Mere and Lo there still soaked' It was true and the temperature was getting lower. 'Look there's nowhere for them to get changed and all of there stuffs still packed, it's already going to be past midnight when we get there. We have to leave now' Said Denise.

They all piled back into there seats and Meredith flung a pack of makeup wipes at Joe. 'Pass them around, the pen will come right off, we'd planned to give them to you when you woke up' Brian sat against the window and Meredith sat in his arms. 'Oh no, sorry I'm getting you all wet!" Meredith said after they set off, pulling away from him. 'No Mere, it's fine, were going to bed when we get there' He assured her, pulling her into his chest. 'Are we there yet?' Asked Lauren 'No!' Chorused the rest of the bus, Lauren waited another minute before saying 'Are we nearly there yet?'

Walker was sat next to her and stripped of his jacket and dumped it over Lo's head. 'That was much more cute when Bri and Mere did it' she complained. He snapped at that he couldn't hold it in any longer, she was just so hot, and he just couldn't hide his feelings any more. 'Well maybe this will make up for it' He grinned before he brought his lips crashing down onto hers. She responded almost instantly returning the kiss and deepening it. There world exploded in fireworks and they could have sat there for a eternity. 'Get a room!' yelled Joey from across the bus and they pulled apart gasping. Lauren leaned over And whispered in his ear 'Did we just ruin our friendship?' Joe turned to her and replied 'Well obviously' Lauren shrugged before saying 'Let's kiss some more' Joe raised his eyebrows before he complied.