Quinn received the call from Rachel's accountant, Jeremy, on Monday afternoon. He arranged for the payment and it was properly transferred the next day. Quinn gave Rachel a call to inform her that everything went well and that she would arrange for the transportation. She said that Rachel could either be in touch with the mover or she could come to Quinn's apartment to bring the mover to her place. Rachel said that she would come to Quinn's apartment and they agreed to have that done on Wednesday afternoon.

Rachel arrived the next day a bit earlier than planned, hoping to get some alone time with Quinn, but she was disappointed because the mover was already there. She wondered if Quinn wanted to come along.

"Hey! Do you want to come along? I can show you my place?" Rachel sounded eager.

"Sorry Rachel, but I have meetings with some clients right after this."

"Oh, it's okay, next time then," Rachel was a bit upset but Quinn had a valid reason.

"Yeah, maybe next time," Quinn replied nonchalantly.

The whole moving and hanging the painting on her wall went without a hitch. Both their lives went on, and there didn't seem to be any reason for them to be in touch that frequently.

Quinn just walked into her apartment, back from her Saturday morning run when her phone rang.


"Hey Quinn, do you mind if I come over? I just wrote this song and I would really love to hear your opinion."

"Erm … yeah, sure. Just give me an hour okay?"

"Okay, see you then."

Rachel arrived exactly an hour later. Quinn had previously given her the code to enter the building when she came by to pick up the painting. Quinn figured it would be so much easier for Rachel to just let herself into the building. So currently Rachel was knocking on Quinn's door and Quinn opened it after a few knocks.


"Hi! Come in," Quinn let Rachel in.

"So I wrote this song just this morning in one sitting," Rachel was waving the music sheet. "I really want to hear your honest opinion. Oh, can I use your keyboard?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

"Hmm, actually I think it's easier if I just sing and maybe you can help play?"

"Okay," Rachel handed Quinn the music sheet. "I'm a bit rusty at this." She played a few notes, "Is this right?"

"Yeah, that's perfect. Okay, let's start from the beginning."

Quinn played the notes and Rachel started singing. Quinn wanted to look at Rachel singing but she was trying hard to concentrate on playing the keyboard, but she did manage to pay attention to the song. After the song ended, Rachel was ecstatic.

"We sound great! We should start a band!"

"Rachel, we are not starting a band," Quinn was looking at her disbelievingly.

"Rainn. Oh no, I think there's already a Korean singer with that name. Ruinn. Hmm, sounds too much like 'ruin', that wouldn't last."

"Rachel, what are you on about?" Quinn was utterly confused.

"Our band name," she said to Quinn as if it was an obvious thing, and then she continued, "Quinchel. Nope, too close to Finchel. Berray. Urgh, sounds like 'beret'."

"We are NOT starting a band."

"I know, just let me fantasize for a bit more, okay? Faberry. FABERRY! That's it!"

"What?" Quinn looked at her funny.

"Faberry, that's our imaginary band name." Quinn laughed amusedly, Rachel really was adorable sometimes.

"Anyway," Quinn stressed the word, "I thought you wanted my opinion on the song."

"Oh yeah, so what do you think?"

"I think it is really good, it was fun and fresh. It should be a summer song. What's it called?"

"'Perfect Day'. Do you remember the last time you visited me in New York? That's what that song's about."

Oh yeah, how could Quinn ever forget that day. It was a perfect day, until …

*** 7 Years Ago ***

They were in their third year of college and it was a week before Christmas. Rachel invited Quinn to celebrate Hanukkah with her and her dads but Quinn still had exams. Quinn could only come over a few days later so that she could spend a few days in New York before going back to Ohio for the winter break. Rachel wasn't going home to Lima because she wanted to celebrate the New Year in the city. Kurt had already left for Lima, so Rachel had the apartment all to herself. Quinn arrived on Thursday night, so they just had dinner and turned to bed early. They had big plans the next day. Even though Rachel had been living in New York for a while now, she had not visited all the touristy part, and even though Quinn had visited Rachel many times, they spent most of the times in Midtown area.

