I apologise for how abrupt the ending of this might be... I had wanted to make it go on until it became a Bunny/Jack fic, but it seems my muse was not with me. However I do hope you enjoy.

Jack had not been worried, but he couldn't deny that he felt less uneasy now. He couldn't quite pinpoint the uneasy feeling, or why he had felt compelled to find Bunny. But now that he was here, planting seedlings, with Bunny's small weight heavy against his shoulder, he did feel better, lighter almost.

He worked quickly, humming under his breath, wondering as he did why Bunny had not already planted the seedlings. He had assumed that Bunny would have gone into overdrive trying to make sure everything was perfect for next year.

Jack could understand that, had expected it, because of all of the Guardians, Bunny had been the most affected, his holiday was over, and though Jack knew the other Guardians were doing what they could to foster belief in Easter, and Bunny again, it wouldn't be completely fixed until next Easter, when he was able to prove again that he did exist.

So the eerie emptiness of the Warren when had first arrived had unnerved him a little, the only movement was the paint rivers, and even they seems sluggish and slow. Finally seeing Bunny had helped explain that. The Warren obviously drew its power from Bunny, like the tooth palace did from Tooth, so if Bunny was not feeling 100% it stood to reason that the Warren wouldn't be either.

At last he had planted all the seedlings he could and stood, panicking for a moment when he felt Bunny slip backwards off his shoulder, only to shake his head with a bemused smile when he felt Bunny's full weight catch in his hood.

Lifting his staff, he let the small breeze lift him up and set him back down close to the hill he guessed Bunny had been sleeping in, or under. He sat in the silence, watching the river until tiredness over came him as well. Autumn still wasn't winter, so he was feeling the effects of an "Off season" himself.


He woke slowly to the sound of something scraping lightly over paper. It took him a long moment to place exactly where he was when he blinked his eyes open to reveal Green, green and even more green.

"Bunny?" he asked, forcing himself to sit up and rubbing his eyes, looking round blearily until he was the tiny grey and black form dragging a paintbrush taller than itself across a large sheet of paper.

"Yeah mate." Bunny answered him without looking across, his voice still as rusty sounding as it had been two days ago.

Jack pushed himself to his feet, leaving his staff on the grass, and wandering the few steps across to drop down cross legged beside the paper and watching the paintbrush swirl across the page. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Bunny didn't answer immediately, and Jack briefly wondered if he had overstepped some sort of line. With Bunny he could never be quite sure. "Making Patterns." Bunny said at last, the paintbrush stilling.

"Oh." Jack said, before realisation hit him. "Oh! For the eggs!"

Bunny was still for another moment before nodding and continuing to spiral the brush across the page. Jack watched him, surprised to see what he'd at first taken to be just random lines, coming together to form a pattern that looked a lot like two flowers twisting around each other.

"Can I try?" he asked.

Bunny startled and Jack winched when he saw the splodge of yellow in a place he was pretty certain Bunny had not intended, but with a quick twirl that would have made anyone else look silly, he somehow managed to turn it into a flower bloom.

"You don't have to. I don't know who sent ya to check up on me. Or why they think I even need checking up on, but I'm sure you've got better things to be doing."

Jack frowned, trying to decipher if he had been insulted, before finally deciding that maybe, just maybe, Bunny might be even worse at this than him. He shrugged. "First frosts aren't due for another few months." He said, like it would explain everything, and he hoped it would, because he didn't really have any reason he wanted to say to stay.

Bunny made a "Hmpf" sound, before he motioned to the stack of paper off to the side and the paintbrushes lined up beside it.

They drifted into companionable silence while they painted. Jack enjoying sweeping the brush across the page, recreating his snowflakes in a combination of garish colours. He didn't even notice at first that he was painting alone, that Bunny had abandoned his own patterns to lean heavily at his side, watching him quietly.

If Bunny was offended by Jack's free hand coming down to lift him he never said. Just shifted a little to make himself comfortable in the curve of Jack's crossed legs so he could still look at the colourful snowflakes.

Neither of them said anything when Jack began to stroke his ears.


Aster scuffed at his nose to hide a yawn. He still didn't know why Jack was here, but maybe that didn't matter so much. It was nice to have someone else around.