"Hey Baby Mama! How are two of my favorite girls doing?"

"Hey Puck! We're fine. Beth's on the plane now, she should arrive there around 6:15."

"Okay, that's great. I'll tell Shelby that. She's picking her up. So how was the trip?"

"It was good, very good. Beth took so many pictures. She said that she's going to do a PowerPoint presentation for you two. I don't know where she got that idea," Quinn could only think of one person that would do something like that.

Puck laughed it out, probably had the same thought in his mind, but Quinn had an important mission, so she got right into it.

"Hey Puck, can I have Finn's number?"

"Woah! You are not trying to get back together with him … are you? He's married now with a kid."

Quinn was annoyed with Puck's assumption, "Don't be stupid. Just give me his number."

"Okay 'Scary Quinn'." Puck laughed, "Why do you want his number anyway?"

"I have my reasons. Can I please have it? I'll tell you later okay … erm … maybe."

"Okay, okay. I'll text you his number. Go easy on him, he's a dad now," Puck teased again. Quinn rolled her eyes even though no one could see it.

"Thanks Puck. I'll talk to you later, and please say Hi to Shelby for me and give Beth a big hug."

"Will do Quinn. Later."

Puck texted Finn's number and Quinn called him straight away.

"Hello?" Finn sounded puzzled because he didn't recognize the number.

"Hi Finn, it's Quinn," it was funny saying that. Why are their names so alike?

"Hi Quinn. Wow, this is a surprise. How are you?" Finn wasn't sure which direction this phone call would take him.

"I'm fine. And how are you? I heard you just had a baby?"

"Yeah, I guess Puck told you that. Guess what her name is?"

"Drizzle?" Quinn guessed thinking that Finn couldn't have given her daughter that name.

"Hey, you remember. Yeah, she's so beautiful."

Quinn thought that his wife must have really loved him to agree to that name. "Well, I'm happy for you Finn. Anyway, can I have Kurt's number?" Quinn didn't mean to sound so abrupt, but it was kind of annoying to talk to people who were so cheerful when your life was in the dumped.

"Oh okay, why do you want his number?"

"Oh My God! Can't people just give a number without asking too many questions?" Quinn was quite infuriated.

"Okay, okay, 'Scary Quinn'," Finn did sound scared.

"And can everybody please stop calling me that!?"

"Oh … erm … sorry. I'll text you his number after this."

"Thanks Finn. Sorry about that outburst, I just haven't had enough sleep."

"It's okay. It's nice to hear from you Quinn."

They said their collective 'byes' and Finn texted Kurt's number.

"Hello! Kurt speaking!" Oh God! Another happy voice. Quinn was really irritated now, but she needed to be nice to Kurt, she needed his help.

"Hi Kurt. It's Quinn."

"Quinn?! Quinn Fabray! Oh My God! It's Quinn Fabray."

"Can you please not say my name out loud?!" Quinn was panicking. "Is anyone there? Is Rachel there?"

"Why would Rachel be here? I'm at work."

"Oh, okay, sorry to bother you, but I really have to talk right now."

"Sure. What is it? Are you okay?" Kurt sounded concern.

"I'm fine. I just … I need … Do you know where Rachel is right now?"

"You're calling me to ask about Rachel? The Rachel that you stopped talking to a few years ago? Your friend Rachel that you just abandoned?" Kurt was trying to get a rise out of Quinn. He still remembered how Rachel was when Quinn disappeared and all those nights that he had to comfort her.

"Look, I'm not going to explain myself to you. I'm sorry that it happened, besides … wait, what do you mean we haven't talked for years? Didn't she tell you that we've been friends again for a few months now?"

"No. And I saw her every week but she never mentioned you. Rachel Berry, what are you trying to hide?" Kurt wondered out loud.

"It doesn't matter. Do you know where she is?"

"She's in London right now."

"What's she doing over there?"

"Meeting some music producers."

"Oh. When is she coming back?"

"I don't know."

"Well, when you do know, can you please tell me? And please don't tell her I called. Please don't mention me at all, okay?"

"Okay." Kurt wasn't sure why he was agreeing to this, after everything that she had done to Rachel, but there was something in her tone that made him wanted to help.

"Thanks Kurt. Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome Quinn. I'll get back to you as soon as I know, okay. I guess this is your number, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks again Kurt. Bye."

She released a heavy sigh after the call ended. Things would have been easier if Mercedes was here, at least she didn't have to go through all that just to talk to Kurt, but Mercedes was somewhere in Africa doing some humanitarian work and she was unreachable. It was a good thing that Rachel was in London because she wasn't sure what her plan actually was. She just thought that she needed to be in touch with Kurt, so that she could have a connection to Rachel or something, but now that she had it, she was completely clueless on what she needed to do.

Over the next few days Quinn was busy planning. It was a good thing because it gave her a purpose. She was no longer having trouble sleeping. She got a phone call from Kurt a few days later, "Okay, she's coming back on Sunday."

"Sunday! That's too soon. Well, thanks Kurt. I have one more favor to ask, but I'll tell you later. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, I'm curious what this is all about now."

It took Quinn a few more days to have everything ready, so she called Kurt later to ask him for the favor, "Can you please help with this? But please don't ask too much. I just want to make sure that I can count on you."

"Of course Quinn, what do you want me to do?"