The next day, they started the tour by taking the subway to Battery Park so that they could take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. After that they went to South Street Seaport, and then visited Ground Zero, walked through Chinatown and Little Italy, gawked at fancy shops in Fifth Avenue, spent a few hours in Met Museum, passed Times Square, through Central Park, and all the way to Columbia University on 116th Street. All together, they probably walked about 200 blocks.

Rachel was instantly transfixed with the view of Butler Library the moment they walked through the Columbia University gates.

"Oh My God Quinn! This was where they shot 'The Mirror Has Two Faces'," she was so excited that she was almost shuffling.

"What?" Quinn wanted to laugh at Rachel's behavior.

"Have you not seen the movie?" Rachel turned to look at Quinn disbelievingly.

"I've never even heard of it."

"That's it. We're watching it tomorrow." She turned around to look at the building again, then she started humming. "Come on Quinn, sing with me."

"What song?"

"'I Finally Found Someone', it's from the movie."

"I've never heard that song."

"Aww Quinn, you're missing a lot! It's hard for me to sing this song on my own, it's a duet."

"Well, you have no choice then because I don't know that song."

Rachel pouted but she started humming again, and then she started singing the song while walking along the path to the library. Quinn just followed her, trying to avoid eye contact with students who were sitting outside the library, all busy studying for their final exams. As she was listening to Rachel singing, she thought that it sounded really weird, like Rachel was asking someone a question and answering it herself. Some of the students were annoyed with the interruption, but some were clapping enthusiastically after she finished singing. Rachel even gave a bow at the end. Quinn swore that if Rachel didn't look adorable doing that, she would have walked out of the gates instantly.

They decided to have dinner somewhere in Midtown, so they took a cab to Fifth Avenue and 72nd and walked along the street while deciding on a place to eat. They were walking slowly, just enjoying each other's company and the sound of the city. The footpath wasn't that busy and the street was unusually quiet. Quinn heard music playing from a restaurant nearby, she was pretty sure it was 'Moon River', the Audrey Hepburn version. Suddenly the moment was perfect. She stopped walking and looked at Rachel. When Rachel noticed that Quinn was no longer walking next to her, she turned around and asked, "Quinn, are you okay?"

Quinn smiled and said breathlessly, "Yes, everything's perfect."

Rachel walked closer so that they were standing just a few inches apart. Rachel smiled but she didn't say anything. She wondered what Quinn was thinking about but she just waited for Quinn to say something. Quinn took a deep breath. For the first time, she felt that 'this' was right, that the moment was right, that these feelings could no longer be contained, not after 5 years of locking them deep inside. Now they were ready to burst and she had to let this out.

"Rachel, I – "

Suddenly Rachel was lifted up and twirled around right in front of her. After she was set down, she actually laughed and turned to the guy and kissed him. Quinn felt sick.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt but I saw you across the street," he said to Rachel, and then he turned to face Quinn and offered a handshake, "Hi, you must be Quinn. I'm Derrick."

Quinn shook his hand but noticed that he still had his other hand around Rachel's waist.

"Sorry Quinn, I was going to introduce you two tomorrow, but I'm glad that you've met tonight," then she said to Derrick, "Hey, we're about to grab some dinner, do you want to join?" and looking at Quinn, "Is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure, of course," Quinn answered gruffly, but she didn't think that Rachel noticed.

And that's when the perfect day turned into a nightmare. Quinn really hoped that Derrick's a jerk but he was an absolute gentleman, soft spoken, intelligent but not cocky, funny, and to top it off, good looking. He was pretty much a perfect guy for every girl. He was a perfect guy for Rachel and that really irate her. They spent most of the dinner with Quinn disagreeing with him about everything, even though she actually agreed with him, she just wanted to challenge him. She wanted him to lose his temper, but instead he was being very sensible and it just frustrated her even more. Rachel was too stunned with the whole scene that she hardly joined the conversation.

