'What do you mean no record, I called up over an hour ago and you said you had 3 double rooms and a family!'

Julia was panicking at a very large, very annoyed looking receptionist.

'Well yes those rooms do appear to be free... But I'm afraid there is a fee for booking so late.'

Lauren diddnt like the look of this place, it was run down and dirty and they kept finding was to drive the price up, plus the receptionist scared her with all of the tattoos, she clutched Joes hand tighter and tried to hide behind him. 'Okay please were desperate!'

The reseptionist smirked

'Oh and you have to leave by 7 tomorrow or you'll be charged for day rental of the rooms. Have a nice night!"

She said tossing Julia some keys.

'Ok so who's rooming with who?'

The girls opted to take the family room and the boys would take the doubles across the hall. The girls walked into there room disgusted at what they found. Three dirty beds and a stained couch, one double and two singles that looked hardly big enough for Lauren.

'Remind me to kill Dylan tomorrow'

shuddered Meredith who still had Brian's jacket clutched around her shoulders and had hardly dried off during the drive. When they saw the place they had all stuffed there things into Lauren's spare bag that she said was for 'shopping purposes' and grabbed blankets and towels to so that they didn't have to touch the disgusting brown hotel beds. They all changed into ther pjamas and Mere pulled out her phone to call the boys.

Brian heard the first few notes of the coolest girl blare out of his iphone from across the room but couldn't get there before Meredith's voice started to slip from the speaker.

'Dude still?'

said Joey. Brian didn't answer he put the phone to his ear not bothering to check the caller i.d., assuming that it'd be somebody from one of the other rooms.

'Mere! How's your room?'

Meredith laughed down the phone

'About as good as yours from that tone! The beds look too small for Lauren. Denise and Jaime have to share a double bed, Julia and Lo are on the kids beds because there the smallest and I'm on the couch.'

Brian sighed before replying

"well that makes ours sound amazing. At least we both have beds that we can fit in" There was a bang from next door

"Shit Mere I'm gonna have to go I think someone broke something"

Meredith gave an embarrassed laugh "Um yeh that was me I smashed a bottle. Oopsy! I gotta go clean it up but I'll see you in the morning. Night!"

Brian smiled, of course it was Meredith, her clumsiness was adorable. Although he found everything about her amazing her wild hair, the way she could make him laugh no matter what, and those deep brown eyes like melted chocolate that he found it so easy to slip into and get lost. Those eyes that seemed to sparkle with there own light, the light of a thousand stars. Those eyes that would never look at him the way he looked at her. She was the most beautiful girl in the world and he was madly, desperately in love with her. She was his Katniss, his Eve, his Elizabeth his Juliet, but he wasn't her Peeta, her Michael, her Darcy or her Romeo. She deserved someone better than him.

Oopsy! What was she five! OMDWG no wonder he liked Lauren. Why would anyone like her when Lo was in the room. But she was with Joe now, maybe she finally had a chance with the guy of her dreams. No! Of cause she diddnt have a chance! He was perfect, in every sense of the word. Whenever she talked to him she got butterfly's in the pit of her stomach and she couldn't think so she just ended up making stupid jokes. Why would someone like him ever want somebody like her. She was entirely ordinary, not very funny, of normal intelligence, not a great singer or actress, and no talent in art or music. She certainly couldn't be considered really pretty unruly brown hair and muddy brown eyes, that just now were welling up. 'She ran to the grubby little bathroom and locked herself in. She sat down on a towel the floor and cried.