It was a Friday night and Kurt took Rachel out for dinner and a stroll in the city center. He noticed that Rachel looked a bit better since she came back from London than when she was a few weeks ago. He asked her if she was ready to talk about whatever that was bothering her, but she still said that she was not ready to talk about it. He wondered if it was anything to do with Quinn. He did the math, Quinn said that they had been friends again for the past few months, Rachel was scarcely seen for last few months, and then she had been around a bit more in the last few weeks but looked rather sad most of the times, so he figured this must be something to do with Quinn, again. He saw how they were with each other. Rachel had that smitten look whenever Quinn was around and Quinn had that soft look that he noticed was only given to Rachel. Sometimes he wondered that if it was something more between those two, but Rachel was so straight. He knew. He was her roommate, and also that whole part of her almost marrying his brother. Quinn was straight too as far he saw it, especially with the pregnancy and all. Apart from the looks that they exchanged, he didn't think there was anything more than that. Besides, wasn't that what girls do? They were all touchy feely and all that. He might be gay but it didn't mean that he had a good gaydar. He wondered what actually happened in Quinn's last visit that made them went their separate ways.

After dinner, they stopped by Times Square. Both of them love to come there during night time because the billboards felt more alive. They stood quietly admiring them, but after a few minutes Rachel wanted to leave. Kurt stopped her, "Hey, where are you going? Don't you want to admire this some more?"

"No, I don't feel like it tonight. This used to cheer me up, but I just felt tired now."

Kurt was looking at his watch, "Wait! Have you seen that new one at the Disney Store?"

"Yeah but …" Rachel didn't finish her sentence because suddenly the billboards surrounding her went blank. "Is there a black out?" Although she knew that it was not possible seeing that other lights were still on. Other people noticed too and all of them were looking at the screens.

Then the billboards came alive again, but instead of the usual ads, they had Quinn's painting of Rachel on the bleacher. Then other paintings, picture collages, and drawings of Rachel were on display all over the digital billboards in Times Square. She didn't even know the existence of the other art work, she had only seen one. There was a painting of her playing the piano in the auditorium, when she thought no one else was around, and there was another one where she was leaning over the ferry while looking at the Statue of Liberty. There were too many and it lasted for 5 minutes. She was completely stunned, and so were Kurt and everyone else in the area. Some people were even taking videos. She felt her heart beat faster and faster. The display ended with the words "I love you Rachel", but a few seconds later it added "Now it's your move." Then the screens went back to the original ads.

She turned to look at Kurt who was already looking at her in complete shock. That was when she noticed a figure behind her.

It was Quinn.

Quinn looked at her tenderly while waiting for an answer. She saw that Rachel was smiling and coming towards her. She thought that Rachel was going to hug her, but instead Rachel kissed her and wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck. Now it was Quinn's turn to be shocked. After a few seconds, she returned the kiss and put her arms around Rachel's waist, which in turned made Rachel run her hand through Quinn's hair.

Kurt didn't know where to look, he was too surprised with the sudden turn of events, and both Quinn and Rachel had obviously forgotten that he was there.

"I'm gonna … I better … I … Well, see you girls later," and he just walked away.

Rachel broke the kiss and said, "I love you too Quinn."

Quinn smiled shyly, "I love you Rachel."

"What change?" Rachel had to know.

"I realized that I'm an idiot for letting my fear get in the way of true happiness, my one true love," Quinn smiled saying that because she knew how corny it sounded, but it didn't mean that it wasn't true.

Rachel smiled back, she wanted to say something but suddenly they both heard music playing in the background.

"Is that 'Unchained Melody'?" Rachel was asking Quinn while looking around for the source. Quinn looked around too. This wasn't part of her plan but it fit nicely, so she decided to sing along. She looked at Rachel and sang,

And time goes by so slowly

And time can do so much

Are you still mine?

Rachel was too amazed to say anything. Quinn swayed their bodies together so that they were slowly dancing in the middle of Times Square.

I need your love

I need your love

God speed your love to me.

Quinn moved back from Rachel so that she could hold her hands and twirled her around.

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea

To the open arms of the sea, yeah!

Lonely rivers sigh "wait for me, wait for me"

I'll be coming home

Wait for me.

They were kind of doing the ballroom dancing and Rachel was smiling and laughing the whole time. At the moment, it felt like they were the only people there.

Oh my love, my darling

I've hungered

Hungered for your touch

A long lonely time

And time goes by so slowly

And time can do so much,

Are you still mine?

They stopped dancing and Quinn had her arms around Rachel again. She looked deeply into Rachel's eyes and continued singing,

I need your love, I...

I need your love

God speed your love to me.

As the music faded, Quinn kissed Rachel with all the feelings that she had kept inside for so many years. Finally it was Quinn's turn to lift Rachel up and twirled her around.


Author's Notes: Thank you everyone for reading this. I really appreciated all the feedback. You make me want to be a better writer :-) And I hope that you've enjoyed this Faberry journey. Also, you can listen to the songs featured in the fanfic here 8tracks com/piper2210/dare-you-to-move (please put a dot in between the empty space)

P/S: I thought of using 'Unchained Melody' before finding out that Glee's going to do it, which makes me sad because it will never be a Faberry song in the show and it will never be like how I imagined it. Oh well.