Quinn found out during dinner that they only started seeing each other about two weeks ago, but they had known each other for a while through his brother, who was a friend of Rachel in NYADA, that he was a recent graduate of Michigan School of Business and was working at NYSE. If there was anything wrong with him was that he couldn't sing and dance. Quinn felt gleeful at that.

After dinner, Derrick excused himself. He gave Quinn a firm handshake and said, "It's nice to meet you Quinn, perhaps we can continue our conversation tomorrow. Have a good night," and he was smiling the whole time, not the smug kind of way, not even fake, but that he was actually sincere about what he said. How the hell did Rachel find someone this perfect? Then he gave Rachel another kiss. She really felt like kicking his knees.

They walked in silence to the subway station, but Rachel broke the silence, "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, of course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be okay?" Quinn answered defensively.

Rachel looked hurt but Quinn ignored it. They didn't talk the whole ride back to the apartment.

By the time they reached the apartment, Rachel couldn't take it anymore. "Quinn, what's going on?"

"I said nothing! God! Can't you just let it be?"

"No! You're acting like … like … there's something bugging you. Do you not like Derrick?"

"Who cares about Derrick?" Quinn was almost shouting, hearing his name really riled her up.

Rachel was hurt by Quinn's word but she continued, "Then what is it? Please talk to me. Are you angry at me?"

"Why would I be angry at you? You can do whatever you want, I couldn't care less."

"Then why are you being so bitchy?!" Rachel was almost shouting too.

"That's because I am a bitch Rachel!" Quinn shouted.

"What is wrong with you?" Rachel was angry now, but then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then she said, "You know what, I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Rachel released a deep sigh.

"Fine! I'm going to sleep on the couch," Quinn was still unsatisfied with the shouting match.

"Oh, don't be silly. Come of it Quinn. Let's sleep on this and we'll talk about this tomorrow, okay?" Rachel almost pleaded, and that soften Quinn's demeanor.

So they got ready for bed quietly, each deep in their own thoughts. Even though Kurt wasn't there, he didn't allow for anyone else to sleep on his bed. Besides whenever Quinn came around, she always slept in Rachel's bed.

As they were lying down, Rachel looked at Quinn and sadly said, "Good night."

Quinn replied, "Good night," and she turned to face away from Rachel. She tried to sleep but her mind was a jumbled mess. After a few minutes, she could hear Rachel's even breath signaling that she was asleep. She turned to look at Rachel, and that was how she spent the night, studying Rachel's face, committing it to memory. By the time the sun rose, she had already formed this crazy plan in her head.

She took a shower, got dressed and packed her things. Then she sat on Rachel's side of the bed trying to wake her up.

"Rachel, Rachel," Quinn said softly while shaking her body slowly.

Rachel opened her eyes, "Hmm … Oh hey, good morning," she smiled at Quinn.

Quinn smiled back, "Good morning. Hey listen, I'm really sorry about last night. I don't want us to part on bad terms."

Rachel was still groggy from waking up that early, "Hey, it's okay. I don't like us fighting either. I understand where you're coming from." She opened her eyes wider and realized that Quinn was all dressed up. "What time is it? Why are you all dressed?"

"Sorry Rachel. I know I'm supposed to leave tomorrow but I got a text from my mom, she said that I have to go home urgently, something came up."

"What is it?" Rachel was worried.

"I … I don't know. Anyway my flight's leaving at 10. I have to be at the airport by 9, which means I have to leave now."

Rachel sat up, "What? You're leaving now!" She's fully awake now. "Let me go with you to the airport." She was about to get out of the bed but Quinn stopped her.

"Rachel, you don't have to go. I really have to leave now."

"Oh, okay." Rachel looked very sad, "I guess I'll see you next year then."

Quinn pursed her lips, "Yeah." She hugged Rachel tightly and felt tears starting to form in her eyes, but she fought it out. Rachel tightened the hug and Quinn hugged her even tighter. After a few minutes, Quinn loosen the hug and as she was about to let go, she whispered, "Goodbye Rachel." Then she kissed Rachel's forehead.

Rachel was too surprised by Quinn's action, she didn't say anything. Quinn got off the bed, grabbed her bags, turned to look at Rachel one last time and smiled. Rachel smiled back but she was thoroughly confused. She let Quinn walked out of her apartment even though parts of her wanted to chase her. But she stayed firmly, feeling like Quinn wouldn't be happy if she missed her flight.

She called Quinn a few hours later, thinking that she should have been in Lima by then, but Quinn didn't answer. She thought that Quinn might be busy, so she sent a text message asking how everything was. Quinn did reply later that night saying that everything was okay, but she would be busy in the next few days because of Christmas. Rachel tried calling Quinn on Christmas day but there was no answer again, so she sent a text message to wish Merry Christmas and that she would be unreachable for the next few days until the New Year because she would be on a cruise ship with her dads. Quinn didn't reply, but she figured Quinn must be busy with Christmas celebration. After she got back from the cruise, she saw that there was no reply from Quinn, but she reasoned it might be because Quinn sent a reply when she was away and it didn't go through. She tried calling Quinn again on New Year's Eve, but there was no answer. She was so frustrated by that time and she really missed Quinn. So she sent a text message:

Quinn, where are you?! I really want to talk to you.

No answer.

You might be busy with New Year's Eve celebration. Happy New Year Quinn!

She was at Times Square with Derrick for the New Year countdown, and she was about to send another text when she finally got a reply from Quinn. By that time, it was close to midnight.

Happy New Year Rachel! I wish you all the best for your future and that you'll get all that you dream of.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 …

Thanks Quinn. I wish you all the best too and for us to have many more wonderful times together :-)

5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

"Happy New Year!" Then Derrick was kissing her and she put aside everything that was bothering her for a moment.

She tried to call Quinn the next day but it went to voice mail. She kept on trying; she didn't want to give up on their friendship. She knew that Quinn would have gone back to Yale the next week because classes had started. But when she called, it said that the number was unavailable. She thought that her battery might have died. She tried a few more times but still got the same message.

Then one day, she couldn't even remember how many weeks had passed, the message said that the number was not in service. She emailed Quinn asking about it. She waited and waited but there was no reply. She even took a train to New Haven, skipping all her classes, but found out that Quinn had moved out of her dorm. So she walked around the campus, hoping that by some miracle she would bump into Quinn, but as the night fell, everything felt pointless and she took the night train back to NYC. Then one day, Kurt said something that she already knew for a while but tried hard to ignore it, but having him voicing it out loud, making it all real. Kurt said that maybe Quinn didn't want to be found.

For months and months, Rachel went through ranges of emotions. At first she was worried, then she was angry, then she was back to being worried and sad, then she wondered if it was something that she did, then she was back to being angry. She stayed angry for a long time, but over time, she let it go. She busied herself with classes, auditions, and Derrick.

*** Back to the Present ***

The apartment was so quiet, both of them were reminiscing the past. There were lots of questions that hadn't been answered but none were willing to ask. Maybe those were questions for another day. The awkward moment was saved by Rachel's phone.

After Rachel hung up, she said, "Hey, my agent just reminded me about an album launch that I have to attend tonight, it's produced by my album producer too. So I have to mingle and make contacts with the industry people. Would you like to come along?"

"Erm … sorry Rachel, I can't tonight. I have a dinner party at a friend's place."

"Oh, okay. Well, I better get going. I need a few hours to get ready. My stylist is already on the way to my place."

"Okay." As Rachel was about to leave, Quinn called after her, "Rachel!"

Rachel turned eagerly, expecting that Quinn changed her mind, but Quinn just handed her music sheet and said, "Don't forget this," she smiled.

"Oh yeah. Well bye!"